The Summer Job..

    Off the top, I can only think of few things better than a friday. Ice cream is one of them, and waxing nostalgia is another…      It’s Nostalgic Fridays (in case you ain’t know)        Having a job during the summer doesn’t seem like a good way to spend school-free days, but if you played … Continue reading

Top 8 Dumb Things Women Do (that ruin it for the rest of us)

   Soo, since I fell asleep at the computer last night tryin to write something for you.. I’m gonna give you a post from my girl Max.. Check out her blog!! It’s Friday, go over there and overshare… (that rhymed)     I’m often accused of male-bashing in my writing, so I figured it’s high time … Continue reading

The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post…

I don’t like to do the obligatory “Things I’m thankful for” speeches at Thanksgiving. I don’t like to hold hands and go round in a circle and talk with everyone. I feel like it’s cheesy and reserved for sitcoms and episodes of the Cosby Show. However, because I have an outlet this year, I’m gonna give ya’ll the list.. I have to.. It’s been a rough and wonderful year. So without further delay:

The Movie Wish List. . .

  I’m finishing up preparations for The Fantastic of Ten. So I’m bringing you a guest post from The Dash Mane.. Introduced on VSB and a fellow blogger.   The Film Wish List: Directed By The Dash Mane At one point in his life, your “Friendly Neighborhood Dash Mane” dreamed of being an auteur. I had plans of … Continue reading

The Fantastic of Ten…

I don’t know how it happened. I don’t know when it started, but it’s one of those things that start off so casually that you don’t pay them any mind. I wish I’d started writing this when it initially happened. But foresight isn’t always 20/20, so I decided to get it down now.   Over … Continue reading