The Fantastic of Ten…

I don’t know how it happened. I don’t know when it started, but it’s one of those things that start off so casually that you don’t pay them any mind. I wish I’d started writing this when it initially happened. But foresight isn’t always 20/20, so I decided to get it down now.

  Over a month ago, me and MsEsquire77 started talking. If I remember correctly she got a hold of me on Twitter, from initially meeting through VSB


You KNOW WHAT!!! I remember it now!!! The night of June 03, 2010. The reason that I remember it is because it was the night of the Modern Matchmaker Event in NY. We all met in the Ustream chat and bonded over the #Fail that was Ustream while waiting for it to load. As with several of the Ustream evens that I’ve participated in, we were all following each other by the time the stream was done. I don’t know at what point it escalated, but soon, @pinchmycheekie, @livelovelibra,@Sanen85, and  @maxfab were on board. We talked, and bonded (kinda fast) and we started talking about getting together.

  I wanted to go to DC, but Esquire started talking about coming to Florida because she wanted to see it before I decided to move.
     This is the chronicle of that trip…….

  I call it “The Fantastic Of Ten” mostly because October is the 10th month and the name came to me from that.

 We’ve talked and settled on the weekend that the trip is taking place. I don’t think anyone was actually positive that we were serious, but they learned soon enough that you don’t bring up something and expect me not to start planning. This is a trait that a lot of people don’t exactly appreciate, but it weeds out the “talker, not a walker” type of people REAL QUICK!! So there we go with that!

   I will keep you updated as plans start to formulate. I have been so out of touch this week that I KNOW these broads think that I’ve forgotten about them. Matter of fact, I know you think that I’ve forgotten about you. This procrastination business is for the birds..

  Here ends the beginning.

3 Responses to “The Fantastic of Ten…”
  1. max says:

    I am soooo excited for the fantastic of ten! we are going to have a ball.

  2. keisha brown says:

    *waits by the door with passport and packed bag..

  3. MsEsquire77 says:

    I got my ticket! I got my ticket! *does the Harlem shake*

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