Top 8 Dumb Things Women Do (that ruin it for the rest of us)

   Soo, since I fell asleep at the computer last night tryin to write something for you.. I’m gonna give you a post from my girl Max.. Check out her blog!! It’s Friday, go over there and overshare… (that rhymed)     I’m often accused of male-bashing in my writing, so I figured it’s high time … Continue reading

The Revoking of Privileges…

    There are some things that I shouldn’t have to tell you. I sometimes take for granted the things that I feel people should automatically know. Every now and then, I forget that common sense isn’t common. In this world of mayhem and general “run amokness” I have appointed myself ambassador of “ish you should … Continue reading

The Ish That Men Don’t Do…

    Just thought I’d share that the temperature today was 86 degrees. Forget autumn, what happened to winter?     Once upon a time, I was talking to my homeboy. For lack of a better word, let’s say he’s a “naturalist.” No, this doesn’t mean that he hugs trees and doesn’t use deordorant. He just likes … Continue reading


     Just in case you were wondering (which you weren’t) YES, this IS a rant…      I’m an observer of sorts. No, it hasn’t been long, but let’s say that since I’ve been “socially” dealing with these sites online, I’ve been taking notes. It’s not just limited to blogs and such, I’ve also seen it … Continue reading

The Cheapest Guy I Ever Met. . .

    You can already tell what this post is about by the title.      Back when Myspace was poppin (o_O) I ran across someone that I went to school with. I didn’t remember him in the least, but that was besides the point. We talked for a little while and one day we made arrangements … Continue reading