The Summer Job..

    Off the top, I can only think of few things better than a friday. Ice cream is one of them, and waxing nostalgia is another…

     It’s Nostalgic Fridays (in case you ain’t know)

       Having a job during the summer doesn’t seem like a good way to spend school-free days, but if you played it right, your summer job can bring home some bank, be fun, AND give you benefits. (discounts, free ish etc). My favorite summer job came to me the summer of ’96 right after I graduated high school. I worked at a movie theater. Actually, I had two jobs that summer (stereotypes, FTW!) but the movie theater was the one that rocked the best.

    Anyone that knows me knows that me and movies go together like peas and carrots, so this should come as no surprise. Free movies and ALL you can eat popcorn and soda was enough to make me wanna pay them to work there. If you add in the great people I met and thinking of creative ways to steal movie bites (chocolate covered ice cream) then it was a great summer. But there’s several things that come to mind when I think about my movie theater job (yes, I think about it often, I have a lot of time to daydream at my current job)

    1. Rollerblades- Going to lunch involved a drive to the McDonald’s on the other side of the plaza, but not everyone had a car. One day, my friend Windy (yes, that’s her name) got the bright idea that we would bring rollerblades to work and when it was time for lunch, we would get towed behind Mele’s car. I remember the terror as we hoped to not get pulled too fast. Skinned knees because someone tripped someone else. Sometimes not making it to McDonald’s because we ran out of time trying to get there (there was much trial and error)

   2. Independence Day:Independence Day was THE blockbuster movie that summer. We stayed after our shifts that night to catch the sold out midnight showing. Not ones to be told “no” and thinking “I work here dammit, I’m GONNA see this movie,” we all sat in the aisle. Passing free popcorn while screaming at aliens was on of the best moments that summer.

    3. After work, we’d get together and go to the beach. If you think of some of those movies that you see, where teenagers are on the beach splashing each other, then that is the scene. Sometimes we would sit and talk (we were so smart back then at 17-18 years old) Some would go swimming. Some would just run up and down. Going to the beach in work shirts splattered by popcorn oil doesn’t seem that great, but it is to me.

   4. While cleaning the theater one night, my friend said that he had a great idea. The movie was Scream, and he was going to hide under the movie screen, wait for the movie to start, and run up the aisle screaming at the fist death scene. It was the best joke ever pulled that year. And because the movie was filled with teens that loved that kind of stuff, no one got in trouble. I shed a little tear thinking about how great that joke came out.

  There’s more memories that I have but it’s Friday, so I’m gonna keep this short. Watching movies til 3 in the morning, finding money, sitting up in the projection room, discovering how great popcorn tasted when dipped in nacho cheese, the grand discovery of stadium seating. This is what that summer was about. When we felt grown up because we had a job, but could still feel like kids because we were having too much fun.

    It’s your turn. Is there a summer job that was your favorite? Did you even have one? I know not everyone sits back and thinks “wow, 15 years ago, I was doing…..” but it’s Friday, and I’m nostlagic, so I’m giving you license to do it here…

     Have a great weekend..
    Peace and Love, Nick

   p.s. oh, there’s a couple comments from last week that I wanted to respond to, but it might turn into a post. I don’t want you thinking I forgot about you.

3 Responses to “The Summer Job..”
  1. Wow, your list just made me realize that I hated all of my summer jobs. Eff you Pizza Hut! Eff you MayTag! That’s what I get for growing up in the middle of now where I guess.

  2. The best summer job I had was working for this startup company in San Francisco as an intern. Developing code and making angry money. I went out to eat every night, movies every week, went to LA for a weekend to see a soccer tournament, and my coworkers took me barhopping on my last day & got me sh*tfaced (I damn sure wasn’t 21). My only regret is that I didn’t save more of that money instead of spending it. #youliveandyoulearn

  3. i love this post. Good read; bookmarking this site 🙂

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