I moved……..

     Hey….      I’m just writing to inform you that I’ve moved this page to a different address.. I’m still playing with it and haven’t gotten all the kinks worked out, but I would like for you to join me over there…. I can be found at      I hope to see you soon… … Continue reading

Time For A Break..

    So, here’s the official post. I’ve been dealing with some health issues as well as looking for a second job, so I’ve gotta take a break. Hopefully, I’ll be back soon (with some answers), but in this sentence, “soon” is a relative term.     I’ll catch you around…     Peace out, Nick

High School Memories…

    When that dude wrote “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” I’m convinced he was talking about high school. High school seems like that unbearable time in your life where you’re trying to figure out everything. Life, boyfriends/girlfriends, colleges, the future. It’s like all of a sudden, we were in training … Continue reading

The Gift of Being Single…

     So, there’s a PSA this morning. In light of recent events (i.e. my hating ass job) I’ve decided that in order to not lose touch, I will respond to comments in the evening when I get home. That way, I can say my piece, and you won’t feel neglected. You should subscribe so that … Continue reading

The Summer Job..

    Off the top, I can only think of few things better than a friday. Ice cream is one of them, and waxing nostalgia is another…      It’s Nostalgic Fridays (in case you ain’t know)        Having a job during the summer doesn’t seem like a good way to spend school-free days, but if you played … Continue reading