The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post…

   I don’t like to do the obligatory “Things I’m thankful for” speeches at Thanksgiving. I don’t like to hold hands and go round in a circle and talk with everyone. I feel like it’s cheesy and reserved for sitcoms and episodes of the Cosby Show. However, because I have an outlet this year, I’m gonna give ya’ll the list.. I have to.. It’s been a rough and wonderful year. Without further delay:

    1. The dude that “fixed” my computer, but not really. I thank you. I didn’t need an excuse to get a new one, but you gave me a push in the right direction. I guess you realized that I spent too long playingSuper Mario Brothers and Mortal Kombat, so you took away the option. Also, the fact that something went wrong RIGHT before I was gonna publish this post at midnight not only makes me laugh to keep from kicking your chest in. But it keeps life entertaining.

   2. Wordpress- For the time spent formatting because you just couldn’t pull it together. The one problem I have with this theme that I feel is making me look stupid. I salute you and everything you are. It’s very humbling dealing with you from day to day. You keep me grounded

   3. My Kryptonite- I thank you for not wanting to be in a relationship with me, because it makes it easier to keep my legs closed. Thus me and God are getting closer.

   4. My mother. Even though I didn’t always see it, I needed you to mess up my paperwork. I didn’t appreciate what I had until the U.S. took it and rendered me dependent. Now, I’ll be budgeting like a mofo when I get paid.

   5. My brother. Your “on again, off again” disdain for me keeps me on my toes. Just when I think we’re good, you switch it up and hate me. It keeps my brain active. I appreciate that.

  6. uStream- You know why.

   But seriously though…

   For all the dames and gents I’ve met on blogs and twitter. For letting me in. For showing up and showing out when I needed you to. You’ve all helped me without even knowing it. For the days that I sat on the couch, not knowing which way to move, or why I was feeling the way I did. Comments and daily commentary made me laugh and kept me sane. Karolina, for looking out for me, Reecie (for beauty products, music, and which shakes taste the best), N.I.A. (for Hoarders rachetness), Lala, Miss_Tlee, Satya_1, Tiff_Nicky, michaboa and Shubby Doo (for love of Indian and British Everything across the pond), quiethaylestorm, BP and Starita (for commenting) and Luvvie, for introducing me to some lovely bloggers via uStream.

   One of the best feelings for an outcast is finding similar people to prove they’re not crazy. And I thank you for that. Not like Iwanted anyone to validate me, but you know what I mean. I’m getting all emo, eff ya’ll.

   Lauren, Cheeks, Shon, and Sane… I usually don’t like too many pussies in one area, but somehow it works. Thank you for the talks and the “oh no he didn’t” moments. Texts and phone calls that make me not able to get anything done in a decent amount of time. (Like this post) I look forward to seeing you soon. Words cannot describe. I’m glad we became friends round about the time that I can travel and we can all WRECK UP SHOP!! There aren’t enough words so I will just say #)(&#)%&@#)%*#… (you know what I mean)

   For the dudes.. Cuties and incognito ones alike. Ethiopianboy (for being a sweetie, and the box set of The Wire, even without you knowing me. Yes, I’m watching it!) W.U. Agent (I can always trust you to comment), Dash even when you don’t make sense, Streetz (for being approachable), Humble (for making me laugh and keeping me uplifted) Peyso (for introducing “get it flappin” and helping me celebrate my birthday) and several others. There’s a particular one I want to shout out, but it would likely just embarass him. (His sexy ass)

   Special mentions-

   Max- For all the times the DM’s went off with the “GURL!! CAN YOU TALK!?” messages and for the DM’s that always came through late. For the hours that I didn’t get anything done. Talking on the phone connected to the plug because it was about to die, scared it was gonna blow up my face because that’s just my luck. My mother telling me that I was laughing too loudly. And making the evil things I think not seem so bad. There aren’t enough words. (or exclamation points) so I won’t even try.

   S.B.-  Even if I was sleeping, you’re one of the ones that I would wake up for just to talk to. I appreciate our conversations, they’re thought provoking as well as funny. You’ve sometimes brought me to the mountaintop when I felt like the gutter was my home. (that was quite poetic) Your 2% is in the mail And even though you’re cute, I like your mind more..

   I thank the Dept. Of Homeland Security for changing this year into one of the best years of my life. Movement on my paperwork has allowed me to get my license (after 4 years), my work permit (after 16 years) and a job (after 5 years) all within a matter of 2 months. The only way I could be happier is if I was getting married. (But let’s not take it there.)

   There’s some others but honestly…. (all together now)..

   “I ain’t got that kinda time..”

   We’re wrapping up the first decade of the new millenium, what are you grateful for in 2010?   

  Have a great Thanksgiving folks..
In one degree or another, I love you all.. Thank you for everything.
   Peace out, Nick

7 Responses to “The Obligatory Thanksgiving Post…”
  1. MsEsquire77 says:

    This is the realest “thank you” list I’ve ever seen and I love it! I know this has been a crazy year for you (in a number of areas) but you’re turning a corner. 2011 is going to be full to the brim with blessings and you deserve every one of them 🙂

  2. max says:

    Oh you got me all emo and weepy in the morning.

    Now it’s not my Thanksgiving but I too want to thank ustream for being the catalyst for the creation of the twitter overworld. We’ve already wreaked havoc on the e-streets. 2011 is not ready for us.

    Oh and by the way: ” I don’t like to do the obligatory “Things I’m thankful for” speeches at Thanksgiving. I don’t like to hold hands and go round in a circle and talk with everyone. I feel like it’s cheesy and reserved for sitcoms and episodes of the Cosby Show.

    I really don’t need to tell you this, but we do this in my family. Because we are the Black Rockefellers dontcha know?

  3. sanen85 says:

    Wow. You really have me all emo and weepy as well. I think this post not only made my day, but my entire holiday weekend. You’ve heard stories about some of my fam, so you know I need extra patience over the holiday and it doesn’t always end with me in a good mood. When I start to lose that patience, I’m gonna get on my phone and come back and read this.

    All of you have definitely been one of the biggest bright spots of my year and I honestly have no idea what I did with myself before I discovered these e-streets. Also, I can’t explain how upset I was over missing out on FL, and how excited I am to see all you guys in person in DC.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      Sane.. it has been a hell of a couple months for you.. I hope that you suck it up and get the A+ certification in the new year.. Good luck with school and with “getting over him.” the hug that you have coming your way is going to be legendary.. LEGENDARY!!

      Thank you for your words.. I hope your holiday is wonderful. Even if you need to spend it by yourself for some peace..

  4. Cheekie says:

    Awwwwwww! *hugs*

    I’m thankful for you as well, sis! I would list my thankful things, but it would be a post. Which, of course, I did. Yay!

  5. keisha brown says:

    #hitsdougieintoduttywine. lol.

    aww…imma thug it out an not get all emo like the ladies above.. lolll. but im thankful for you too!! 🙂

  6. Starita34 says:

    Mad late “awwww” I’m just getting caught up on my backlogged Thanksgiving reading…this was so sweet. ❤

    Perchance my lateness was purposeful so that you'd get a comment notification that brings you back to this blog to reread it on this day when you are feeling like the business end of a colostomy bag and you can go back and feel a lil gushy inside from sappy feelings, instead of vomit. 🙂

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