Top 8 Dumb Things Women Do (that ruin it for the rest of us)

   Soo, since I fell asleep at the computer last night tryin to write something for you.. I’m gonna give you a post from my girl Max.. Check out her blog!! It’s Friday, go over there and overshare… (that rhymed)

    I’m often accused of male-bashing in my writing, so I figured it’s high time I gave the ladies a turn. Because as dumb as men are sometimes, trust me ladies you do take the cake.
    1. “I had a dream about you” and other made up stories
Oh, ladies. Nobody’s falling for this. Even if you did dream about the guy, calling/texting/emailing him with that as your opening line just screams ‘I’m dying to talk to you but couldn’t come up with a reason to call’; which just screams ‘I’m insecure’, which is so not hot. You notice that men don’t do this, right? If they want to talk to you, they just hit you up and say ‘hey’. They don’t lose sleep coming up with a reason and neither should you.
    3. Snooping the wrong way.
Yeah, yeah, yeah snooping is always wrong, but sometimes a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do. Most girls (myself included) have snooped or will snoop at one point in their lives. But what dumb girls do is then call their man on what they find and expect him to be all contrite and apologetic. Doesn’t work that way, darling. Once you admit that you went through his stuff, you are now in the wrong and please believe me any smart man will cling to that fact and turn things around until you’re the one apologizing. If you’re gonna snoop, either keep what you find out to yourself or find a way to trick him into confessing it.
    4. Not starting as you mean to go on
Everyone knows that there is a honeymoon phase to new relationships in which everyone is on their best behaviour; but there is a difference between letting your guard down and doing a Dr. Jekyll-Mr. Hyde. If you try to go from being the cool laid-back girl that did her own thing and let her man do his to the clingy psycho b*tch from hell; don’t be surprised when your man goes from Mr. Attentive to Mr. Absent just that quick.
    5. Saying you’re cool when you’re not
Similar to #4, ladies, you need to learn to be honest about your stuff. If you meet a man and he tells you he has a lot of female friends, you can’t say you’re cool with that and then start freaking out and getting jealous every time you see him with a woman. If you say you don’t mind a man with children, please do not throw a temper tantrum if he can’t see you on the weekend because he’s spending time with his child. If he says he wants to keep seeing you but also see other people, don’t say it’s cool and then freak out because he’s seeing other people. This is so obvious to me that I can’t even believe someone needs to point it out, but it’s clear that someone does.
    6. Blaming the other woman
I cannot be the first one to speak on this topic but it needs to be repeated until you get it. If your man cheats on you, please do not a) call up the girl and curse her b) call her outta her name on Facebook c) try to fight her d) call her names or otherwise blame her. Especially if you are still with this cheating man. I shouldn’t have to tell you this, but that girl doesn’t know you and doesn’t owe you any debt of loyalty so please visit your frustrations on the source – your man.
The exception to this is of course if he cheated with your friend/relative. In which case you have my permission to cut a b*tch.
    7. Unilateral refusals to do things
I’m the first one to encourage women to stick to their principles; but there is such a thing as taking it too far. Contrary to what you obviously believe, you are not the centre of the universe and your needs are not the only thing that matters. Relationships are about compromise, and if you’re not willing to do that you’re better off alone. Because refusing to give a man head because it’s nasty, or watch a game with him because it’s dumb, or eat pizza for dinner because it’s greasy is a sure-fire way to make sure he’ll find some other girl to do that stuff with. Hope those principles keep you warm at night.
    9. Talking ish about his friends.
Unless your man’s friend does something violent or disrespectful to you or your man, please keep your opinions to yourself on this. Consider his boys like you should consider his family – a no sh*t-talking zone. No man is going to choose you over his boys and all you’re doing is making enemies of people whose opinions mean more to your man that yours does. Does that seem smart to you?
     10. Taking the advice of your single friends – your friends do not always have your back. You need to get that. For every genuine, supportive girlfriend you have, you probably have at least 3 that are jealous of you and want to see you miserable. Not sure who is who? Then think long and hard before you listen to the friend that tells you ‘dump him girl’ every time he does something wrong.

yes, it's that serious...

      What do you think? I can admit that I’m guilty of a few egregious acts. Is there anything else that we women do that ruin it for the ones that’s already learned how to play the game? The men can go ahead and speak too….

     Peace and Love, Nick

6 Responses to “Top 8 Dumb Things Women Do (that ruin it for the rest of us)”
  1. so you mean that chick you sent me a DM saying i was the star of her dream was bull$hit? damn. oh well. lol

  2. My sophomore year of college a friend of mine from high school, who also used to date my man, sent me an e-mail saying she had an erotic dream about me. I was like, how about you never speak to me again M’kay. Ish like this is the gateway to stalkerism.

  3. keisha brown says:

    1st off: this PIC IS SOOOO AWESOME! Please consider it stolen.

    2nd: your friends do not always have your back.<-THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I have an extra shoutout to all these e-people we THINK we know..but REALLY DO NOT. I'm slowly coming to the realization (again) that women can be such bishes.

    3rd: your 5th point is the one I keep stressing to people right now: BE HONEST WITH YOURSELF! (all caps everything.

    4th: im sure there are many more..but i can't think right now.. i might be back…lol.

  4. Attorney2be says:

    Your post reminds me of my own post, “What not to do after you break up.” As women we also do some crazy things. #9 and #10 have always irked me. I don’t take any relationship advice from my single friends and be honest with, my married ones either. Who I used to go to the most were my grandparents. When my grandpa died it was 2 months after their 67th anniversary.

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