High School Memories…

    When that dude wrote “it was the best of times, it was the worst of times,” I’m convinced he was talking about high school. High school seems like that unbearable time in your life where you’re trying to figure out everything. Life, boyfriends/girlfriends, colleges, the future. It’s like all of a sudden, we were in training … Continue reading

The Summer Job..

    Off the top, I can only think of few things better than a friday. Ice cream is one of them, and waxing nostalgia is another…      It’s Nostalgic Fridays (in case you ain’t know)        Having a job during the summer doesn’t seem like a good way to spend school-free days, but if you played … Continue reading

The Revoking of Privileges…

    There are some things that I shouldn’t have to tell you. I sometimes take for granted the things that I feel people should automatically know. Every now and then, I forget that common sense isn’t common. In this world of mayhem and general “run amokness” I have appointed myself ambassador of “ish you should … Continue reading

The Accomplishments of 2010

   I didn’t want to leave you in the lurch, BUT I don’t want to give ya’ll my good stuff (that isn’t written yet) on a holiday week. So that leaves me in a bit of a conundrum. However, in between my bites of food I came up with today’s post..     (My dinner is … Continue reading


   I realized this morning that I was a little “off..” Because even though I didn’t write a post, I still could’ve wishes all of you a Merry Christmas…     So… Merry Christmas…     I’ll catch you guys on Monday..    Much Love, Nick