The Accomplishments of 2010

   I didn’t want to leave you in the lurch, BUT I don’t want to give ya’ll my good stuff (that isn’t written yet) on a holiday week. So that leaves me in a bit of a conundrum. However, in between my bites of food I came up with today’s post..

    (My dinner is hittin on all cylinders, by the way)

     So.. With 2011 comin round the way I gotta look back and wish 2010 a fond farewell. The first decade of the new millenium is over. I remember New Years Eve 1999, sitting at my boyfriend’s house waiting for the ball to drop; expecting all the lights to go out and God to come get His people because everyone had us Y2K spooked.

   Now it’s 2011. Where the hell did it all go? However, I will say that I gotta re-cap 2010. And I’m gonna sit here and figure out what I got accomplished…

   1. I weeded out the riff raff- You’ve had the courtesy of reading quite a few adventures of my so-called life. I can say that I’ve gotten a greater appreciation for trimming out the people that bring nothing to the table. I have no issue with the pruning process, and better luck next draft go-round.

   2. I started this blog-  FINE-A-DAMN-LEE!! (pronounce that phonetically)

   3. I became stronger- For 3 years now, I’ve been dealing with my personal brand of Kryptonite. He is the man that makes me go stupid, and the only reason I haven’t told that story is because there’s so much history that I worry about my word count. But somewhere between all the sex and all my crying, I found the strength to tell him “no.” I don’t know where it came from, but in the middle of all my chants of “I ain’t got that kinda time..” I realized what I didn’t have the time for.

   4.  I became legal- And the documents keep on coming. I look forward to getting that last card I need in 2011.

   5. I became celibate- More on that story later.

   6. I I became my best friend- This isn’t anything new, however, my personal motto of “don’t make my private life more work than work” was born this year. I will only deal with difficulty in my personal life if a. I’m getting paid or b. I’m getting laid (meaning, if I’m in a relationship) Everyone else that brings hectic-ness to my life can go suck an egg.

   7. I hung out with online people.. offline- The get together between me and the ladies is no secret. However, they aren’t the only people from the internet that I got to meet. And I know who I’ll put into my rotation an who I’ll just leave where they are. And I look forward to meeting more of you in 2011. (And that special brand of cuteness I got my eye on)

   I’m sure there’s more that I got accomplished in the 2010, BUT it’s 10:09 and my bed is calling me. I feel like such an old woman with this bedtime, but YOU and I both know that “I’ll just take a 1/2 hour nap” NEVER goes according to plan. And honestly, I hate waking up at 4 in the morning trying to stamp out a post because I didn’t get it done before my “nap.” So I’m just gonna end this here.

    What did you accomplish in 2010? Was it everything you thought you’d get done when the year started?

    I’ll be around on Friday…
    Peace and massive amounts of beautiful love, Nick

7 Responses to “The Accomplishments of 2010”
  1. Wu says:

    Riff raff… Nice. 2010 was one for the books.

    1. I’m glad I came off of my blogging hiatus after about a year long break. I started a new blog mostly because someone had the name of my old one on word press already.

    2. I realized that my people are kind of awesome.

    3. I also learned to keep my complaining at minimum… Things are rough all over.

    Are you going for full citizenship next?

    • nicknotnikki says:

      for a while, I didn’t wanna think about full citizenship because the politics in this here country is no joke..
      after I get the permanent residency, I have to wait another 5 years before I can apply to become a citizen..
      By then, I think I will have made my decision if I want citizenship.. To think about it, I’ll be almost 40 before I can vote in an election.. That seems crazy to me..

      • Being a Yank rocks!!!

        At least you will have a reason for not voting. I know a few ninjas who spent years in Vietnam and various crap holes and had the nerve to never vote.

        Our immigration laws are odd. Pre 9/11 they weren’t bad but throw in some Bin Laden, some xenophobia, and down home crazy and you have a hard path to citizenship. How long have you lived here?

    • nicknotnikki says:

      If I tell you that I’ve lived here for 30 years, you wouldn’t believe me…

      But the truth is the stuff that’s the hardest to believe… My mother f***** my paperwork.. royally.. I was gonna write the whole journey as a series on the blog.. but damn if it ain’t a long story.. I’ve been dealing with this for over 16 years…

  2. keisha brown says:

    hmm.. i gotta find my life of plan and see what i wrote.
    it was a great year for me, as im coming into my own in my career and am only getting better.

    and ps: i betta be one of those people you plan on meeting!!! *shaking fist. LOL.

    that’s all i got for now.

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