The Fantastic of Ten

   The Fantastic of Ten is a series chronicling the meetup of a group of people that met online. Since none of us are romantically interested in the others, I think it might go off alright. I’m writing them as a sort of journal entry. A record of events, if you will. It’s been suggested that since I’m the “host” that I should write everything from my perspective. I’ll try to update the story as things progress and as plans come together. Stay tuned….

   A Fight for Legal

   A Fight for Legal is a series about my immigration journey. I’m doing it as a series because it is ENTIRELY too much to get together in one post. It’s a daily (monthly, yearly) struggle and when it FINALLY clears up, I want it documented just how hard this sh*t was.

   Disaster in Maryland

   Tales about the HORRAH that was my first (and maybe last) trip to Maryland. It was my first experience with a “down low brotha” (that I know of) and an insecure man. If I didn’t live it, I’d have such a hard time believing that it happened.


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