A Tiny Little Issue…

well, I'm asking...

   Since it’s MLK day (that I didn’t remember) today is a short post, but I still need your feedback..  

     I’m on two sides of an argument about something and I need your opinion… It’s not life shattering, but it’s been bothering me for a few days..

   The guy that I wrote about last week Monday proceeded to leave a comment. He sent me a few texts throughout the day. One when he read the post, then one when he read some backposts, then one complimenting me, then he called me at 5:32 (I leave work at 5:30). But that’s neither here nor there. When I called him back that evening, he told me that he left a comment and I came online to read it. When I saw it, I let out a major sigh because,

   1. He wrote the missing book of the Bible and

   2. He wrote it ALL in caps.

     Now, I have no issue with the length of the comment, even though he took some liberties with some statements. But to write it all in caps got me irritated. I know it might seem minor, but I never understood why people felt like they were being screamed at until I saw his comment. Now I get it.

    For lack of a better way of phrasing it, we’ll say that I’m a blogger (I use the term loosely) in this scenario. As a blogger, I feel like whether or not someone agrees with me, I can’t take away their comment just because I have the right log in information. I don’t want to have to moderate comments from afar and have people watch their mouth on my site. I ain’t got that kinda time. If someone comes online and displays something that will open up some conversation, then I’m not mad at that. However, the other side of that is somehow, I feel that if someone waltzes over here regularly, then I should kinda keep them from someone that doesn’t display proper internet (or social, as he texts in all caps too) decorum. Then again, if he doesn’t know, then how else would he learn other than to have it corrected?

   The thing is that if he had commented before and his comment had not been moderated, then I wouldn’t even be having this discussion. I should just approve it and move on with my life. Not only that, but since he is the subject of the post, then maybe he should even moreso have the option of hearing his side heard.

    What do you think? I read his comment and roll my eyes, but maybe he will listen more if it’s other people telling him to stop with the all caps business…

    The majority vote wins… You might just wanna see it for the purpose of seeing what someone I wrote about had to say..

     Lemme know…
    Peace and Love, Nick

     p.s. now that I re-read this post, this is a no brainer…..


3 Responses to “A Tiny Little Issue…”
  1. max says:

    I recently deleted a comment on my site because I felt that it was inappropriate and would alter the nature of the discussion. I think that’s my right as the administrator of my site.
    Blogs are like little mini-societies and just like the “real” world, there is such a thing as decorum. I’m not going to let one person (especially a new person) come in and alienate my regular commenters and make them uncomfortable. That’s not fair to them.

  2. Wu says:

    I’ve never deleted a comment but I have no problem doing so. If the statements are pure bull and have no real connection to the post then bye-bye. I don’t write to entertain bullsh*t.

  3. keisha brown says:

    im not a blogger like the ppl above me ^^ – but i also concur.

    its your name and time that go into your blog, and like when someone steps in your house..you have the right to ask them to act right or get the eff out.

    i will say this though..that things can be typed and misinterpreted because of the method of communication. not everyone has a great grasp on how to convey a msg like those who write professionally/on a regular basis.
    i had no idea what a troll was and only joined twitter this past summer. it takes a while to learn all the lingo and etiquette.

    lets also not get it twisted, that people are HUMAN, have egos and biases against people and can be vindictive. people can find a way to justify anything they want to themselves. if you dont like that person, and dont want their comments on your blog, that’s still your right. no matter the reason, justified or not – you dont have to explain it to anyone.

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