This Job Is Ruining My Life…

      And just like that, Christmas is gone…

     We don’t need to have known each other long for you to have heard that I haven’t been able to work for some time now. A lot of the things that people take for granted haven’t always come easy to me. So needless to say, it has been a series of beautiful events that have led me to now be gainfully employed. After cleaning houses for less than $50, it feels great to finally be getting paid and have the check not bounce.

    While I don’t want to look a gift horse in the mouth, I will say that I already know that I won’t be at this job for long because

      This job is ruining my life.

    I have always been a night person. Ever since the ladies left Miami in October, I had been having a problem keeping my 3-4 am bedtime and I never understood why. Nowadays, I’ve been barely able to keep my head up past 11 o’clock. And for those that know me, THAT is a huge ass problem. I can’t even make it to the hour that VSB and ThreeWays post (much less SBM) I’m waking up in the morning barely early enough to get to work on time. And because big brother (the lawyers) are watching my computer, I can’t comment and I can’t engage in the commentary. By the time I get home and get dinner, I don’t even want to turn on my computer to see what popped off during the day. And even though my boss is cool and said we could, my co-workers abused the privilege, got caught, and got our texting revoked. I can’t update anything from work. And because my phone is a hand-me-down from Jesus, I can’t get on the blogs at lunchtime either. I’m socially cut off. For someone that wants to take this writing thing seriously, being socially cut off is like trying to get to Italy with no passport. It just doesn’t fly.

    I’ve gotten secondhand information about gchat sessions. And you know and I know, nothing beats actually being there. People I have never spoken to have come and gone. I was told last week that life is passing me by, and I’m getting that feeling. As I watched chat invitations go back and forth on my timeline this evening, for the first time in a long time, I felt like a spectator.

    It is what it is..    Peace and Love, Nick

6 Responses to “This Job Is Ruining My Life…”
  1. Cheekie says:

    Wow, get outta my head!!

    As I was reading my @ replies yesterday afternoon, I was JUST thinking how these convos ain’t the same without you, Nick! It’s very bittersweet. We’ve all been waiting for you to get a new gig, but the gig is sorta taking you away from us! I’m so happy that you are able to get a steady paycheck (and engage with a sexy boss), yet a wistful part of me wishes we could get the best of both worlds! Here’s to hoping. Please know you are missed ’round these e-parts!


  2. Wu says:

    My job makes me lose sleep too. Mostly because of the stress. I fall asleep at night during the week but I don’t rest mostly because of my job. When Friday night rolls around I just want to sleep. What is it about law firms that do this to people?

    Just keep looking for another gig. That sounds like the solution.

  3. *sniff* I hate to see that the job is ruining your life, especially with the way that I know you want (and long) to write…and even the way you want (and long) to interact with your friends. I will say that since I started my new job, I’ve become a lot more resistant to doing anything outside of work, because well…I’m ready for bed by 11:00 nightly, no matter what night of the week it is. Hopefully now that you’re working and getting more experience under your belt, you can start the search for another job like Wu said above me…gotta find that work/life balance; life is too short to have the whole thing revolve around work…love you!

  4. keisha brown says:

    you are still loved and thought about.
    work pays the bills.. so you gotta put it first.
    and…why dont i even HAVE you on my gchat at all???

  5. Starita says:

    You’re missed Nick…and the job is still new…soon enough you’ll find your new normal, get in a groove and work out a way to be a good employee, get some sleep, and still get to eSocialize. All things new will soon be old, you’ll be back, the job/juggle will all be old hat, and the world will return to it’s axis-and we’ll be waiting 🙂

  6. 😦

    We all miss you babe. Keep doing what you need to do cause that money is more important right now. Eventually, you’ll find that balance.

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