Looking Forward to Christmas…

     To say I love Christmas is an understatement. It’s actually the understatement of the first decade of the new millenia. Somehow, it seems like people are nicer to each other. Christmas songs on the radio can have me close my eyes and believe that I was somewhere cold (if I turn the A/C up enough)

yeah.. something like that..

  Christmas brings back young memories and midnight church service.

    To say that Christmas crept up on me this year is the understatement of 2011. (Yes, I already know it is) I was so excited to be working that sometime last week, I looked up at the calendar and said, “wait! Christmas is NEXT WEEK!!”

   There’s several things I look forward to every Christmas season:

    1. Gap commercials-
       If you don’t know what the hell I’m talking about #Plaxicothyself please avail yourself of the wonder that is Youtube and check that out. Gap’s commercials used to be creative and exciting. They used to have them on all year, but then they downgraded to just Christmas. This year, they didn’t even do that. And a happy camper, I was not. Gap, I promise that I’ll buy a pair of those ridiculously expensive jeans if you give us a Gap commercial. Maybe they ran out of mojo. Maybe their creative team quit. Either way you put it, I live for those Gap commercials. And I’d be watching some right now if my computer had speakers.

    Wait.. those jeans can be on sale, right?

   2. Christmas shopping-
     I’d love to pretend that I love shopping for everyone is what I’m talking about, but it’s really not. Do not be mistaken, I hate shopping with a passion. HOWEVER, around Christmas-time, when there’s miraculously extra money in my pockets, it’s like the “miracles of the loaves and fishes.” I watch my money stretch, and see how many things I can get away without parting with most of my cash. I’m not gonna lie though, procrastination has led me to doing these things on Christmas Eve when everywhere is closing early and my mother has to settle for a gift card to Walgreens.


   3. Christmas Carols-
     I love hearing Christmas songs about things that I’ve never done . “Chestnuts roasting on an open fire.” “Let it Snow! Let it Snow! Let it Snow!” Things like THAT! I imagine that I live in a house in the suburbs and that it’s the same house I grew up in. I’ll imagine myself coming downstairs for breakfast on Christmas morning. Basically, I pretend that I’m in the house from the movie “The Family Stone” (please see it). Christmas carols make me believe that somewhere out there, someone is making snow angels in the backyard. I can pretend that my family is THAT family. And it’s all because of Christmas carols.

   4. Decorating the house-
     Let me tell you something. You don’t work at Crate & Barrel for 8 years and not pick up a few things. I have boxes filled with things that I’m gonna unload once I get my house including a converction toaster over. BUT even more than that, I have boxes of Christmas ornaments. My family goes HARD in the muthaeffin paint decorating for Chistmas. My brother goes to the people that are selling the real trees and gets the branches they’ve cut. He makes wreaths and garland for the house. There’s something in every window sill. There’s several Nativity scenes all throughout the house. Our tree is the stuff of legends. We have kissing balls hanging in doorways. I even have a little tree for my desk. DO NOT test my condo when it is time for Christmas.

    *looking around* okay, well, not so much this year.. I told you Chistmas caught us by surprise.

   We’re not gonna talk about the after Christmas sales, or Black Friday because everyone knows that it takes a special kind of fortitude to be in any store on any one of those days. I love a good deal, but I love my life more. I love my freedom more. I honestly believe that I will not survive that kind of shopping without being arrested for punching someone. We’re not gonna talk about opening presents as my brother gets me nothing (it’s alright though, he gets nothing from me) and my mother either gets me a Jumbo sized Dove body wash, or an 80-count box of Tampons (Costco anyone?) or a check that I can’t cash til next Christmas. Yeah, she’s very predictable.

   I’m looking forward to actually spending it with someone next year… Yeah, I put it out there. It’s been an emo kind of week…   

    Yeah, I put this up late, but it’s not like you were waiting up for it.

     What do you look forward to each Christmas?

      See you on Friday (Lord Willing.. #noClipse)
      Peace and Love, Nick

One Response to “Looking Forward to Christmas…”
  1. 1. I loved the old Gap ads with singer Tweet and others. They were good.

    2. I hate Christmas shopping. I just feel hurried and annoyed when I’m out doing it but I usually trudge through it. It would be cool if the other people weren’t there.

    1. I look forward to going home and having beers with my brother and the rest of the squad. I don’t get to hang out with them that often and this is one of the few times we’re all together.

    2. I just like to be able to get the hell out of Charleston for a few days and hide. Christmas allows for this.

    3. Food. There’s usually a turkey, some mac & cheese, and some ribs involved.

    I haven’t seen “Love Actually” this year… my universe is not right.

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