Just when you thought it was over…

     So…. Just when I thought we were done… A continuation…

     So, for those of you that need to get caught up, the chick that I wrote about here, here, and here and I had some words.

     I ran a little experiment because something just wasn’t rockin right. I sent her a text the other day asking her if she could just mail the last $10 (that she had yet to pay me) because I didn’t know when would be the next time I would see her at church. And in true fashion, she didn’t disappoint.

     (The following conversation is done by text…. soo passive.. so sexy)

    “I’m off on Friday, I’ll drop it off then.”
    “Ok.” (I wasn’t gonna tell her that I would be at work on Friday)
    “Text me your physical address.”

   I literally looked at my mother and go, “wait a minute, I was expecting something else. That was painless, what the hell is up?”

Then a heartbeat later, this text comes.. like the lights in her brain done switched on.
     “I can’t believe you’re asking me for $10 dollars when I still have a stovetop that needs to be replaced, you didn’t put gas back in my car, and you didn’t stay with the dogs as asked.” 

     And so it begins… Because I was currently dealing with my keys being locked in my car and I was outside in the cold with a wire hanger trying to get inside it, I couldn’t take this to a phone call. As I outlined here, I sometimes would rather just get on and off the phone instead of having a 17-hour text conversation.

    You see, I KNEW there was an issue with this broad that she wasn’t getting out into the open. The things that I had explained to her before were still eating at her and she wasn’t saying shit to me (yes, I know I just cussed.. so you KNOW this got me pissy hot) just like a passive chick, and this wasn’t the first time. I then had to explain to her (AGAIN) the situation with the gas tank, that I had put gas in it, but that it didn’t go back to the level that she wanted. I then explained to her (AGAIN) why I didn’t sleep with the dogs, and for good measure I then told her that she didn’t ask me to sleep with them. It was never a requisite. And if it was so important, then she should’ve spoke.

     “I didn’t know until this last trip that you didn’t stay with them.”
     “I had always stayed with them up until this last trip.”

     And round and round in circles we text, while my mother holds the flashlight so that I can now see the lever that winds down my windows (remember, the keys are locked inside) I’m tired from work and this dame is working my nerves. She’s walking that tightrope. Anyway, the stovetop she referenced, I will take responsibility for. I fell asleep while waiting for some water to boil and it cracked her induction stovetop. For over a year, she hasn’t said anything about it. And like the chick I am, I had to squeeze it out of her before she mentioned it.

   You MUST know how much I loved the conversation we were having. I’m outlining the myriad of things that she didn’t talk about. The things that she assumed and she’s telling me “come on, I gave you access to my fridge (I don’t touch her fridge “fat free, taste free” errthang!) and my home (like she and her dogs were getting nothing from the deal) and you couldn’t think to fill back my gas tank?” All of this is a lesson I’m taking upon myself to teach this girl that she needs to speak for what she wants. She’s going on about how we’re friends and she’s feeling like I took her kindness for granted. Yeah, because paying me $65 dollars to take care of 2 dogs for 5 days wasn’t exploitation AT ALL! (The running rate for her kennel is $20 a day/ per dog. Do the math)

    The thing that sealed the deal is that when I told her that I would pay for the stovetop (because I don’t like people throwing shit in my face) she goes,

    “Come on now. You can’t be spending money you ain’t got!” Like if I tossed the money in her direction she’d refuse it because all of a sudden, she’s a sensitive person and knows my situation. (As far as she’s concerned I’m not working, which I purposely didn’t tell her) If you’d rather my not pay you back because you know I’m broke, then WHAT THE F*CK are you bringing it up for?! She’s saying “we’re friends,” which is a distinction I never gave her. Not only that, but if we’re such friends, wouldn’t she know that my situation had changed, you know, because we’d kept in touch? I hadn’t spoken to this broad since October.

    It was never about the $10. I told her that she could take the $10 and put it in her gas tank (Which was the most textual way of telling her to shove her money up her own ass) since she seemed very hard up for it.

   The issue I have here is that she doesn’t discuss things and KNOWS that the shit is eating at her. And I don’t like it. She reminds me too much of my “Selfish Friend” secretly holding on things and keeping score of the many ways you feel I’ve shafted you. Eff all that. Eff that right up in your own ass.

    I hate having to teach grown people shit they should already know (like how to deal with people). Not only that, but she’s on the list of people that thought I’d be around forever to do favors for them because they think it’s gonna take forever for my papers. Well, GUESS WHAT BISHES!? I got my appointment for my final interview and they can go suck a dick.. (that was harsh)..

    Suck an egg…

    There are no questions to ask.. Although I’m wondering if I’m the only person this type of shit happens to.. What part of the game is this!?!? I swear I’m in the Matrix…

    Damn, that’s a lot of cussin..

    Peace and Love, Nick

3 Responses to “Just when you thought it was over…”
  1. fixedwater says:

    my 2 cents
    find out how much her stovetop replacement should cost, send it to her (maybe less the $10) then wash your hands of her. this way she has nothing to hold against you, or bad mouth you about when her friendship with you dissolves (note: her friendshiip, not yours) she will notice you turn down invites and don’t call or text one day and wonder but you will be free to tell her to kick rocks with no outstanding debt (in her mind).

    • nicknotnikki says:

      That’s EXACTLY what I’m doing… I think it’s funny that she’s bringing up something from last year when she and I have had multiple opportunities to talk about it.. And even then, it was still bothering her and I had to SQUEEZE it out of her…
      It’s taking everything out of me to not send her $10, $25, dollars until it adds up to the $290.. the same way that she gave me the $65 to watch her dogs.. I love how she thinks that because I know her, she can give me I.O.U’s and be alright with it.. it’s been over 2 months.. And she hasn’t said a word about that.. did she think that a conversation wasn’t in order because in her mind, the stovetop should rationalize my letting the $10 go..
      This heifer can’t communicate.. and I can’t STAND chicks that don’t communicate..

  2. I have to admit that i sometimes get bored to read the whole thing but i honestly enjoyed what i read. Cheers !

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