No Filter For My Internet…

    I wanted to thank ya’ll for letting me get better last week (I’m still sick, but not as badly).. It’s not like you had a choice, but still.. You coulda been anywhere in the world, but ya here with me!

   So here’s my issue. I like the idea of real life sometimes, because we can choose (for the most part) who we want and don’t want to associate with. If I don’t like the environment that I’m in, I just walk away. I try to find my nearest exit. The control freak in me almost ALWAYS has an escape plan in effect. 

   I have several life mottos (that will probably become a post later on) but one of them is that you can do what you do and I don’t care…. Until what you’re doing involves me. 

     And like Nas and everybody, me and the internet got beef.

    I find that in my personal life, I can filter out who I interact with. I can be in a conversation that I don’t like and discontinue it. “Oops, gotta go.” I have no patience for stupid people. No country for stupidity. And in my real life, if slackness (Jamaican word, but you get the point) crosses my path, then I can quickly address it (or you’ll see it on my face) and move forward. You will know where you and I stand because you’ll remember the time that you got checked and let that be your lesson (free of charge) The issue I have with the internet is that any ol body can walk on the e-streets. 

   But the internet operates under a different set of rules. Anybody that remembers their password can become part of my world, just because we’re on the same site. Idiodicy has found a home, and the people responsible have friends. Anonymous friends, bold friends, friends that climb on rocks. They all congragate and clog up my bandwidth with ish that a Garbage Pail Kid wouldn’t even say. And we ALL KNOW that my computer doesn’t have all that RAM to spare. 

    This observation got me wondering:

    Why can’t I have an internet filter? Can I tell you how many times I’ve seen the comments page of a blog (*eh-hem) and just thought to myself, “this ish would load so much faster if her comments were nowhere in sight.” The same way that I can create that safe list for my computer, why can’t I have an “I wanna punch you” list for the people who shoulda never got Internet Explorer? I try to get lost somewhere else and guess what? There’s a whole different level of OTHER idiots to try and weed out. And honestly, I ain’t got that kinda time. Why is there no way to make my surfing the interwebs friendly? How come Bill Gates can’t come up with THAT? (and an easier to navigate version of iTunes) I mean, we can clone a sheep, but you can’t take a command of “block anything with _____’s name on it” and drop it in cyberspace? Why does this not make any sense to me?

     Nah.. You can take all your lemons and drop them bitches in my lap just because I logged on. Something bout that just don’t rock right. And might I add, this is coming from people that claim they’re smart, educated, talented, got everything going for them, and yet can’t figure out why they’re single. *raises hand* I got a guess.

    Negativity and all versions of “eff them” (except on Fridays) isms run rampant all over and it makes me look at certain people and say, “who done stoled yo fuckin bike?” It wouldn’t bother me so much if I didn’t live with a negative person, but fact of the matter is, my mother majored in negativity and she graduated MAGNA CUM LAUDE out that bitch. So the people trying to tap into the reserves of peace that I can find by my way of escape (the internet) need to fall in a deep hole. They’re like the mad rapper. “Tell em why you mad, son!”

   Really. Is there no place that all these people can congregate that has nothing to do with coming across my screen?

     The rant is short. Yet the question is forever….

      Does the internet sometimes make you question if you’re living in the Matrix? There is NO possible way that this many upset people live on this planet. I try and support some people by following them on Twitter, but honestly, I don’t need to read all the many ways that the world has screwed you over today (and that’s all you gotta say.)

     And some question me when I say that I don’t like people. They think I’m joking.

     I’ll talk to you later..
    Peace and Love, Nick

8 Responses to “No Filter For My Internet…”
  1. Cheekie says:

    Big ups for the Armour Hot Dogs reference!

    Yeah, the internets is definitely a blessing a curse. The blessing: I get to meet some cool people and even bond with them offline (*winks at my e-sistahs*). The curse: The internet is a packaged deal. And with the good/great folks, come the not-so-great…”ok, STFU” folks. I try not to let it get to me because yeah, the internet is quite the outlet and distraction so the fact that the drama(s) from real life can slither its way onto the e-life is just…

    Grr. Argh.

  2. Wu says:

    Good to hear you’re almost back at 100 % Nick.

    The Internet has almost convinced me that I live in the Matrix. This mostly because the bulk of the stuff I read about just doesn’t happen to the people I know. For the most part we are happy people or we took the wrong pill.

    I purposely remove myself from stupid too. I like to think I can control the dumb in my life.

  3. MsEsquire77 says:

    Negativity is unavoidable on the ‘net so I jtry to let it roll off my back like water on a duck. Some folks embrace their anger and misery then try to share. To that I say NO THANKS!!

    An internet filter would be great but since it doesn’t exist I just use my inner ignore button.

  4. The negativity and all-around foolishness that some people display on these interwebs is more often than not simply a cry for attention. “LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT ME! I HAVE SOMETHING COMPLETELY FOOLISH TO SAY! GIVE ME LIFE!”

    At the same time, this is what the internet is for and the reason why it’s so great. The anonymity gives people power to say whatever they want and an audience to say it to. It comes with the package.

    Side note: “How come Bill Gates can’t come up with THAT? (and an easier to navigate version of iTunes)” *pushes up glasses* That’s because Steve Jobs is responsible for iTunes and the Mac OS. Bill Gates is responsible for Windows Media Player and Windows. *awaiting my swirly*

  5. SmartFoxGirl says:

    Now you got me feeling guilty over my ebeef with Obsidian on VSB. Some people drag the indignant outta me with their shillbut. I aint perfect. lol I use to lurk and wonder why people put so much energy into arguing on blogs, etc. I realize that most blogs can be a breeding ground for nasty epersonas because people go there to share their ideas. In life, we rarely partake in “deep” convos about our opinions on issues such as why women are single. (Which is bigger than arguing online lol) Also, like you said, in life we chose the people we want to converse with. Online, especially blogs, you get all kinds of people like sociopaths, low self-esteem having folks that look to the internet to justify their otherwise boring lives. Plus, many spend like 18 hours online and that IS their life (which could be why they’re single). I have a problem with walking away from ignorant people that I would otherwise ignore in real life because like you said, their words are on my screen and usually unavoidable.

    It’s a work in progress but I cosign that some (alot) of people need to just log off and get their lives together.

  6. Starita34 says:

    I hear you…the better question in my case is why won’t I allow myself to just block people that cause me grief?

    FB has the lovely “Hide” button, manna from Heaven. Loveliest button ever created…unfortunately Twitter does not have this…in order for me to rid my timeline of negative Nellys I must be somewhat rude to them and “unfollow”. I know what that feels like and I’m not ready to put that on someone else…I also don’t have the energy required to do what is needed and have a Come To Jesus meeting with them either though…so I scroll quickly and don’t fan the flames in blogs comments or on the Twittuh…*shrug*

  7. Starita34 says:

    I also sent up a lil prayer that you’re not talking about me, and then I came up and posted on your page and you threw up your hands and scream “IS NO PLACE SACRED!?!?!?”

  8. I’m glad to see you’re doing much better. You effs with Buckleys right?

    But.. Damn.. I’ve been doing pretty well too. I don’t have anything to say. My only negative effs happen on Friday. I’m working towards the bright light of happiness and positivity in the sky. I feel like I might know who you mean but ehh. Negativity is as contagious as positivity (and smiling) so don’t even let them phase you. Sometimes, these Negative Nancies had a few bums piss in their coffee and the world stinks all of a sudden. C’est la vie. Lol Good read.

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