Still without a title…

   Ok.. so my sickness is on its way out.. But I would greatly appreciate it if you would just give me a “pass” for the week. I’ll be back soon, I just can’t pull it together. And as happy as I am about this job, my body can’t wrap it’s mind around the fact that I have to wake up early as hell. Like, “when I’d usually be going to bed” kind of early…

    Enjoy these innernets..

     I’ve been ghost for a while.. and I hate it…
     In breaking news, we got a cold front. And I don’t mean “cold front” like I usually mean it. (70 degrees) I mean that Bish hit 40-something degrees!! If you were to see the many layers involved in keeping me warm, you’d wonder why I was celebrating Halloween late, and why I chose “tired lookin housewife with robe and sweat pants” as my costume.

   It really is that serious…
   I’ll be back soon, I promise..

   Peace and Love, Nick

3 Responses to “Still without a title…”
  1. Cold front? I woke up to a balmy 24 degrees.

    Dear April,

    Come back soon…

  2. sanen85 says:

    I don’t mean to pass #shade on your front, but I would love for it to be that warm here in the Fall. I hope you’re getting plenty of fluids and rest though 🙂

  3. I’m glad you’re feeling better babe 🙂

    And -_- at 40 degrees. That’s living on the Sun compared to the temperature here.

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