A Feast for One Sense…

    They say that smell is the sense that’s most tied to memory.. I don’t know who said that exactly, but “they” are some pretty influential people.

   So anyway, if food can take me back and make me get all nostalgic, then a smell is what keeps me there for the rest of the day. They haven’t perfected the time machine yet, but it’s the closest thing. There’s nothing like a scent that you remember. One that reminds you of simpler times (I sound like a Country Time commercial) But we all know that now that we’re getting older, we all are longing for times when we didn’t think of bills, and times when our hearts were still whole before they got broken. When everything was easy and the biggest problem was what to buy for lunch with the $2.50 that mom gave me. (4 Chipburgers is the correct answer) A good smell is that golden ticket to a wonderland of memories.

    I’m just realizing that last sentence has a Christmas-time feel to it. Like I’m frigging writing the next Target commercial. I promise I’ll stop.

    There are several scents that make me feel like a kid again:

    1. Grass being cut-

   When I was a kid, I would go out in the backyard and lay in the grass. I would stare at the sky as the sun was setting and I would stay there until I got scared and went inside. Whenever I smell grass being cut, I can close my eyes and feel like I’m that little kid again. Running around by herself because mom was taking care of the baby (my brother) and daddy was gone to work. I remember mornings of cutting the grass and then having to rake the yard and put everything in Hefty bags.

   2. Joop and Farenheit cologne-

     These are the first grown up colognes that I can remember smelling that had nothing to do with Drakkar and Paco Robanne. I was 17, had a crush on the puerto-rican cutie down the street and would smell one of these colognes whenever he would pass by. I have mentioned before that I used to hang with the fellas on the corner. Well, this is one of the aromas that would be in that circle. (Kush was the other one) To this day, Farenheit makes me feel overheated. Not because of the cutie that wore it, but because it really is a heat-inducing cologne. Oh mah goodness. And Joop makes me swoon.

   3. Fresh Laundry-

    There’s a reason that I often fall asleep in laundry. Hot laundry fresh out the dryer. When I was younger, I would watch my mother make my bed. (when she was feeling generous and I didnt’ have to do it) Everytime she flipped up the sheet a wave of Tide soap and Downy would come in my direction. I would run under the sheet as it drifted down and roll on the bed. Mom would yell at me.

     And repeat.

    I would continue to do this until mom would swat my behind. She thinks I didn’t see her laughing. Sometimes, I’d reach out and yank her on the bed with me. She’d yell out, “Nick!” and we’d go to the next room.

   And repeat.

   4. A fresh box of Crayons-

    I think of the sad 8-pack my mother would buy me. Sometimes, the 24 box if I was good. I would wach with envy as Theresa would always have the 64 box. You know, the one with the sharpener in the back. It’s like you’d hear the Heavens opened whenever you cracked a box of crayons for the first time. It’s first days of school and a gang load of chubby fingers all reaching into the tray. It’s nights of my father telling me to color the brown cow in one direction. I still own crayons. And I’m sorry, Crayola is only one brand of crayons. Sesame Street once showed how they were made. My favorite episode to this day.

    5. Library books-

    I don’t know what it is about libraries that makes all the books smell the same, but they do. There’s that certain mustiness. Combine the smell of the books with the sound of that crinkle when you open it up and I’m a happy person. I remember trips to the library, walking with a trailer load of books. Feeling like I just went to a free bookstore. I remember the summer I worked in the library. I remember reading Richard Scarry’s books to my mother by the ironing board. I think about how I would play library at home. Library books are great.

    Honorable mention-

    6. The beach.

      If there’s Coppertone lotion in the area, I’m in the 5th stage of bliss (bliss only has 7 stages, mind you.)  It reminds me of Summer. I think of the first time I climbed Dunn’s River Falls. Even though it’s a freshwater (read: cold) waterfall, there’s a beach at the bottom. This beach has water so clear that you can see the sun glisten off the scales of the orange fish that just swam by. Sometimes, I go to the beach and close my eyes. I am immediately 9 years old again. I am eating fish and festival on Hellshire Beach (another beach in Jamaica). And you haven’t lived until you’ve had fish and festival on a beach in Jamaica.

    So there you have it. My list of scents that are tied to my strongest memories. I don’t need to ask any questions, because you’re not an idiot. But for those in the daft section, what scents do it for you?

   Have a lovely weekend.
  Peace and Love, Nick

    I’ll be better about posting next week. I have to get acclimated to working. (Yes, that’s what I said!)
   Love you all…


20 Responses to “A Feast for One Sense…”
  1. My mom’s cooking. Makes me feel like I’m home all over again. It’s only been like 15-16 years since…

    CK one and Crush – good and bad memories of my 1st, an ex and my best

    I’m too fired up to think. Lol great post

  2. Capricorn says:

    The Joop cologne gave me a special feeling in HS, and the boy who wore it did so for me, once I told him I liked how he smelled.

    1. My mom’s fried chicken.
    2. My daughter’s baby blanket.
    3. Ivory soap. I dont know why I just love the smell of it.
    4. Chlorine. I loved swimming as a child, and every time I smell a pool, I am 9 again.
    5. So I am not the only one who loved the smell of a new box of Crayons. Spoiled only/youngest child that I am, I always got the 64 box. 🙂 I loved that sharpener.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      girl.. the smell of Crayons is like the smell of possibilities and happiness… Am i jealous that you had the 64 box? yes, yes i am..

      am i gonna go lookin for mine..
      yes, yes i am.. Happy Friggin Weekend!!


    • Starita34 says:

      Yesssss @ chlorine! The summer, pool kind and the cleaning bleach too! I looooove climbing into my freshly washed sheets straight from the dryer that smell like bleach, Downy, starlight, and children’s laughter!!

  3. This is a good one Nick.

    1. Dirt — By dirt I mean fresh tilled soil. I grew up on a farm and my house and my grandparent’s house next door were surrounded by fields. Nothing made my day more than seeing my granddaddy or daddy hitch the harrow (http://img.diytrade.com/cdimg/713016/7070675/0/1223483299/Hydraulic_Lifting_Off-set_Heavy-duty_Disc_Harrow.jpg) behind the tractor and start to plow. The dry dirt and plant live on top would be turned under and replaced with dark and moist soil. It just had rich smell that carried in the air. This smell not only excited me but the various SC wildlife that would come out to find a meal that may have been hiding under the surface. As a kid I just thought of the smell of dirt as something that was always around but a few years ago I rented a townhome and started a garden in the backyard. The smell of that dirt under my nails just took me back.

    2. Breakfast food — I seldom cook breakfast but when I do the smell of bacon, grits, and whatever else I prepare makes my day. No Eastwood.

    3. Leather — This isn’t some pervy thing. The smell of a new baseball glove, leather coat, wallet, or a belt is just amazing to me.

    4. Plants blooming in the spring. Right before the pollen decides to make your life hell you get to smell God’s work during the first warm days of the year. . . and then you start to sneaze.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      There you go!! i GAVE YOU FREE!

      I love the smell of leather.. I see your leather, and raise you a new car smell!

      When I’d wake up on Saturtday mornings, I would go in the backyard and play in the dirt.. Lemme see if i can desrcibe this properly.. I would form a path under the rubber tree and turn on the hose. I would then watch the current as the water ran down the dirt path. I’d lay rocks and watch the way that the water current would move around it..
      I cannot explain why I love it so much, I just do.. Although not for the same reasons, I can appreciate the smell of dirt..

      • There is a magnolia tree between our house and my grandparents and my brother and I would try to make a lake with the hose under it. I’m surprise grass can actually grow under that tree now.

    • Starita34 says:

      SO GLAD THIS GOT LIBERATED!! DIRT! GLORIOUS DIRT! YES! Oh shit, I think I just…nevermind…

      Man, Wu, you transported me! The smell and taste, don’t judge! of dirt is so pure. So sublime! YES. I could not cosign you any harder. Pause?

      And I grew up in the Heartland but my parents were teachers, not farmers. Still our back yard has a farm bumped up against it and to hear you say “hitch the harrow”…it just did something to me. ❤

      And breakfast food was a winner too. shiiit, FOOD! lol

  4. Starita34 says:

    NICK! Your 1 through 3 and 6 are going to cost you rent for being all up and through my mind! Even the kush, lol, I’ve never smoked, but smelling it brings me RIGHT back to college and nights playing bones with the Venezuelans and their various shenanigans.

    #2 has to be slightly amended to Joop, Iron, and Coolwater. But regardless, hormones will rage.

    #3, I’m cheap, like chronically, clinically cheap. But one thing that I insist on having name brand? Downy! Downy smells like hugs and rainbows. I will be homeless before I go without Downy. Suavitel can suck a sucio peen with a special fried rice infection.
    Also LMAO that my dog does this exact thing! “I would run under the sheet as it drifted down and roll on the bed” and I yell at him. Repeatedly. lol

    “Sesame Street once showed how they were made. My favorite episode to this day. I LOVED this expose!!! Up there with the pinball series singing “1,2,3,4,5. 6,7,8,9,teeeeeen. *add bass* eleven. twellllve.” That will only make sense if you already know the song. LOL.

    Suntan oil/sunscreen. That lovely coconut instantly whisks my away to the white sand beaches of Navarre and summer vacations with the whole family in a big beach house. ❤ I have every coconut version of lotion that Victoria Secret's and Bath and Body works sells. Yes, there's a difference between Coco Cabana and Exotic Coconut. SN: Tell me that you can smell Cucumber Melon without nostalgia? You can't. I won't believe you.

    Great post. I lurve it. Smells are SO great.

    I'll add Fresh Baked Bread, no specific memory, but the smell of homemade bread sends a warm blanket of comfort cascading over my body. It's lovely.

    Eucalyptus – my grandpa died when I was 8, but he was an important man and he owned a Funeral Parlor. So whenever we'd visit him, it'd smell like eucalyptus. Can't smell it without thinking of him.

    The smell of Fall. I don't know if it's the dying leaves or drying corn in the fields, but methinks Fall is what heaven will smell like.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      #3, “Suavitel can suck a sucio peen with a special fried rice infection.”
      Suavitel is made by God, sent by the archanagel Michael.. to remind me that Hell is real.. and this is what they use!
      DO NOT use the snuggle too.. It’s not worth a brass farthing..

      And to your sesame street song.. “doo doo doot doo doot doo doot doo doo doo doo doo doo..DOO!!”
      Yes, that song made ABSOLUTE sense!!

      DO NOT!! I repeat (for those in the back,) DO NOT challenge me to a Bath and Body Works smell-off.. I purchase sets and send them down to Jamaica.. I know all the deals, got the coupons.. and know what scents I like when the sales come around.. I’m not a fruity one though. I LURVE woodsy scents.. The aromatherapy line had a sandlewood rose scent that I bought in bulk and I’m using right now.. I just bought the new Dark Kiss and have been lotioning with that all week.. I see my boss lookin.. and I keep hearing in my head.. “I see you looking babe.. trust me, i’m lookin back..”
      Don’t you start.. Yes, cucumber melon is great.. but NOT as great as cool citrus basil.. bought that when it was being discontinued and I’m scared to use it because I might use it up..

      I get you about the smell of fall.. but for me, it’s more of a “feel” of fall.. like the air just smells/feels better and the sun setting earlier mellows me out everytime.. I wait the whole year for the fall…

      • Starita34 says:

        Snuggle is Downy’s embarrassing crack addicted cousin that just can’t seem to stay out of trouble and perpetually steals from his Mama.

        “And to your sesame street song.. “doo doo doot doo doot doo doot doo doo doo doo doo doo..DOO!!” “TWELVE!” Yes, that song made ABSOLUTE sense!!” If it’s possible, I love you even more now than before.

        WHAT’S THIS!?!? A fellow scent addict? Baby girl the amount of lotions and sprays that I have is OBSENE! Snuff film obscene. Outlawed in ALL 50 states.

        And I want to drink your bathwater for saying the folowing things:
        ~ “I know all the deals, got the coupons…”
        ~ “I bought in bulk”
        ~ “bought that when it was being discontinued and I’m scared to use it because I might use it up…”

        *bowing my head to compose myself for a moment*
        You get me. *tears welling up my eyes* You really get me. I feel so close to you right now.

        When they have their sales, I coupon and gift card my way into practically FREE ish. I bragged to my exHim that I got $400 and some worth of product for like $40 and he was O_O “Wayuhminn! What the HAIL do you need with $400 worth of lotions!?!?” You like me always smelling good right? And I stock up like a squirrel with nuts during the sales. And ish is expensive at full price what simple bish is paying full price doh really…I mean really…that’s just some disrespectful to your money type shit. At least get in on the 3 for $24 sales, those are like every other week.

        When they said that they were going to discontinue Plumeria, I bought up errry bottle in the tri state region. Just now starting to run out…and I got about 200 bottles with ONE more use just chillin in the bottom, but I just can’t use it all, cause then what if I need that scent one day?

        My gf likes “Hoarders” and we were talking about how the people are truly sick, like mentally ill. And that the scariest thing about the show is that there’s a lil hoarder in us of ll. We got to talking about what we would hoard. Girl. You know what mine was. My gma visited recently and was like what you doing with all this lotion? o_O And half of it’s mostly empty bottles (with never opened bottles stashed errywhere) #Confessions

        And what makes us even more compatible, me and you, my new bestest smell friend? We like different types of scent so I won’t have to cut you for buying up ish that’s for ME.

        :End therapy session:

        I love Fall, every aspect. The crispness of the air is my fave. Wind and I go way back like Bron Bron’s hairline.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      I fell asleep watching the sex and the city movie last night.. so i couldn’t get to this then.. But alas, I’m up at 6 something on a Saturday wondering where the party is.. GOing to sleep early can suck a sucio peen..

      You know what makes this addiction even worse?
      (lean in close)
      I don’t even like lotion
      i feel like it clogs up my pores and makes my body feel heavy..

      shh.. don’t tell nobody..
      I use it on my feet before i put on the socks (to keep the heels lovely) but other than that, if I’m wearing pants and my legs aren’t going to be seen, then my legs won’t see lotion for DAYS! I’m vigilant about my hands and elbows though, so it takes me FOREVER to work through a bottle..
      It’s just that I need the option, suppose I want to smell like coconut lime verbena and I don’t have it? I’ll get over it, but not totally..
      It’s the same thing with soaps.. I have body washes and Lever 2000 on standby.. I have too many..
      but now that a cold front came in, I’m gonna have to slather up.. I caught my ankles last night and was horrified!!

      that seame street song is the stuff of legends.. LEGENDS!! and the ball moving through the different stages.. like a pinball game..

  5. Did SkyNet and the Matrix eat my comment? *hangs head*

  6. MsEsquire77 says:

    Fresh baked goods make me happy…and hungry! There’s something about warm vanilla.
    Magic Shave stinks but reminds me of my Daddy 🙂
    I love the smell of outside after the rain, especially in the spring. It calms me.
    A freshly bathed & lotioned baby makes my womb flutter. (Just being honest!)

    • nicknotnikki says:

      I’ll see your spring rain.. and raise you rain in the fall…
      ESPECIALLY if it’s chilly/cold outside.. That whole scenario was my only reason for wanting to move to Seattle.. well, that and the fact that I swear I can live in a house amongst the trees (Like the Cullens)

  7. keisha brown says:

    i love that you said crayons!! i will go a step further and add pencil crayons, gel pens and mr sketch smelly markers. i LOVED to colour as a kid.
    you know what..i just might go buy myself some stuff and a colouring book!!!

    • nicknotnikki says:

      YOO!!! I just bout fainted when you said Mr. Sketch smelly markers.. the turquoise one is my ISH!!!

      I can’t judge ou, because over in my bookcase, I have a sketch pad with my crayons.. I take it out every now and then and pretend i’m artistic..

      • keishabrown says:

        remember those lil miss books? i KILLED lemon in that colouring book. lol.
        and turquoise/mango was the ABSOLUTE ish!! i also loved cherry red.
        seriously..might have to put mr sketch on my xmas list. lol

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