The Days of Summer…

 Yes, I’m still working on the page.. But how bout you ignore that and get nostalgic with me!? 

When I was younger, there were few things sweeter than the last day of school. One of the things that could top it was the day after. The beginning of summer vacation. Now, I know that things are a bit different nowadays than when I was in school. Back then, passing Algebra 1 wasn’t a requisite for a diploma, we ate lunch off campus, and there wasn’t a such thing as year round school (we would’ve raised holy hell). And summer break was 10 weeks long. Yes, that’s right. 10 weeks.    

   The last day of school was pure foolishness. The teachers that would try to have you do work would get nothin but side-eyes and mayhem. Don’t you DARE! Do you understand that tomorrow, I will wake up whatever time I want, and be done with your class? Who are you kidding, teach? You know and I know that school has been over (in my mind) for a few weeks now.

   I’d go home and stay up the whole night. Watch tv and eating garbage. Because the next day was the beginning of summer vacation. Also known as, “the time of year every kid lives for.”

    I’d wake up at whatever the hell time I wanted. My mother would roll me over in the morning to say “bye” before she left for work, and I would not stir til some time in the afternoon. (Old habits die hard) Then my day consisted of:

      Nothing… Absolutely nothing…

    1. Video games- all day play fests with Super Mario Brothers 1,2, and 3. I only had food and bathroom breaks. My mother would call, and I would not answer the phone because I was JUST about to rescue the princess and pressing, “pause” would’ve ruined my momentum.

   2. Videos- we had a channel here called “The Box.” which would play videos all day. People would pay something like .99 cents and request whatever videos they wanted to see. This would work great because I got to watch videos, but don’t mess up and ride that train too long, because the white kids would call in and request something by Guns N Roses, then you had to wait til someone called and paid for a Boys II Men again. I have very distinct memories about the videos I saw on this channel. “Treat ’em Right” was one of them.

   3. Going Outside- I cannot type this post with a clear conscience if I lied and acted like I stayed inside the house all day just because Veronica told me to. I would go across the street to get pickled eggs and Andy Capp’s Hot Fries (the greatest) then walk down the street to the park. But I would only do this AFTER I’d finished eating, because I’m greedy with my food and didn’t wanna have to shank someone cuz they wanted a Now N Later. Do Not Try Me!

   4. This only worked for the first week after school was over because then:

      Summer CAMP!!!

    Summer Camp holds some of the greatest times of my childhood. Bowling, Swimming at Victory Pool, and playing around all day. I’d come home grimey, smelling like sand and black pride. Running to the water fountain and yelling “save some for the fishes!” when someone took too long. Sandwiches that didn’t make any sense, and leftover apples because we didn’t wanna be healthy. Swapping Garbage Pail Kid cards and inflating the juice box so that I could jump off the bench and have it pop. Catching tickle bugs and lizards. I have a memory of driving to the Pepsi plant and all I could think about was all the soda I could drink, and George Michael’s “Faith” on the radio. The Miami Museum that everyone KNEW had a Nintendo in the back. What this had to do with science, I STILL can’t tell you. Although now, I’m wondering if they have a Wii in the back or something (because you know, they gotta upgrade)

    There was this center I used to go to that had a bowling alley and an ice skating rink downstairs. An olympic pool in the back (with 2 diving boards) A concession stand, movie rooms, pool tables and a grassy area where we would do scavenger hunts. I recently looked at the pictures that verifies that this place really existed. For a moment there, I thought it was like Xanadu.

   Trips to the beach (#youmad) and permission slips to visit amusement parks. We had picnics and contests to see who could jump the highest off the swing. Not that there was any prize, mind you. Other than bragging rights.

    This was the routine for 10 weeks. 10! There’s still a sort of freedom that I associate with summer, but now that we’re grown, it isn’t the same..


    What’s your fondest memories of summer vacation? I know you had to have some…

    Catch you soon..

   Peace and Love, Nick

7 Responses to “The Days of Summer…”
  1. Capricorn says:

    My favorite memory of summer vacation was the summer I was old enough to go out with friends and do stuff during the day and night. The summer between my junior and senior year. We’d wake up, call each other on three way and figure out something to do, even if it was just going to someone’s house to veg out. Or we’d go to the park and watch the guys play baseball. Or arrange a group date. Or go to McDonald’s for lunch. I also remember drinking massive quantities of Mystic drinks, while watching Cartoon Network, which was relatively new at the time.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      I remember Mystics.. They still make them, but something about them just ain’t the same..
      *sigh* I remember 3-way.. I also had the see-through phone.. Then when you slammed it down to hang up on people, they FELT IT.. and it would make the *ding* because you’d hit the phone so hard.. with cell phones, you can’t hang up on people properly..


  2. As a kid the bulk of my summer vacation was spent playing in the freaking woods with my brother until it became way too hot. We would come in around noon and just chill until the afternoon. Why I’ve never been bitten by a snake or a tick is just an example of God’s grace.

    As we got older we just played basketball or did work around the yard heat or no heat. Farm life.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      i’m imagining this scenario.. there’s such a simplicity to it that i find endearing.. I’m also imagining you two running in the woods like boys do on them 80’s movies.. Goonies, to be specific..

      I wish I was close to my brother like that.. We dont’ play anything except “who can tell on who first..”
      He usually won..

  3. Summer Break was always a blur to me. Watching tv/playing video games/playing outside all day long. My dad used to take me and my sister out to a field in DC every weekend to play soccer with a bunch of other Ethiopian kids we knew. My dad had me fit lol. Then before I knew it, it was over. *BBM sad face*

    I never went to Summer Camp until about 8th grade. But it wasn’t Summer Camp in the traditional sense. It was a summer program for nerds. I took a summer course on Astronomy one year and on Mathematical Reasoning the next summer (yes, I went twice). We didn’t only take classes though. There were non-nerdy activities that we did. I actually had a lot of fun those two summers. #nerdsrule

    When I got to high school, I got jobs during the summer and made more time to go out with friends and just hang. Good times.

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