Saturday Mornings. . .

     Cold fronts are great! Memory Lane is getting a little chilly. We can still take a stroll though.

        When I was younger, Saturday mornings were the day that we waited the whole week for. It was the morning when you could wake up at any time because there was no school. Also, waking up at whatever time you wanted was great because Friday nights were the only night that you could go to bed whatever time you wanted to; Saturday couldn’t even give you that because Sunday morning was church. However, even with this option, I woke up early on Sat mornings because that’s the day that the mind ran silly with all the endless possibilities.
     I remember jumping on my bed to “Casanova” by Levert. I remember dancing in my room to Janet Jackson “Control” album. I remember going outside and playing with the hose under the tree. Those memories are fine and beautiful, but they don’t beat these:
    1. Sat morning meant an actual hot breakfast. It means eggs, bacon, bread, and tomatoes. It meant sitting around the kitchen table and eating til “belly bust” instead of getting a Pop-Tart out the toaster on the way to the school bus. Sometimes it meant cornmeal porridge, eaten with enough bread to guarantee a good “belly bust” too.

This doesn't even capture the greatness...


2. Saturday morning cartoons were THEE BEST in the land! Do NOT think I am exaggerating and do not test me. Saturday morning cartoon was the stuff of legends. Bugs Bunny, Garfield, Incredible Hulk, GUMMY BEARS! (I can still sing the theme music) Muppet Babies, Spider-Man and His Amazing Friends, Popeye, Smurfs, Shirt Tales, Superfriends, Pink Panther, Winnie the Pooh, Pee-Wee’s Playhouse, Re-Boot (GREAT!). The list is long enough to wrap around the earth 10 times, just like all them plastic bottles on that commercial.

   3. Going to the supermarket. And I better not say I didn’t want to go, because this was the ONLY way that I could put my bid in to get the sugar cereals. You had to actually BE at the supermarket, looking up at my mother with the sad “you ran over my doggie” eyes in order to get her to pay for Frosted Flakes. *sigh* Good times. It was a GREAT Saturday if we came home with cookies too!  
     Note: There was a huge supermarket named Xtra, they had people on roller skates. #WIN!
   4. Sleepovers. On special Friday nights, me and my girl would induce a sugar coma. Saturday mornings, we would wake up and play on the golf course behind her house. I still have the scar from where I rode my bike on the golf course and face planted down a hill. Sleepovers were great. Although I almost burned the house down from an experiment where me and my girl tried to make potato chips. #Fail Julia Child, I am not. 


    5. Saturday Chores. Yes my mom ran me ragged around the house. It was my responsibility to mow the lawn. I still feel a certain way when I smell fresh cut grass. I did laundry and helped with the groceries. At a certain time though, I would look at my mom and she knew I’d crossed my threshold, no more chores were getting done because…  

    6. Play with other kids on the block. I had a skateboard and a bike. I didn’t like the bike as much as the skateboard because my bike was Hello Kitty AND had a crap-tacular basket. Eww. I would go two doors down and play in this other kid’s backyard. He had an actual treehouse. We would pool our toys, or come up with something else to play. We played kickball in the street, chinese jumprope, or went all the way to the end of the block because that house had the Nintendo before all of us. When all else failed, turn on the hose/sprinkler and run through that bitch (pause). And we didn’t do that in bathing suits either!

   7. On special occasions, my father would take me to the racetrack with him. I realize now that walking around with a little girl made my father look real good to the ladies. I see you dad, I see you!

    There’s other memories of Saturdays that I have, but I can’t give you all everything. I hope that my children grow up to appreciate the magic that is Saturday mornings (and subsequently Saturdays.) However, I would love for cartoons to become what they used to be in order to make the magic worthwhile. But in the meantime, I’ll enjoy Saturday mornings as a grown-up.

    What about you? Are you as in love with Saturday mornings as I am? Does the thought of it “take you back?” Because honestly, I became 8 years old again several times while writing this post. *sigh*

     Enjoy your weekend.

   Peace and Whole Lotta Love, Nick (not Nikki)   
7 Responses to “Saturday Mornings. . .”
  1. DG says:

    I used to love Saturday morning cartoons too…those were the days. Kids today have no clue…
    My routine used to be to wake up around 8am or so, reheat a couple of slices of leftover pizza (Friday nights were usually pizza nights at my house), turn on the big TV and enjoying all to myself before anyone else got up…Good times.

    Good post, girl. Keep it up.

  2. Capricorn says:

    Saturday am cartoons!! Waking up at 5:46 am, getting a big bowl of cereal, some milk, a big spoon, and sitting in front of the tv for 5 hours.

    Ducktales had the best theme song. 🙂

  3. CHeeKZ Money says:

    You know why kids will never love saturday AMs like we did…

    B/c they have cartoons 24/7 on four different channels! I was in middle school when cartoon network came on. Now Disney has a Toon channel, NickToons. All these 24 hour cartoon options and you get them all with your regular cable package. In the 80s, you had to pay extra for disney like it was HBO.

    I use to wake up extra extra early on saturdays. 5AM. 4:30AM. Just so I could get as much weekend in as possible. Plus the really good japanese animes came up between 6-8.
    I think you really put your finger on what made saturdays so great.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      you know what? I’ll give you that. I remember when Nickelodeon first came out, it was the greatest thing since sliced bread. But before then, you had to catch your cartoons on Saturday mornings or after school before they started bringing on all that news. I often say that scarcity=value.. and with some things, it’s the truth.. even now (as I watch Tom &Jerry) I can go and Demand an episode of The Thundercats.. It was all so simple back then.
      You know my house didn’t have Disney Channel! My mom wasn’t paying extra for ANYTHING!

  4. Saturday was the day of champions. Couldn’t no day touch it (sorry God).

    Special shoutout to #1! Saturday mornings I’d always crush some pancakes and eggs. Weekday mornings my mom would look at me and then at the box of pop tarts and tell me to have a good day at school 😦

  5. keisha brown says:

    you had me at cornmeal porridge. FTMFW!!
    sat morn cartoons with cereal followed by sat early afternoon chores.
    we had the same life!! lol.

  6. MsEsquire77 says:

    I loved you before this post but I love you even more now! You have me pining away for my childhood 😦

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