I Got A Story to Tell.. Part 2

   Please read part 1 of this story.. It isn’t hard, I just posted it yesterday…

        When we left off, me and chick had reached an understanding about why I didn’t fill her car back after she offered to let me drive it. 

      When she initially sent the text about the gas, she made sure to mention that she wasn’t trying to be rude. The problem I have with that is that while it’s hard to decipher tone through text; we also know that everyone is more bold through writing. So we know that while she could’ve told me that she wasn’t meaning to be rude, I don’t believe her, she needs more people. The only pardon I will give her is that at least she had an issue with me and brought it up the same day, instead of slandering my name or complaining about me to her chick friends. I can appreciate that and I told her so.

      I thought we were done. I thought it was over. Fast forward 1 1/2 hours

      My text goes off again.

     “So you didn’t sleep on the bed because I didn’t make it? Do I have to leave bedsheets and towels out for you?

     OOOHHHH WEEEE!!!   e________O

        I literally looked at the phone and it took everything out of me to not ask her “WTF is wrong with you?”

    I kindly wrote back, “come on, I know how to make up a bed. No, you don’t have to leave anything out for me. You’re not making any sense.”

      I then went on and told her that I didn’t stay there that weekend. She doesn’t need to know everything that led me to that decision. She texts me, “Oh, I didn’t know that you weren’t going to be staying with them.”

    *sigh*…. just, mutha effin sigh…

    My points are as such,

    1. Whether or not I stayed there that weekend, I would STILL have walked the dogs twice a day in the same way I did when I stayed home. I’m wondering if she thought that I would’ve been out there with them at all hours.

   2. I’m thinking this broad would’ve been pleased that her dogs still got taken care of and I wasn’t all up in her space, eating her Rice Krispie Treats. Cuz trust me, I was about to dog them OUT!

   3. Whether or not I was there, I still don’t let dogs sleep in the bed with me, so that wasn’t gonna change. I’m wondering if she thought that was a constant.

    4. Everytime that I’ve watched her dogs, I’ve stayed at her house (and invited people over) the one time I don’t, it’s a problem? GTFOH

    5. She told me that her “time” was coming, so I’m thinking she was extra froggy, but you can’t be froggy with someone whose attack word could be as simple as “hello.”

     I often want to ask this girl, “how often are you going to stick your foot in your mouth before you get sick of the taste.” Considering that I haven’t expelled the energy in telling this girl about herself before, I couldn’t go all “Thrilla in Manilla” on her now, and ESPECIALLY not by text. (which to me, is the weakest form of communication) Am I reallyseeing an issue that this girl had by my not staying with her yappy dogs?

    Maybe the fact that I haven’t fully told this girl about herself is why she thought that I was the one that the duppy could frighten. Maybe that’s why she thought that she could say whatever the hell she wanted to me. I’d like to think that I’m becoming a better person, but the Jesus in me isn’t fully formed yet. Yes, it is probably pride, but I doubt I’ll ever be looking after these dogs again. I want her to try and find someone that would’ve done that gig for what she wanted to pay. AND am I looking a little tooo hard at the matter that if you have to pay me less than $100 in installments AND tell me that you’re gonna be light on money til payday, then you shouldn’t be going on a cruise. Cuz BISH, you couldn’t afford it! But I’m not in a position to tell her what to do with her money UNTIL IT AFFECTS ME! This affected me.

    My mother is looking at me like, “Nick, don’t totally cut off everyone when you start working. You might need a gig (or whatever).” MY thing is, “if I’m working, I’ll be making more in a  day than what I would’ve been making the whole weekend.” Something bout that don’t rock right. This isn’t even pride, this is just a matter of knowing what I’m worth. I can compromise now, but not later.

     Honestly, I did consider putting something back in her gas tank HAD I gotten paid in full. I also might’ve considered it if me and her didn’t have communication issues. She needed to learn a lesson. And I’m that teacher.

     This wraps up the story.  This is what happens when hoes don’t get checked initially. So my lesson to you all. Check yo hoes! I don’t let much slide, and now you know why. You give them a millimeter, they take an inch.. and yes, I realize that those two systems are different. I KNOW THAT!

    Catch you tomorrow for Nostalgic Fridays..

     Peace and Love, Nick

   P.S. I spoke to my friend and she verified that if she offered me her car, she wouldn’t expect me to fill back the tank. Although, since she doesn’t have communication issues, I would.

10 Responses to “I Got A Story to Tell.. Part 2”
  1. LaBakir says:

    I’m so confused as to what the issue is here: the gas, that you didn’t sleep in her bed or that you didn’t stay at the house.

    Would it have been nice of you to fill her tank, yes. HOWEVER, you didn’t ask to borrow her car…she offered it. Also, if she paid you in full, then perhaps you would’ve been able to top off the tank. She understands your current job sitatuion…so what can she expect…really?

    *sighs* I don’t know. Whole situation sounds real crazy. I wouldn’t waste any energy on it.

  2. Starita34 says:

    IMO, it’s just about ya’lls relationship. You’re both on edge, both a lil annoyed with each other, both had it up to ^^here^^ with one another. You need some time away. Because if she wasn’t being a ll passive aggressive and snippy via text, you would’ve explained to her all the reasons for why you did what you did like you did for us (you had a bad week, you wanted to be at hom, you don’t sleep with dogs-how she didn’t know this already is beyond me). But since you all both seem to be ready to rip each other’s heads off, something as simply as “Good morning” could be reason enough to fight! I’m not judging, trust I’ve been there! And I lived with the bish…*suppressing horrible memories*

    Here’s my thing, if I *OFFER* to let someone use my car, then they are not *obligated* to fill it up. Would it be the polite thing to do? Absolutely. But you said you drove the thing ~30 miles…that’s 1 tank of gas for my car, 2 for an SUV, so is she really crying over $6? Go ahead and take that off of the $60 that you owe me, but I’ma have to figure in the drive time and cost incurred and general inconvience to watch your dogs *and still live MY life* while you were away, so keep your $6 and add in my additional $50 if we’re tea totalling…and don’t eem think about asking me to watch ya dogs again. Nice doing business with you, buh bye.

    Guess I’m feeling a lil froggy myself!

    Leave this girl lie, maybe in the future you’ll be cool again, but right now, it’s a ticking time bomb, give each other some s-p-a-c-e.

    Just my little old, unsolicited opinion. 🙂 Hope your week’s going better.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      we’re not friends. we’re not cool like that.. remember, I’m getting selfish now. when people don’t add anything of worth to my life, I cut them loose..
      she can have all the space she wants… for as long as she wants..

  3. CHeeKZ Money says:

    Nick doesn’t seem like the type to get caught up with this kind of person? Does she have some kind of dirt on her that you keep her around?

    How are people’s best freind people you don’t like? That doesn’t happen in the male world.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      Cheekz.. I made it a point to mention that I don’t consider this girl my friend. I didn’t burn the bridge because every now and then she tosses me a gig or two.. After this situation, I don’t wanna deal with her.. period.
      I don’t like to make my personal time harder than work.. That’s when I cut them loose..

      • CHeeKZ Money says:

        o no. I am an avid reader. So I know she is not your friend friend.

        But she affects you… you just strike me as so strong. Almost unchangeable. SuperWoman.

      • nicknotnikki says:

        you’re right, she does affect me.. hence, with this situation, I am done..

        I’ve already done above and beyond what I normally would considering what she has paid me.. When everything else is gone, my pride is all I have left.. well, that and integrity.. but you get the point..

        *brushes hands off*

  4. Jemsstar23 says:

    Hey Nick, I’m a long time reader, but I don’t usually comment, I had to after this one.

    YOOOO!!!, your friend acts like she doesn’t know that you don’t have a J.O.B!!!! Her offering to let you use her car should have come with the understanding that YOU DON’T HAVE DOUGH FOR GAS!! I’m sorry, if I seem emo, but this chick is killing me, as long as you didn’t bring the car back broken down, and her dog’s weren’t sick or dead, then she shouldn’t have any issues. I’m with you, this acquaintanceship has no use in your life, even if she throws you a gig, look at what you have to go through. I’m starting to wonder if she ever considered you a friend, or someone she can use from time to time.

    ok, let me woosah, LOL.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      Hey Jem.. GURL WELCOME!!!

      All I need now is the other $10 this chick owes me. AND I’m about to tell her to mail it to me because I don’t wanna go to church and transact “angry business.” If I tell you that this same chick had said that we should go on a road trip together. umm.. o____O

      somethin bout her don’t rock right…
      thank you for commenting…
      Peace out.. (I gotta go to bed!)

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