Off the top, Monday Edition…

     I’m wondering what the purpose of Monday is. I don’t even have a job, and I know that I don’t like Mondays. Maybe because it comes on the heels of Sunday, which to me, is the greatest day of the week.

    So, to keep it nice and carefree on a Monday, I’m gonna go off the top of the dome, because personally, I’ve been trying to write this post for over an hour and everything that I come up with smells like doo-doo. (I said that like a little kid in my mind.)

    Random Thoughts on a Monday:

    1. WHY do people find it okay to call ym phone at all hours of the night? I understand, I’m up late, but unless I give you specific clearance, then don’t be ringing my ish. That’s just rude.

    2. I like people that ask me a question, then don’t believe the answer. If you ask me why I forgot to call you and I say that I was busy, then BISH, don’t doubt me. ESPECIALLY when I got people to back me up and you STILL don’t believe me because it gives you ammunition to be upset. Go —–>> thata way..

   3. The girl that I wrote the Insensitive Friend post about asked me to take care of 2 dogs for 3-4 days. She wants to pay me $60. This, of course is a bang up deal (for her) and her dogs are easy so I said yes. I tell her to make it $65 because after I give my tithe, I still wanna have (about) $60. She says something like, “Chile, the $60 was a stretch.” To which I looked at my phone and said, “BISH, ain’t you goin on a cruise?! Don’t try that with me!!” Not only that, but for her to take them to a kennel would cost over $100 (close to $200) so don’t try it. DON’T. YOU. TRY. IT!

    4. Why did my “Casper” call me the other day? I was in the car with Cheekie and we listened to the voicemail. Fool, it’s YO fault that I ain’t got sound on my computer. It’s YO fault that when I play Super Mario Bros, I don’t know when my star runs out. It’s YO fault that my computer is the slowest in the land. It’s YO fault that I don’t like you! STEP AWAY! I put a “DNR” on this friendship a long time ago. Too bad I gotta speak to him to let him know that.

    5. I really wish that all this campaigning and whatnot would be over with. I do not care who ran a fraudulent company into the ground. Stop fillin gup my mailbox with bullcrap! I’m fully convinced that all the flyers are the reason why my work permit hasn’t come yet.

   6. What the hell happened to Lark Voorhies? I saw a couple BET movies with her in it, but that’s just about it. Poor thang. She can’t even get on Dancing With The Stars.

    7. I went to the library the other day and damn near robbed it blind. There’s more than 20 checked out books on my bookcase and I’ll probably get to 2 of them. But it’s just like I need the options for whatever mood.

   8. I really need to finish The Alchemist. Are there any books that I MUST read? I paid my fines (not all of them, I’m not wealthy) so I can abuse the library system again.

   9. I helped my aunt move over the weekend. She got a 40″ flatscreen because she bought some furniture. It was the sexiest tv I’d ever seen up close. All she does is watch PBS. Some things just ain’t fair.

   10. I really need to call back all them people that I didn’t get to last week. I only listened to my voicemail to remove the icon, then forgot to return the call. So sorry.

   11. I really hope that cold front comes in. It’s been in the 80’s for the past few days. #YouMad?

      I think that might be it. I can’t see anything else except sleep right now. Do we all remember when I’d be up bantering with some of you until 2-3 in the morning? Yeah, those days are gone. Eff my life. Eff getting old (er). Eff the fact that my work permit can’t get here yet. Yeah, I know I got over a month to go, but yeah, I’m getting FROGGY! I see the man’s trying to keep me down. Yeah, I said “the man.”

     What’s on your mind this Monday?

     See you soon, Nick

4 Responses to “Off the top, Monday Edition…”
  1. Capricorn says:

    I am notorious for not returning voicemail. I do the same thing: just listen enough to remove the icon. Smh.

  2. Cheekie says:

    LOL @ the Casper voicemail. o_____O Yeah, that was a trip, for real.

    And WORD to your number 5. Look, I’m gonna be patriotic and vote and whatnot, but telling me 50-lem different ways to “please vote” ain’t gonna sway my decision one way or the other. I get it, it’s their job but I just got an email 5 min ago with a subject line talmbout “please please please.” WHAT?! Are we five years old now? Begging?! Ok.

    I cannot wait til Nov 2 comes and goes, on the real…

  3. MsEsquire77 says:

    Your friends from 3 and 4 both need to be plucked in the ears. You’ve been much nicer to them than I would’ve been. I should probably pray about that…

    Your 7 and 8 tickled me! I have a couple of books I think you should check out but I’m going to wait until you’ve returned the 20 books you already have.

    Also, I really hope you get your work permit soon! I know waiting for it has got to be driving you crazy 😦

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