My Ode to Mortal Kombat. . .


I know it's not the original, but this one looks sweeter!

I don’t exactly know what qualifies a “video game head,” I just know that I love video games. It went way back to games of Frogger and Pong. It went back to Nintendo consoles and cartridges that you had to take Q-Tips and alcohol to. Stolen quarters and hours spent in the arcade.

    The arcade is where we start this story…

   In middle school, I was bussed to a magnet program (me llamo). In the afternoon, my friend and I would walk through 163rd Street Mall to get home. That mall was IT back then and it had a video arcade. I remember the figure on the side of the arcade game. I remember seeing Raiden with his glowing eyes. I remember the 2 toggles and I remember standing behind Jonathan (a guy from my school) as he played Mortal Kombat.

   Me and Mortal Kombat go WAY back. We were introduced at the arcade because it took EONS for my mother to even buy a Nintendo, much less get me a fighting game. I had never seen anything like it. No, I hadn’t checked out Street Fighter or Tekken. To me, those were bootleg games. Bald-headed games. And yes, I do realize that amount of blasphemy I just uttered. Mortal Kombat was EVERYTHING! Shang Tsung, Liu Kang, Kung Lao, KITANA! I’m purposely leaving off the American players because I believe that they too, are bootleg. Johnny Cage was WACK. Jax, Sonya Blade, and Kano; also wack. They couldn’t top Scorpion and Reptile. A swift “get over herre!” could be heard throughout the hallways in high school. (mostly by me)

   The first time I saw a Fatality, my head almost flew off. I remember thinking that I could NEVER get all the button combos to pop off a Fatality myself. There were rumors of what you were supposed to do when the head that said “Toastee” popped out the side of the screen. I was so hype, I wanted to name my children Kitana and Mileena. I remember looking at Sub-Zero, Scorpion, and Reptile thinking “they were real lazy with this thing here. Thems ain’t nuttin but different colors on the same outfit. eww, that’s wack.” But I didn’t care. Kitana and Raiden were the two that I fought with. I felt like a superstar when I mastered Kitana’s combos. That fan was THEE business.

      I stole cartridges from people and rocked Mortal Kombat 2. Then I went to Boomers (don’t ask) and LOST MY MIND with Mortal Kombat: Trilogy. Lost my everlovin mind. I peeped the 64 characters and didn’t know how to behave. Noob Saibot, Cyrax, Baraka, Kabal, Nightwolf (wack), Sindel, 2 types of Sub-Zero, and them scary ones like Shao Khan and Goro. I had never seen anything like it.

    I can’t explain to you why Mortal Kombat is so awesome. It’s just a normal fighting game. BUT I will say that while I was trying to jog my memory on some of the characters, I saw that it was ranked on the “Most Beautiful Deaths” poll. Second only to God Of War III (another bomb ass game). I know that “beautiful deaths” doesn’t make for happy fun times, but for me it does.

   There’s only so many exclamations that I can yell out, but when they made the movie, I was a happy teen. Then I saw the movie. However, there was a chance for redemption with the second movie. They included some other characters and a couple fatalities. I wa GOOD! Remember when they switched things up? Fatalities could now be Babalities, Animalities, Mercy and Friendship (“Friendship?”)

     It wasn’t all peaches and cream though. They came out with that Sub-Zero platform game which was a complete fail. And they tried with some other versions before they realized that they needed to stick to what made the game great. There was Annihilation, Armageddon, Deception, Shaolin Monks, Deadly Alliance, and the most recent DC vs. MK. Although that last one didn’t get good rankings with me because the Fatalities were ohhh soo bootleg. Just stick to what ya know.

    I have games to play on this PS2 that doubles as my DVD player and I have the old versions of MK on my computer. MK will live forever. That is, until my computer dies.

    Getchu a piece of Mortal Kombat. PLEASE!

      I had to erase the original question I was gonna ask because I KNOW that I’m not the only one that feels this way about MK. I just KNOW I’m not.

    Have a great weekend.
    Peace and Love, Nick

15 Responses to “My Ode to Mortal Kombat. . .”
  1. Scorpion and Sub-Zero were the sh*t! My favorite characters.

    That movie was so epic when I saw it as a kid. Watching it now, I know it’s a piece of feces, but it’s still such a part of my childhood that I can’t help but get excited when it comes on. Kind of like the Street Fighter movie (shoutout to Jean Claude Van Damme).

    And to this day, I randomly yell out “Toastee!”

    And I just have to make sure, but you’ve seen the “fake” Mortal Kombat trailer right? (

    • nicknotnikki says:

      Yeah.. I saw the fake movie trailer.. I was SO HURT when I found out that it wasn’t for real.. That it was just a “hype session” to get a production company to make it..
      eff my life..

  2. Um Kano, and Johnny Cage were great. I would Shadow Kick people in real life.

    Full Disclosure:
    For me Marvel vs. Capcom II is the greatest fighting game of all time. I am attempting to patiently wait for MVCIII in the Spring of 2011.

    I was also fond of The King of Fighters series, Samurai Showdown, and Guilty Gear.

    2D fighters were the best because they required skill. You could mash buttons on Tekken, Soul Caliber and Battle Arena Toshinden and beat people who practiced the games hours on end.

  3. Cheekie says:


    This post just made sweet, sweet love to me. Lawd, if I tell you that MK wasn’t an effing staple of my and my cousin’s life, I’d be a lying heffa. We were MK STANS. We even got the code books so we could learn every single combo. But then, we got the internets and got em from there. LOL

    My favorite female was Mileena (I wanted some daggers/sai every Christmas/birfday) and my favorite male was Scorpion (get over heeeeeerrre!).

    And yes lawd, the trilogy was that dopeness. LMAO @ your shots at Nightwolf. They true doe. He was too wack. I loved some Noob Saibot, man.

    And girrl, I still say “Toasteeee!” every now and then. Fatalities, Babalities, Friendship (Friendship?) were so fun. And yes, you were the ish if you could perform one on the whim.

    “The first time I saw a Fatality, my head almost flew off.”

    I just KNOW this was intentional because you cool like dat. Niiice play on words. 🙂 Like you almost did a fatality on yourself! I see what you did there…did you do that, there? Lemme stop before I write a post right here. Loved this, Nick!

  4. Starita34 says:

    LOL, I love your passion! I liked MKIII, but not to near the depth that your love flows. One thing, how you gonna have a MK post without once uttering the words “Finish Him!!” <–Definitely my most memorable part of the game…but like I said, I was a casual fan, perhaps the popularity of this phrase makes it much too pedestrian to the true fan. 😉

    I love your passion.

  5. Streetz says:

    Hot post!

    Im sorry but Cage and Sonya were NICE!! If you knew how to use them right…

    the arcade WARS over that game were ridiculous.

    To this day, I still cant decipher Raidens battle cry



    Street Fighter Series will always be >>> for me though

    Super Street Fighter 2 turbo was when they turntit up! Then Marvel v capcom… even Street Fighter alpha was ridic!

    • nicknotnikki says:

      You’re right about Raiden’s battle cry.. I bust out laughing because to try and spell it out phonetically would look like a different language..
      Alright, I didn’t know how to use Cage and Sonya right.. Maybe I need to go back and reaquaint myself with Street Fighter.. ALthough I put it right there with Primal Rage..

  6. Soula Powa says:

    Scorpion FTMFW!

    The first MK movie was nice but the second was a travesty to humanity. Def top 25 worst flicks I’ve ever ever (ever ever) seen.

    You surely are not alone in loving MK. Awesome post!

  7. P. says:

    My favorite part about MK was the stage-themed endings. How good did it feel to knock Scorpion into the acid pit? Sometimes I went to the arcade JUST to punch Baraka into the spikes.

    Raiden was my dude. Sektor was my dude. Sub-Zero was my dude. Scorpion was my dude. Reptile was my dude. The TOASTY! dude was my dude. Shang Tsung is like the most evil mofo in the history of video games.

    And the music? On the real, if that theme song doesn’t make you want to bicycle kick the next fourteen people you see, then I honestly have no words for you. That ish is TOUGH.

    For y’all’s viewing pleasure… skip to 1:30 if you don’t wanna watch the whole thing:

    • nicknotnikki says:

      YO! I forgot about the theme music.. On the Armageddon that I’m playing now, I can punch people into this rolling thing with spikes on it.. I cannot TAKE IT!! It’s one of the greatest fatalities.. Also, how bout the one in either part I or II where you could knock people and watch them fall into the pit below and land on spikes.. Also, the one where you uppercut and knock them into the next floor.. *sigh*.. I LOVE fatalities!

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