Let’s Be Real…

   You didn’t really expect a post today, did you? You DID?! No you didn’t. I had four lovely ladies in town over the weekend, @pinchmycheekie, @livelovelibra, @MsEsquire77, and @maxfab. I am beyond exhausted and truth of the matter is, I can’t tell you what I did to make me that way. I’m gone to recuperate, and I’ll leave you to get through the Monday blues. Although, the good thing about Monday, is that it only comes once a week…
    I’m sorry, I’ll be back on Wednesday…

    I’d love to know, what did you do this weekend?

    Peace and Love, Nick

2 Responses to “Let’s Be Real…”
  1. Sukez says:

    I lost to a cheating ass Home Depot in Schenectady county. I got tapped hard by the bumper of a car and the driver drove off as I approached angrily. I found $2. I had a job interview and sent a thank you note. I did nothing productive as far as school goes. I’m suffering from the craziest crush on a guy; crazier than the one I had in high school and that one was BAD. Yeah… *shrug* Lehh’go.

    Glad you ladies are having a ball 🙂

  2. Capricorn says:

    I did laundry, cleaned the bedroom, took the kid to Chick Fil A, went to the opening of Wegman’s, spent too much at Borders and that’s it. 😦 I needed to get my winter clothes out of storage, buy her a coat, buy ME a coat, get my hair and nails done and winterize the house.

    Maybe this week.

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