House Party. . .

    Take a nostalgic stroll with me.. Come on, it’s Friday.. 

    There are no words, absolutely NO words, to explain how much I love House Party. I sorta love it from beginning to end. I have the music on my iPod. I still do the dance. I dress like Sydney for Halloween. (Ok, that last part was a lie, but I would if I could) It’s THAT serious.

    House Party is the type of party I wish I went to. Hot, sweaty, a massive mess of bacchanalia where everyone’s dancing and no one’s pretending or posted up with drinks and acting “too cute.” Alas, I came up on parties a little too late and the “house party” era was over. I sometimes wish I lived alone so that I could singlehandedly bring these back (along with dancing to real hip-hop) But I digress.

    I was recently watching Kid N Play on the Mo’Nique show earlier this month. This was the first time I’ve watched her and probably the last, but that’s not the point. Play said that the roles were originally meant for Fresh Prince and Jazzy Jeff. I kind of jumped back a little bit because I cannot imagine this movie made any other way. The best movies are like that.

    should I issue a spoiler alert here? Huh Dash, HUH!? *spoiler alert..*

    Kid N Play go to the same school. Play’s folks are out of town, and he decides to throw a party. Kid gets in trouble at the last minute and his dad says he can’t go. Kid sneaks out of the house and there you go. Hilarity ensues. Bullies, a nasty condom, ghetto kool-aid, bougie parents, father with a belt for a HIGH SCHOOL KID etc. Where else can you find all of that in the same movie? Although I’m sure that the answer is “nowhere,” maybe I shouldn’t have said anything because Tyler Perry might think it’s a challonj and try to recreate it. 

    I could just say “watch the movie again” but we’re short of time (and most of you are at work) so I’ll just toss in the highlights that make me all nostalgic on this Friday.

   1. John Witherspoon yelling out his window “Public Enemy, public enema? what the hell is a public enemy anyway? Don’t matter, they both a pain in the ass.”

   2. The “bombed out and depleted” condom that Kid pulls out his wallet when he’s with Sydney. As well as the way that she says, “I don’t do this regulah!”

   3. The end of that little poem that Full Force does “Everywhere we go, we smell you like grass. And we’re gonna kick your f*ckin A-SS” To THIS day I still say “they’re always f*ckin with us!” (but I can’t say it often because without the cuss word, it don’t have the same punch.)

   4. I laugh at Play trying to load up that tiny ass yellow car. Then trying to fit Bilal in it. To this day I still say, “eww, dragon breath.”

   5. I’m just gonna go with this.. 

      If I said that I didn’t do this routine (both parts) when this song comes on, I would be lying. I don’t do it as precise as they did because, let be honest, I don’t have a dance partner. Coupled with the fact that I’ve had bad knees since high school. Not the point. This dance scene set up the pivotal dance scene for other movies. I’m convinced of it and there’s nothing you can say to change my mind!

   6. When everyone is brushing their hair in the bathroom and Play tells someone that he’s dropping cucabugs in the sing. I said “cucabugs” the other day, and sadness followed because my mother didn’t get where the reference was from .

     There’s more, but considering that I haven’t watched the movie this month, they’re slipping my mind. No, you don’t exactly need to watch House Party 2 OR 3. Your life will be wonderful and great without subjecting yourself to those. However, your life has not started if you haven’t seen House Party. Don’t ask for it to make sense, don’t look for a plot, just enjoy the ride it is. It’s a fun movie. #Thatisall

    Here’s the part where we talk about House Party. I don’t need to ask if you’ve seen it because I KNOW you wouldn’t break my heart that way..

     Stay tuned, because I might be dropping a video update from the Fantastic of Ten trip. I got all the twitterladies here.

    Peace and Love, Nick

2 Responses to “House Party. . .”
  1. CHeeKZ Money says:

    Love Love Love this movie. So under rated. This was back when Reginald Hudlin was actually a positive impact on the black community.

    First off Kid was a good rapper, he has concepts and a message in his rhymes. People pass them off as these corny commercial rappers like MC Hammer just because they toured with him and could dance. But Herbie kept their music sounding good.

    The best part about the movie, all the people who became famous after working on it. I would peg you Nick as more of a Sidney, but you like to pretend like you are a Sharane, but you are for sure a Sidney.

    You are dissing House Party 2 (and I know why, it was terrible) but it had its moments during the Pajama Jammy Jam.

  2. Nicole Woods says:

    LOVE this movie, so I’m commenting even though this is an older post. I think my favorite part about this movie was Sidney because I can totally relate to being that kind of girl. I’ve always been the friend of the more popular chick and am used to being overlooked in favor of her. Great post!

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