The Story Never Ends!

     Dedicated to S.B. 

    I used to go to the Miami Beach Youth Center when I was younger. This place was THEE best place to go for summer break. It had a bowling alley, olympic size pool, ice skating rink and concession stand. And that was just downstairs. Upstairs had pool tables and movie viewing rooms. Upstairs, in one of those rooms was where me and “The Neverending Story” met.

    I was having a conversation with Max and she said, “but what is it about?” and I said, “girl, it’s about a story that’s neverending!” Alright, that didn’t really answer the question, but did we need 80’s movies to make sense?

     In case you need help, the answer is “no.”

   I re-watched The Neverending Story the other day. Yes, I own the movie. Yes, I will admit that. It was one of the first adventure movies I ever saw. Adventure movies when you’re young and wide-eyed are from GOD! I tell you, GOD! Considering that the movie came out when I was 6 years old, I figured I needed to own it so that we could get reaquainted at least 4 times a year. Well, I said “hello” to this movie again last week and 26 years later, it’s still a good one.

     I wanted to share some of the moments that hold great nostalgia for me: Enjoy and add your own..


    1. When the bullies threw Bastian in the garbage bin, my thought was “SEE, THAT’S how people end up bringing guns to school. You can tell it was the 80’s, because he ran away. Nowadays, you get shanked.

    2. I’ve stolen books before. (not from the bookstore, but you know) But the guy in the bookstore was creepy enough for me to believe him when he told me “your books are safe.” I would’ve dusted it off, and stayed my ass with the “Safe books.”

   3. Where was this boy’s dad!?!? I understand he skipped school that day to read this story, but DAMN SON, it’s nighttime! “Do you know where your kid is!?” Do you care!?

   4. I had the biggest crush on Atreyu. Don’t ask no questions. I think it was the first time someone had their shirt open in a movie. I was hooked. His cute little bird chest.

   5. If you show me one person that didn’t choke up when Atreyu’s horse died, I will show you a robot with no soul. Get in touch with your inner emo!

   6. Can I even KNOW what that horse’s name was? I never watch the credits (although I JAM to the “Neverending Story” song) to figure it out. Artack? Artaz? Help me, help me pleease!

   7. You CANNOT produce one person that didn’t hold their breath when Atreyu went through the Oracles. I thought he was done for. ESPECIALLY when he waited til the eyes were opening to start running! That’s movie time suspense! (also, this was the first time that most people saw boobies in a movie) But what was the purpose for the last oracle? All it did was show his reflection. “Not needed in the movie, table for one. Not needed, your table is ready.” (sorry, I had to)

   8. How did The Nothing come and take erryone else away and leave The Rock Biter alone? He was too heavy? The Nothing was bad enough to take him away too, but then you wouldn’t have the saddest line in the movie, “They look like big, strong hands, don’t they?”

    9. One Word, FALCOR!! That mutha effin dragon was THEE luck dragon. He appeared JUST in the nick (lol) of time when the wolf was gonna fix himself an Atreyu poo-poo platter. However, the luck ran out when they were flying and he lost Atreyu. But just like any true ride-or-die friend, he went into the ocean and got Atreyu’s bling. #ThatsLove

   10. That wolf was the fakest thing I’ve possibly ever witnessed. Do I care? NOPE! Do I think they should’ve just shown the eyes? Yes. Glowing eyes from a demon wolf will get a 6 year old ERRTAHM!

   11. One phrase: “CALL MY NAME!” that’s all I need to say. However, if someone can tell me what that name was, I’ll owe you 7,000 Monopoly Dollars (And the 4 railroads!) I watch that part with the subtitles on, and even THEY don’t know what Bastian yelled out that window. *sigh*. 

   The movie isn’t known for it’s quotables because there were very few quotes you need to toss around in everyday life. Every now and then though, I pull out “why don’t you do what you dream, Bastian?” and change the name to fit who I’m talking to. Only the dopest of people understand where that line came from.  If the person is in the upper echelon of dope, then they’ll answer, “I can’t, I have to keep my feet on the ground!” Extra points if they whine it out like Bastian did in the movie.

    Who didn’t want Falcor to fly around on? Even if he was attached to all those strings. I BAWLED when he saw Atreyu and the horse riding in that field after everything was said and done. I laughed when he chased them bullies into the garbage bin. And I was sad when it ended. It’s like I was trapped in a glass box of emotions. Great, just GREAT!

    Have you ever seen The Neverending Story? (no, you didn’t need to see part 2) If you haven’t, I think you need to re-evaluate your childhood-space. (too many syllables, back to the factory on that phrase) Look it up online, but don’t look at it with a critical eye. Don’t check for inconsistencies. Don’t tell me how fake the wolf looks. Don’t let the old man freak you out.

    Reminisce with me.

(I started singing T.R.O.Y with that last sentence.) If you don’t know the reference Plaxicothyself  you need to step your game up.

     Enjoy your weekend folks.

     Peace and Love, Nick

14 Responses to “The Story Never Ends!”
  1. Capricorn says:

    Artex was the horses name.

    I officially love you.

  2. gemmieboo says:

    TNES was def my movie. i used to watch it whenever it would come on tv and be completely drawn in. its definitely a classic and i will prob have my own children watching it.

    thanks for the trip down memory lane, nickers. HAPPY FRIDAY!

  3. I would have liked for you to have included *Spoiler Alert* in the title for those of us who have never seen the film.

    *Angrily storms off*

  4. Streetz says:

    Never Ending Story >>>

    That is ALL!

  5. Starita34 says:

    I…I feel so close to you right now… 😉

    LOVED this movie. You are ALL kinda of right here –> “If you show me one person that didn’t choke up when Atreyu’s horse died, I will show you a robot with no soul.” Tragic. “Don’t let the sadness of the swamps get to you! You have to TRY! You have to CARE!!” #flashback to failed relationships.

    Also passed with flying colors on the truth detector with “You CANNOT produce one person that didn’t hold their breath when Atreyu went through the Oracles.” Terror. I didn’t breath. Not true, I must’ve been breathing because I was yelling “Run! Run you idiot!” Also, boobs. Giggity.

    I do so love the trivia and points awarded, but I must admit…I lose major dope points with your fave quote “why don’t you do what you dream, Bastian?” *hangs head in shame* Out of context, I never would’ve gotten that…obviously I’m overdue to be reacquainted with The Neverending Story, thanks for the nostalgia. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      “Run!!” That’s how you know Atreyu must’ve been part black, because the black people never run on time.. But he must’ve been part white too, because he made it..

      “You have to try!” another quotable.. *sigh*

  6. max says:

    Yeah I still want to know what it’s about. All I remember is some big white shaggy flying dog.

  7. Capricorn says:

    *will be watching this movie TO NIGHT*

  8. Reecie says:

    I have this DVD and its still one of my favorite movies. I too had a crush on Atreyu. and I wanted Falcor to come swoop me in real life. I also cried when the horse died.

    and Batian named the childlike empress after his mother, but I don’t think I ever knew her name.

  9. CHeeKZ Money says:

    Thanks for this Nick. Too often when I think of back in the day films my mind races to Top Gun, Terminator, and other gun heavy guy flicks.

    But when I was a kid I loved these poor special effects adventure movies that made you feel that anything was possible: Willow, Master of the Universe, Flash Gordan, Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Goonies.

    I gotta remember adventure movies didn’t start with the fellowship of the rings.

  10. sdukez says:

    Well! I’ve never seen it. (Or at least my memory sucks wayy too much to remember it.) But I’m going to have to download it and/or buy it. You got me buggin O_O because now I want to watch it but I know I have to study. *sigh*

    Great post. I think you just turned 8 through your words and excitement. ^_^

  11. *OnlyYolie* says:

    One of my favorite movies as a child… Getting caught up and holding my breath EVERY time I watch it… Late as I am a new subscriber …. He names the Princess: Moonchild.. said Moooonnnnnnccchhhiiilllllllldddd after his recently deceased mother…

    Now after my calculations you now owe me 7K in monopoly money plus the interest and taxes in US legal tender… for a grand total of 100 million dollars… I accept paypal, cashiers check, money transfer and US postal money orders… Pls and Thx

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