The “non-post” post. . .

   So here’s today’s deal. I did Monday and Wednesday’s post over the weekend. I was very excited about this because I am always running around like a chicken with its head cut off looking for something to write about. I scheduled the posts to automatically go up and called it “done.”

   Monday’s post went up right on time, and all was right in Neverland. I put the wrong date for the next post to go up so Wednesday’s post went up yesterday. Much to my dismay and shock and horror.

  I didn’t want to throw everyone off, so I went looking for something to write about tonight and came up empty. I’ve fallen asleep at the computer, and my foot now has the tinglies. I think you and I can both say that this one just isn’t going to happen tonight. I’ll see you around in the comments of some of my favorite blogs and I’ll try to pull it together for Thursday.

   This week is going to be an exception. I usually post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but you all might get 4 days of posts this week. 5 if you count this “non-post.”

   I’ll be back, go back and read an older post.

   Reading is fundamental. . .

   Peace and Love, Nick


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