The Dog has Died…

      So now that we got the “Rules of a Blogger” laid down, you and I can both move forward. Are we ready? Alright then.
   So, the woman that I wrote about with the “Sleeping Dog Lie” post apparently read it. This  is crazy to me because I never had any indication that she even knew my site. But then again, WordPress automatically updates my Facebook, so it’s not that hard to find.
   I don’t check my Facebook everyday, so I got this a couple days late, but imagine my surprise (and delight)
   The Subject line said: “Bitch Please”    
No bitch I wouldn’t be pretending that everything is ok. In case it’s not already PAINFULLY obvious, I cut you out ages ago.

You’re STILL talkin’ about middle school crap and have the middle school mentality to go with it. Grow the eff up and handle your business the way real women do and speak up if you have a problem. While you’ve been busy analyzing me, I haven’t given you so much as a thought. Don’t begrudge me because I’m doing my thing and you’re apparently stuck on the same tired shit. Moving right along…

    So here’s my thing. OF COURSE you know I forwarded it to that same person who kept on saying that I should call her. More like an, “I told you so.” I think the situation was understood once we went so long without talking. He was the one that kept pushing for a resolution. He said that the “Bitch” was just her being hurt. Honestly, it doesn’t matter. It is what it is.

   My girl, Shon said something along the lines of  “you’re not allowed to act a fool, and then when I call you on it, you get mad.” Of course, she said it better, but, ya know.

   Anyway, apparently she hadn’t forgotten about me too much because she read my post. In keeping with the rules, nobody within our circle knows that it’s her so I don’t see someone saying, “girl, I think this is about you, go and read it.” But that’s fine. Nothing that I wrote was a lie. I even looked at my post and deleted some things because I didn’t want to write it in a way that would bias everyone’s opinion in my favor. If I was wrong, I genuinely wanted to know.  Not exactly sure why you would be so upset about something that happened months ago that I chose to write about now, but that’s besides the point. What IS the point is that, apparently, I’m a bitch! And because knowledge is power, I shall use this knowledge henceforth!

   Not like ya’ll spent so much time pondering it, but did you see this happening differently? I didn’t know that grown women that weren’t enemies still called each other bitches (the women that I know anyway) But yeah, I’m not surprised by much nowadays. And with a finality to my tone, I say “the dog is dead.”

   Peace and Love, Nick

11 Responses to “The Dog has Died…”
  1. Karolina says:

    If she had written you off a long time ago then why bother checking out your blog? Makes no sense. But then again she seems to make no sense… so it makes sense that she would check it out. She needs to get over herself and deal with her own issues rather than go around name calling. And trust me I have a few choice ones for her if she cares to know them 🙂

  2. Debbie says:

    If she’s forgotten about you, never thinks of you, why is she responding? Ah, Nick, don’t give her any credence. You don’t need her to validate anything you do or say. You stand on your own as a strong person, woman, writer, individual.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      DEBBIE!! I’ve missed you!! Say hi to Billy for me.. I love you much, and still hold on to those pictures you gave me.. Thank you for reading, you’ve always told me I could do it.. I miss our times.. *sigh*

  3. ID says:

    I read something today that impacted me. A guys said hey I don’t mind being a douchebag as the douche serves a great purpose in society. This person clearly has some self worth issues, and is disgusted by the level of contentment you have within yourself. She is preaching about the adult thing to do in the situation, but doesn’t call you for adult conflict resolution? hmmmm

    s/n Have you considered the idea that she has a crush on you? You said she hasn’t had a man in a long time IJS

  4. BP says:

    Nick I read the blog about her last week. I don’t think you were disrespectful just stating your feelings. She needs to put on her big girl panties and go some where.

  5. LaBakir says:

    E-assults are lame.

    Don’t even respond Nick. She’s not worthy.

  6. sanen85 says:

    I find grown women who act like 15 year-olds to be very amusing. 🙂

  7. my question is this: did the “interview” she had in atlanta at all resemble a “pscyh eval”??? there seems to be a bit of delusion goin on *shrugs*

  8. MsEsquire77 says:

    I’m so proud of you for this post and I love being quoted!!

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