Blogger Rules of Engagement..

   To say that I’m a “blogger” is a bit over-stating my situation. I mean, I have a blog, and I think it’s pretty dope. (Yes, I realize that there’s things I could do to make navigation easier, I’m workin on dat!) There’s very few people that read my blog that know me in real life. (I see you Karolina) 

     And if you don’t comment, I don’t know you read. Thanks, Management.

    Now, in order to make our interaction (between me and you) a little bit smoother, I find it necessary to give you “The Rules.” These will help you immensely. If you feel like I’m picking on you suck it up that’s really not the case. For all purposes of this post, let’s say that I’m a blogger.

      These are the  “Rules for Dealing With A Blogger.”

      Disclaimer: Not all rules apply to every blogger.

   1.  Everything is subject to a post:

   I felt the need to make this rule #1 because if you read nothing else, then I need you to know this! Everything has the potential to become a post. The same way that you can start a blog that does nothing but get everyone angry is the same way that I can (and will) write a post about something you said that I thought was provoking. This is where rants, commentary, and just basic “whatever” gets out. My train of thought isn’t often popular, and this is where it finds a home, as well as validation that I’m not crazy (thanks folks).  On the flip side though, that leads me to #2.

  2. Privacy will be maintained:

     I have what I would call a “life blog” which means that I draw posts (and topics) from life. I understand that privacy is key. I will never use real names on a post. I’m not gonna put anyone out there that way. Unless you really don’t care, then if that’s the case that saves me from having to think up an alias. (and I appreciate you) Nobody will know that I’m talking about you except me and you (and whoever YOU tell).  You’ll probably know when I am feeling a post though, because in the middle of conversations, I find myself going, “ooh, I think that’s a post.” So there, take note of that, and keep an eye out. That situation will show up (when I feel like writing about it.)

 3. No, I don’t have to run it by you first:

   You are not the FCC. Depending, on your importance to me I might not give you a head’s up before that situation that we engaged in is published. Don’t act shocked, just be aware. If you don’t want me to write about your lameness, then don’t do lame crap. Alright, that last sentence was a little harsh, but REALLY! Do ya know what it’s like to be up at 2 in the morning with nothing to write and the deadline was midnight!? Don’t deprive me of a topic, I won’t let you do it. Not only that, but since none of you are paying, then you don’t really get “Artists’ approval.” priviledges (i’m pretty sure I didn’t spell that right)

 4. Wanna get a clue about me: Read

   This is mostly for “them dudes” You know. The ones that just met me (or kinda know me) and they wanna get their foot in the door. NOTHING will give you a greater peek into who I am than this here blog. It’s like not only am I TELLING you what’s on the test, I STILL gave you a cheat sheet. There’s NOTHING that annoys me more than having to explain to someone why I don’t like text. Not only that, but honestly, if you don’t interest yourself in what I like to do, then can you REALLY expect me to entertain your “here’s what I learned in computer class” stories? You get a #Fail

  In addendum to # 4, What I post is the truth: My Truth

   If I’m writing about me and my life, I really am writing the truth. So if I say that I have an issue staying awake, then don’t question me when if I fall asleep on you. I wasn’t lying, It’s really how I am. I would love to ask you to take notes about it, but I know that most people won’t. I just have the blog to write it down so it’s documented when you’re mad at me later.

“What you MEAN you fell asleep!?”

Those kind of statements right thurr!

   I’m sure there’s some I missed. I wanted to get down the basic rules because you know, “learning is fundamental” (or was that “reading?”) or “each one, teach one.” If my mother isn’t even safe from my writing about her, then “who the eff are you!?” (please look up “hotdamnirock” on youtube) You’re not exempt. Now, I realize that this might keep some people from talking to me for fear of my writing about them. To them I say: “I love you, I’ve cherished the moments that we’ve shared.” (aww) I’m not a harsh chick. I’m.just.bein.honest.

    Bloggers: are there any rules that you feel I should’ve covered? Have you run into some issues with people that you know and your blog? I mean, if I handle it in a nice way, then what’s the beef with me for!?

    Readers: Are you friends with anyone that has a blog? Have you had to say “no post” the same way that straight men run around saying “No homo?” Are you afraid I’m gonna write about you? Because I feel that you really shouldn’t be. Like I said before, if you don’t do anything lame, then there’ll be nothing there for me to write about. Matter of fact, I’m tryin to help YOU! I’m trying to keep you from being lame! I’m a philanthropist! They should name libraries after me..

   Alright, that last one was a bit much…   

   Drop a comment…

   Peace and Love, Nick

14 Responses to “Blogger Rules of Engagement..”
  1. Good blog Nick! I co-sign the “If you don’t comment, I don’t know you read.”

    Here are my rules.

    1. All black blogs are not the same so don’t pidgeon hole us.

    2. My blog isn’t a democracy. I will do what I want with it.
    2a. If you post a comment just for the sake of being a dick I will delete your comment.

    I’m sure I can come up with more but it’s early.

  2. 1)My number one rule is all conversations are subject to be blogged about. Most of what I feel are my best posts came out of the ridiculous conversations I have. Examples: The Desirability Equation, Matchmaker Dash, and Someone Would Have to Die.

    2)Do not get offended because I poke fun at your sacred cows. I won’t care.

    3)Reading too much into my posts can lead to you having a warped view of my personality. I am more than a child Judo chopping, Justin Bieber bumping historian. I am also a Cowboy fan.

    4)Ladies is perfectly acceptable to email me nude pics for appreciation of my work.

    • max says:

      “3)Reading too much into my posts can lead to you having a warped view of my personality. I am more than a child Judo chopping, Justin Bieber bumping historian. I am also a Cowboy fan.”

      Co-sign this sooo hard!

      I’m getting really tired of dudes reading my blog and thinking that my panties are just going to magically dissolve just because I get nasty on Fridays. It’s not the sum total of my personality you asstard!

  3. max says:

    Nickerz I soo feel you on this list. Don’t bother asking me to promise not to blog about you; I’ll just promise and then turn around and do it anyway. I write minimum 5 posts per week – nothing is sacred. That’s my #1 rule.

    My #2 rule is if you don’t read my blog you’re not really my friend. You don’t have to stay up in the comments or re-tweet every post, but if you don’t ever read it, like ever? You’re dead to me.

    Rule #3 don’t use the comments of my blog as an outlet for your passive aggression….if you have a beef with me, let me know. Don’t go in there and fire shots that you know I can’t fully refute because the streets is watching. That’s weak.

    Rule #4 educate yourself on the concept of creative license before you ever even twist your mouth to get salty about something I wrote.

  4. sanen85 says:

    I don’t always have a comment, but know that I am reading. #thatisall

    • nicknotnikki says:

      Hey Sane.. Yes, I know that you read it.. and thanks for that!

      passive aggression is the worst!
      recalling from another post.. “passive aggressive just makes me aggressive”

  5. Reecie says:

    see, I don’t want folks blogging about me. not in a roundabout way, not in a “lets pretend this is about my cousin/sister way” none of that. yeah, no.

    I’m glad the majority of my peeps aren’t bloggers, and those that do casually blog just don’t get down like that…

  6. Karolina says:

    HAHA I love that you know I read your blog. I don’t care if i’m mentioned it in because I know we have fun times laughing at people when we’re out together. Yes ok I’ll stop now and not be That girl lol

  7. BP says:

    I learned somethings today. I find it interesting that you blog mostly about things in your real life. I appreciate real life scenarios, they make for good reads.

  8. I am currently the only one of my friends who has a blog.
    And some of them say to me “Oh my gosh, don’t post anything about me…You know all of secrets”, and to be honest I do. lol. I never get too personal though, and I’d only get personal If I felt that the person was looking for advice.

  9. good list, nick nasty. i too am a “blogger” so i feel you on this list. i guess i probably need to post more frequently and consistently to even be able to really call myself a “blogger”. but its hard keeping you with the kard–i mean others of you who blog early and blog often.

    but i will def pass this list along 🙂

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