Food Nostalgia…

   I know it’s Nostalgic Fridays, but I’m taking this in a different direction. . .

   So, my girl Cheekie wrote a post about food the other day. FOOD!? Nothing has the capacity to make me happy one minute and sad the next like food does. (No, not even dudes) Food is “that thing” that makes me smile. I’m not gonna get into my psychology with food, but you know and I know that NOTHING makes people nostalgic like food (and smells) So, below I am listing the foods that “take me back… way back” :

   Now, most of these you might not have heard of.. It’s part of my culture..

  1. Rum Raisin Ice cream

    There’s a place in Jamaica called Devon House. It’s a mansion that has extensive grounds. While you’re walking around Devon House, you can get some ice cream and rum raisin ice cream is a classic. Jamaica doesn’t deal too much with normal flavors, we gotta get all exotic. Rum Raisin ice cream reminds me of walking the grounds of Devon House and sitting under trees with my aunt and uncle.

 2. mangoes

   My youngest aunt is two years older than I am. During the day in Jamaica, after tv had signed off, we’d look for things to do. Because mangoes are in abundance there, we’d stick a few in the freezer, then go outside on the lawn and eat them. I mean, “mouth dyed orange, juice rollin down the arms” version of eating mangoes. We stained many shirts and would just wash off on the lawn with the hose. This memory is so vivid that I’ve never eaten a mango in America. They don’t look the same, and I’m convinced that it can never be as sweet as Jamaican mangoes. So I won’t touch them.

  3. Roast Beef

   I know how you yanks cook roast beef and that’s NOT what I’m talking about here. On Sundays, my mother would cook roast beef that we would eat for early dinner. To this day, I’m STILL a meat and potatoes girl. And if I’m feeling EXTRA gluttonous, I’ll have rice AND potatoes. We would then pass out on the sofa and wake up JUST in time for “Samurai Sunday” (kung-fu movies). My mother would make roast beef sandwiches for school on Monday. Which of course would have soggy bread by the time I got to school. Imagine, cold roast beef with “pasted on” bread. No bueno.

  4. Hardo Bread

   If you’ve never been in a Jamaican Patty Shop Plaxicothyself then you might not know what I’m talking about. Hardo bread is that dense bread that is everything wonderful about life. It has absolutely no nutritional value but hardo bread and butter with a cup of tea makes everything about the world seem alright. “What BP oil spill?” “What hurricane?” Yeah, it’ll have you like THAT!

  5. cornmeal porridge

   Now, I know we all have our version of some kind of hot cereal. There’s grits, Cream of Wheat, oatmeal etc. For Jamaicans, there’s cornmeal porridge. It’s thick, and sweet (||) and as my mother would say, “all you need is that and a cup of water and you’re good til afternoon.” Let’s put it this way. There’s a Dade County Fair that comes here every year. My mother would take me and my brother but wouldn’t want to buy us any food there so she’d make a big breakfast. Porridge, eggs, bacon, toast (hardo bread toast) etc. We’d go to the fair and be so stuffed that we wouldn’t want anything. When we finally asked for something to eat……. mom would take us home.

  6. Milo

   Milo is the third world countries version of Nestle’ mix. It’s that green canister with the soccer player on it. Before they changed the recipe, Milo was the equivalent of those chocolate crunchies they put in the middle of ice cream cakes (the BEST part!). It tasted like that and was GREAT! Every house in Jamaica has Milo (or Horlicks) but not every house has milk. To substitute, we’d take condensed milk and water and make “milk.” The thing is that I would start to make it, but not add the water. This made a sweet chocolate paste. My teeth STILL tingle (read: hurt) when I think about how I gorged myself on Milo paste. I gained 20 pounds that summer.

   I have other food memories, but I think that 6 is enough. Is there a food that can transport you to someplace long ago?  Whenever some of these foods cross me, I think of Saturday Morning cartoons and running late for school. I realized that my palate is a little more “cultural” than most folks. But I’d love to know what takes you back..

   And don’t get me started on if there’s something you haven’t heard of. I would actually try to find a way to get it to you. I’m THAT passionate!

   Have a great weekend..

Peace and Love, Nick

13 Responses to “Food Nostalgia…”
  1. BP says:

    Good post! MMmmm food.

    Any time I have johnny cakes or fry jacks I long for home. I love to eat (so I gotta stay in the gym) and especially Belizean food. I wish I could find Klim out here but its like damn near impossible.

    Oh and I love mangoes too. So, so much and you are right the mangoes out here can’t touch the ones grown in the tropics.

  2. max says:

    I’m going to tell you something you won’t believe: I don’t like hardo bread. Can you imagine? Me the queen of bread? But I don’t know…something about the texture of it throws me off. I look at a piece of hardo bread with butter and think “you should be so delcious to me. Why are you just…not?”.

    Milo is the official beverage of my childhood.

  3. Cheekie says:

    It’s hot water bread for me. It’s my mama’s specialty and whenever I eat it, I think of her standing in the kitchen in front of the frying pan with a warm smile. Honestly, I’ve never tasted anyone else’s and as much as I loves me some cornbread, I actually prefer hot water bread.

    Speaking of…I haven’t had any it a hot minute.

    *calls Mama Cheekie*

  4. Lockhart says:

    First time commenting!!! Nick this list couldn’t be better!

    Walking the grounds of Devon House is an experience like no other; especially on a breezy Friday evening after eating some “outside food” cause payday come and people nuh cook pon Frideh… some more to add to the list.

    1. Tastee patty. I am not a regular beef eater but a tastee’s beef patty and a Ting?! Gaan to bed! Or as the new terminology goes, it “sell offffff!”

    2. Bun and cheese. Nuff said

    3. Fudgie… mid week ice cream lol.

    4. St. Mary’s brand Banana chips. NO other brand of banana chips can top it. N.O.N.E.

    5. A box lunch… Whether curry goat and some clumpy white rice, or jerk pork and two piece ah hard dough bread, for some reason a box lunch just tastes amazinggg

    6. Guinep! I have never understood how Jamaica can be so hot yet when you buy guinep on a roadside it’s always cold… JA Life : )))

    7. Fried fish and festival (Best eaten on the beach of course)

    8. Roast breadfruit, bammy, ackee and saltfish (or corn pork), fry dumpling, cocoa, hardough bread w/butter.

    9. STEW PEAS!!! I’m not even going to go into describing some exceptional stew peas. Google or buy it to experience its greatness.

    10. Rum cake… Actually, anything with some Wray and Nephew white rum drizzled (read: doused) with some white rum.

    That’s all i can think about now. Love the post! It took me back. There are some American foods that i can definitely add to this list, but as always JA reigns supreme for me… and lol Max you must be eating the WRONG hard dough bread. Nick send her some lol.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      You took me back with your list!

      Fish and Festival on Hellshire Beach is the stuff of LEGENDS!!

      Also, the pineapple that they sell on the side of the road when we would drive “to country” is some of the sweetest I’ve ever tasted..
      My aunt makes di wickedest rum cake.. the fact that she works at J.Wray & Nephew helps A LOT!
      Your list is GREAT!!
      Come back on Monday…

      • Lockhart says:

        I swear when the wray & nephew factory was burning the whole ah Jamaica weep! And you are suppppper lucky that your aunt makes rum cake! All my family mek is black cake and bun. Good still but mixing it up a bit would be nice lol. Def coming back on Monday!

    • max says:

      Fry dumpling…oh man. There’s nothing better.

      • nicknotnikki says:

        mom gets fry dumplin every sunday morning (when dem nuh run out).. that’s good stuff.. with some nice callaloo and saltfish..
        not as much as i like festival though..

  5. Karolina says:

    Thanks for making me want to now drive to Dave’s to not only get patties but also a couple loaves of hardo bread. And I can’t wait for the rest of the ackee to ripen on the tree already!!! Feels like I’ve been waiting forever!!

    I’ve had some very good juicy mangoes.. but from homegrown trees… never had good ones you buy from the store.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      Wait a minute!! I thought Dave’s was closed! everytime i pass by, it looks halfway dead.. like a gas station that’s shut down..
      If I don’t feel like going to a “patty shop” then I can live with the Yummy bread at Publix..

  6. sanen85 says:

    Yep, I’m hungry now. #thatisall

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