I’m not Sorry. . .

    I’d like to think that we’re all logical people. However, I understand that there might be some differences that cause us to fight banter back and forth. But for the most part, we’re all grown, ain’t we?

   I say that to lead me to this point: “I’m grown. I’m a grown woman. I might act young, look young, and dress young(er), but I am a grown ass woman. And after being on this earth for over 30 years, I have realized that I’ve been me for quite a long time. But I’ve met some people who seem to think that I should be apologizing for certain things that make me the great person whose words you are reading. (I’m biased) With a stiff middle finger to those people, I present to you

   “Things I won’t apologize for, Part 1”

   1. Speaking proper English.

     In case you’ve been under a rock, or you didn’t catch it, I’m from Jamaica. Jamaica speaks the Queen’s English. We drink tea, and spell “color” with a “u.” I will not apologize because my speech isn’t “black enough”. Ironically, these observations came from 3 Jamaican dudes that thought I was trying to “shun di bredren dem an a talk like di white man.” Honestly, I’m not searching for some badge from the NAACP saying that I’ve passed “Hood Linguistics 1101.” Go thata way—–>>

  2. My nickname being “Nick.”

  My nickname is Nick. My mother calls me Nick, plain and simple.  In all fairness, when she calls me Nick, she’s usually annoyed, and she says it in a “tone”. However, after 32 years of hearing this, I cannot change it. I refuse to.  It’s not like I woke up one day and wondered, “how can I be different?” and that’s what came to mind. It really is a part of who I am. I realize that a lot of people spend a lot of time trying to come up with “ways I can be different” that everyone ends up being exactly the same. But it just “happened” with me.

  3. Being a tomboy.

   This isn’t the first time you’ve heard this coming from me, but I am a tomboy. I do not care. I’ve always been more comfortable around men. I do not apologize for this. I have two women that I can claim are close friends, and in my life, I have two men that are like family to me. I do not like shopping and would rather be kayaking or swimming. Until very recently, my New Years’ Resolution every year would be “I want to dress more ladylike.” I like working on cars. My idea of a perfect Sunday is watching football with pizza (If there’s a cold front too, that’ll be GREAT!) I can tear the hell up outta some heels, but if you want someone that’s made up all the time, then keep that moving.. Oh.. and I LOVE video games!!

  4. Not acting my age.

   When people hear that my age is 32, they are usually dumbstruck. They tell me that I look anywhere from 19-25, which is very alright with me. However, I cannot recall a time when I have ever acted my age. I matured at a late age, I am usually the one that catches up later on, after everyone else has moved on. I may act a certain way, and some confuse that with being naive, but they usually find out the truth.

   5. Not being married, not having kids.

   So here’s a two in one special. I realize that in today’s culture, I’m considered damn near old. I’ve accepted it, I have no problem with it. HOWEVER, the pity looks that people give me when they find out that I’m not married and have no children is not cute. Some people treat being a wife and mother like a country club that I must try to get into. I realize that some might think that their life started when they got married, and then became more beautiful when the children entered it. I am not one of these people. I am not the type to wait on other people in my life (boyfriends) to “get it together” and stand by, on a wing and prayer hoping for the day that they actually do. I am single, yes, and even though that fact doesn’t keep me warm on chilly nights (the few that we get in Florida) I do not feel like my life is empty because of it. I am surrounded by a few people my age that I actually love and adore, and none of them are married. There’s independence in being single. I enjoy that. I would LOVE for people not to feel sorry for me. I’m well aware of my age, I’m just on a different time schedule. Ironically, my mother isn’t one of the people asking when I’m getting married and having children. I must thank her for that.

    And the Honorable Mention goes to:

  6. Writing this post in the club/ falling asleep in VIP  

    I wasn’t drinking, and the music was coming in spurts. We all know what happens when Nick sits still anywhere. I wrote the outline of this post, and then proceeded to take a little nap while the “lingerie show” was going on. Whatchu want me to do, I’m sorry!”  

   Stay Tuned for Part 2.

     What are the things that you feel you shouldn’t have to apologize for? Dropkick your greatness in the comments.

   Peace and Love, Nick

13 Responses to “I’m not Sorry. . .”
  1. Good post Nick!

    Never apologize for number 1. Number 5 is your business so they should just simmer down. (I am working on the marriage thing though.)

    Things Wu won’t apologize for:

    1.My opinions. Hey, if I’m asked to opine on something and the answer isn’t taken well it’s not my problem. I responded the most tactful way possible.

    2. My taste in music. I’m all over the place like that so deal with it.

    3. Not being the “happy smiling black guy” in my office. I’m nice enough but I’m not Wayne Brady.

    4. Swearing from time to time. Yes, it was inappropriate but you remembered it didn’t you.

    5. Not dumbing things down. I’m far from a genius but please keep up.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      My taste in music was gonna be in the part 2 of this post..
      Yes, I like european lounge music and old jazz.. No, i do not like most rap made after the year 2000.. back up offa me!
      your #4.. I don’t curse.. if i do, it’s to punctuate a story or i’m really upset.. so, while you don’t have to apologize for it.. i don’t apologize for my face when you let one slip.. Lol..

  2. max says:

    I like this list Nickerz. Here’s what I’m not apologizing for:

    1. I don’t hold water in my mouth. If I care about you and you’re effing up, most of the time I’m going to tell you so. Probably roughly.

    2. I’m a weirdo. I can’t help it and I don’t even really want to. If you want regular, look elsewhere.

    3. I suck at math and numbers and I can’t tell time. Everyone has their weak spot; that’s mind. Let’s move on, shall we?

    • nicknotnikki says:

      I can’t tell time well either.. It’ll take me a while if i’m wearing my watch.. during which time most people will take out their phones and check..
      i have a hard time telling my left from my right..
      i have to actually form the “l” with my fingers and the one that looks like an “L” is my left hand.. it’s embarassing.. and it often gets everyone upset if I have to give directions in a game-time decision..

  3. LaBakir says:

    Thumbs up Nickel!

    Things I’m Not apologizing for:

    1. My cleaniness. I wouldn’t have to be OD about it if you did your damn part. I’ll tie into this one my hatred for hair (hair on the floor, in the sink, on furniture)…I will not explain it to you, just wipe it up.

    2. Not thinking about going back to school. This first degree hasn’t paid off. I’m not putting myself in anymore debt no matter how “good” it may be.

    3. Not giving a f*ck what you think. I can’t concern myself with the fact that some people dislike me. That’s life. Get over it. I have. One co-worker was apalled when I said I didn’t care if they don’t like me. I’m here to do a job and be cordial. That bout it.

    4. My honesty.

    5. Being a loving individual. People often make it seem like it’s a bad thing. And sometimes it feels like it when people hurt you. But that’s a part of me that I’m growing to value.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      your #3 was also gonna be on this list.. but it was late, and i couldn’t get it to flow.. Lol.. My mother is always wondering how she looks to other people.. even people that don’t know her.. and we often clash because i don’t care and am waayy too transparent.. life’s too short for all that..
      and i ain’t got that kinda time..

  4. sanen85 says:

    I’ll add to Labikar’s #3 to my list, as well as I will not (seriously) apologize for my sarcasm/sense of humor. *shrugs*

  5. Lee says:

    “I realize that some might think that their life started when they got married, and then became more beautiful when the children entered it. I am not one of these person”


    I wasn’t meant to be a human Pez dispenser. Oh and 32 is not old…30 is the new 20…

    Great post!

  6. BP says:

    That Lee was me…

  7. Cheekie says:

    I LOVED this. All the things that make you, you…even the little quirks, are beautiful. And I’m so glad you don’t apologize for em! You know how I gave ya little inspiration for the food post? Well, you gave me inspiration for one of mine with this one! I’mma need to piggyback off this topic, with all props to you of course! Thanks, homie. Paying it forward FTW! lol

  8. 🙂 Great post Nickelodeon. I feel like I spell that wrong every time.. but I digress.

    I’m not sorry for joining twitter & the blog fam network stuff & talking to most of you. I swear this sh!t feels like a story. Not real life. So, weeee!

    Not sorry for my attitude. It gets me where I have to be and where some want to be. And with that said…

    I’m not sorry for my inappropriate behavior that comes randomly. I love being Suki.

    I’m not sorry for regretting some things. Lmao this even sounds funny saying it out loud

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