“Pullin A Casper” Update Part Deux

   My acquaintance from “Pullin A Casper” called me again last week. I have not programmed his phone number which is going to one day be my undoing because everytime he calls, I almost answer. (tsk tsk) I looked at the phone and said, “I know this number, I know this number.” and caught myself remembering why I knew that number.

  I let the voicemail do its job.

   He said something like, “see, you lie. You say on your voicemail that you’re gonna call me back and you never do. Blah, blah, blah. (Insert weird, uncomfortable joke here)”

   I’m sorry, WHAT on God’s green planet let him think that it was alright to call me a liar on my own phone? That’s fine, you can call me whatever you want. But for you  to expect a call back after you called me a liar? #NawSuh That don’t rock right in my house.

   The thing that annoys me is that he’s the type that will fuss you out BEFORE finding out what’s the reason the two of you haven’t spoken (a trait that IRKS the hell outta me). The last time he fussed me out, my mother was in the hospital with a mini-stroke. If you would find out what’s going on BEFORE getting on my case, then when I tell you the good reason, you won’t have to pick your face up off the floor and apologize. Eww.

   So needless to say, I’m not calling him back. I think he’s trying to rely on the quantity of years we’ve known each other (18) to be enough to guarantee he stays in my life. That’s not how that works, babe. We were friends in middle school, and you expect that to carry you over to our adult life? Then you get upset because you aren’t guaranteed a spot in my life? Get thee away from me! Not only that, but with everything I’m dealing right now, I’m not dealing with someone that always has something going on in his life and needs me to talk him off a ledge.

  “I ain’t got that kinda time.”


Love, Nick

2 Responses to ““Pullin A Casper” Update Part Deux”
  1. max says:

    Girl I soooo feel you on this.

    I have a casper in my life. His name is Brian (the guilty do not deserve anonymity). I really, really like him but….he sucks. He is completely unreliable, continually flops plans – he once flopped me on my birthday – and loves to reappear out of nowhere with a “hey stranger, I see you can’t call nobody” that makes me want to throatpunch him.

    This happens about 2 or 3 times a year. Multiply that by 15 years and I’m done. The last time he texted me I looked at my phone and said NO MAS. iCan’t with that dude anymore. I simply…cannot.

  2. sanen85 says:

    I don’t even pay no attention to the Caspers in my life. I see a call, ignore it, and move on with my day. I don’t even bother getting worked up about it, it’s a non-event. 🙂

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