Zack and Company. . .

    If the picture doesn’t say it enough #Plaxicothyself I’ll help you. Now, I understand what we’re all gonna say. I mean, we’re grown now. Inconsistent storylines and questionable characters. Yes, I even listed this show as one of the ones that make me cringe, but I still can’t deny it.

     Saved By the MF’in Bell!

   Now, before you ream me a new one (please use Vaseline) please understand that I have very specific memories attached to this show so get off my back. Back then, the fashion was what we were wearing and we all know the 80’s/early 90’s weren’t great in that area so it gets a pass. But there are several thoughts surrounding Saved By The Bell that I must share with you:

  1. Z. Cavarricci’s on Slater? REALLY!? The costume designer really didn’t some to the conclusion that them pants made him look like he had hips to pop out twins. Out of everything wrong with the time period, that might make top 10.

  2. Zack had THEE most two-toned hair I’ve ever seen in my life.

  3. What ever happened to Max? I know there’s only so many magic tricks that he could do tableside, but still. Give me some explanation. kthxbai

  4. I see you Lisa. Ya’ll remember when they were working at the beach club that summer and Lisa was a member? The token black chick. I don’t mind though, because you were rich. And even though you were spoiled beyond all comprehension, you were rich. And that’s a stereotype I wanna believe in. Even if you did end up in bad BET movies. #ISeeYou

  5. Screech, just how dumb ARE you? You keep letting Zack get you all caught up. That ain’t right! I want you to assess your friendspace. No wonder you became a porn star. I would’ve tried to go WAyyy left too, just to counteract what you were on that show. There’s only so many times you can do the “Screech face.” I don’t wanna talk about the douche you turned into. Yes, I watched that season of Celebrity Fit Club. #DontJudgeMe

  6. Jessie, you didn’t rock too right either. I understand how you being the perfect student can wear on you. After poppin them pills in the singing episode I might’ve gone left too. There’s only so much “socialist pig” talk I can take. Funny how you say that,  then end up like this—->

     I really want you to assess your headspace. Let me know how that goes. #iCare

  7. Kelly, I know you were supposed to be popular, but guess what? You keep going back and forth between Zack and Slater, yous a hoe and that ain’t right. Figure yourself out, then tell me how you keep your Keds so white. much love, Nick

  8. Why the stink did they try to do that “College Years” series? I can’t lie tho because even though they added them new chicks and it was kinda wack, it meant they extended the series and that was alright with me!  

   Anyone remember when everyone was in town for Jessie’s father’s wedding to that young aerobics instructor? And Jessie straight flipped her lid? That was classic! When they were working at the beach and Leah Remini was Zack’s girlfriend. When they went to Hawaii. When they were in the zygote stages and they had that teacher Ms. Bliss? (Hayley Mills) and T.K.Carter were the teachers. Matter of fact, it was called “Good Morning Ms. Bliss” in Jamaica. I think “Saved By The Bell” is a yankee colloquialism that Jamaica wasn’t hip to.

   Nowadays, Saved by the Bell STILL comes on when I’m going to bed at early morning hours. Seriously though, the story-line, while popular for it’s day, just ain’t the cat’s meow. I’m sure that there’s some highlights I left out. And that’s where you can walk down memory lane with me. And do not try to tell me that you were too cool to watch it then. I won’t believe you you need more people.

 I hope everyone was early to work today. There’s only a few hours left before you’re free.. Happy Labor Day Weekend!

   Peace and Love, Nick

9 Responses to “Zack and Company. . .”
  1. ID says:

    There was no such thing as too cool to watch Saved By The Bell, you either watched or you were uncool. You then retired them like a rich white man for the younger sleeker prettier model aka Boy Meets World!

  2. Cheekie says:

    Girl, of COURSE I watched Saved By The Bell and loved every bit of its corniness. I still can’t say “I’m so excited” in any variation without thinking of the infamous Spano on Speed episode.

    Remember that 50 lb arse Zach Morris phone? Classic.

    And remember that one episode when Lisa and Zach kissed?! Girl, I bout died of blist (yes blist…thank NY from Flava of Love for that one) because I stanned for them so hard. There were always little moments of chemistry between them like that one time Zach went to the hospital and Lisa was her mama’s (the nurse) assistant. But, after the kiss ep, they completely forgot about it and acted like it never happened? I was like…o______O. Hella pissed.

    (I also watched Celeb Fit Club and hated real-life Screech as well…dude I still LOVE me some Harvey for snapping at him…that ninja said “If you ever in yo cartoon life threaten me again!!” Ish game me all kinds of life.)

    • nicknotnikki says:

      Zack morris’ phone was THEE Brick.. the only other one I’ve seen was in “Pretty Woman” and them “I Love the 80’s” shows on VH1

      LMAO@ “cartoon life”
      you know Harvey is dating Kimberly Locke.. matter of fact, i think they got married.. #TheMoreYouKnow

      YOU KNOW they wasn’t gonna get Lisa and Zack together.. The whole planet earth wasn’t ready for that yet.. #CrisisAverted

      • Cheekie says:

        Yeah, I actually read about Harvey and Kimberly Locke a few months ago! I was like, “O___O, heyyyy now!” They’re married, though?! Wow! Makes me want to re-watch her season so I can see any subtle flirting going on there lol.

  3. I loved this show but as an over-thinking adult I have questions

    Why was Albert Charles Slater never acknowledged as Mexican?

    How f***ed was this school district if Mr. Belding allowed such Zach Morris induced f**kery to happen.

    Wasn’t T.J. Detwieler from Recess just a younger, cartoon version of Zach?

  4. i prob saw every saved by the bell episode ever made. although i will say, i never liked the junior high years. they were lame. high school was where it was at. and i just KNEW my h.s. experience would be like that *smh*

    and jessie popping pills was my fave epi. i laughed, i cried, i just couldnt hide…it.

    watching them now i have so many WTF moments. kelly was a ho fa sho, zach always got off the hook for his transgressions (his punishments never fit the crime), screech made being smart look utterly ridiculous, jessie made being smart reek of insecurity and irrational behavior, slater’s background life flip flopped more than a plot in a tyler perry movie, and lisa oddly seemed to be the most stable character of them all.

    and what about when tori came along and kelly disappeared? that was weird.

    • nicknotnikki says:

      I don’t even know.. what about when Zack was tryin to deal with that girl who was homeless. And his mom let the girl and her dad come over for Christmas? Then what?! How do we get them off the street!?

      LMAO@more than a Tyler Perry movie!

  5. sanen85 says:

    I thought I was the only one who remembered Ms. Bliss.

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