A Tribute to Tom and Jerry…

   Last week it was the Thundercats, today it’s just a regular cat.

    Today, it’s Tom and Jerry. I’m not exactly sure where to start. Tom and Jerry is one of the simplest cartoons, yet it’s one of the best. Premise: Cat tries to catch mouse. #NuffSaid

  Matter of fact, I don’t even know why they’re smiling in that pic because they were enemies, but I guess we need something to believe in.

 The cartoon started in the 1940’s. Which is hard to even fathom anything that’s been around so long. My friend’s grandmother remembered paying a nickel to see Tom and Jerry cartoons at the movie theater. THAT’S how dope it is. They showed that junk on the big screen. Even though it started off with a bit of coonery with that Mammy Two-Shoes (WTF?!), they figured themselves out. (What D HELL was up with her stocking-socks? why’d they have to be patchy? EFF!) For a cartoon with hardly any speaking parts, it kind of blows my mind that it never gets old. It’s violent, but nobody cares (I damn sure don’t). I have Tom and Jerry episodes on tape (yeah, I said that) The marathons are pretty much the only time my mother and I can watch the same television. I pretty much know which episode it is just by the title. I know which animation it is by the way the intro is done. If it’s the lion, that’s a good look. If it’s the intro where Jerry falls in the “Y” then I know it’s new animation and I don’t wanna watch it.

   Tom and Jerry has been on for decades. And I know this for a fact because I’ve been alive for decades and my powers of deduction are stellar. It’s won awards and it transcends generations. Let’s not forget that Tom’s scream/screech is memorable. If we all watched a little more Tom and Jerry, I’m convinced we’d smile a lot more, 50 Cent’s twitter and Kat Stacks would fail to be news. #ImJustSayin

   There’s some episodes that stand out more than the others:

    1. Manhattan Mouse- Jerry goes to the city. #NuffSaid

    2. Baby Puss- Little girl dresses Tom as her real live baby. It’s all gravy until Tom’s boys find out.

    3. Heavenly Puss- Tom uses up his last life, gets to Heaven and St. Peter tells him he can’t come in because of how much he tortured Jerry.  He has to return to earth and make it right.

    4. Two Mouseketeers- Jerry and his cousin are Mouseketeers in French Revolution, Paris. “Touche’, Pussycat!”

    5. Solid Serenade- All you need to know is this: “Is you is, o is you ain’t ma baby?” One of the best

    6. Any episode with Spike the Dog.

    7. Zoot Cat- Tom tries to get chick. Makes zoot suit out of curtains.

     Me and Tom and Jerry were cool until they switched the animation. They started getting all angular. Tom started talking. The stories got a little”eh.” BUT, it was still alright. Tom and Jerry is one of the greats. I’m not talking about “Tom and Jerry Tales.” I’m not talking about “Tom and Jerry: The Movie.” I mean, the cartoons.

    Are there any favorites that I forgot? Please, tell me that you know what Tom and Jerry is. Don’t hurt my spirit so harshly on a Friday.

    Have a great weekend all!

   Peace and Love, Nick

4 Responses to “A Tribute to Tom and Jerry…”
  1. max says:

    Sigh. Another one I know nothing about. The dressing Tom up like a baby sounds vaguely familiar but….you know me. I don’t like cartoons.

  2. “Tom and Jerry is one of the simplest cartoons, yet it’s one of the best.” I couldn’t agree more.

    Tom & Jerry is one of my favorite cartoons of all-time and it will always make me laugh. Tom & Jerry is so old that this was back when they could show cartoons smoking cigarettes. The Two Mousketeers and Manhattan Mouse episodes are def in my top 3. And I’m glad you know that anything with Spike the Dog in it is always a classic.

    Have you ever seen Tom & Jerry Kids? Nowhere near how good Tom & Jerry is.

  3. P. says:

    The Tom scream is one of the top 10 greatest things that television has offered to mankind, and I’m not even close to exaggerating here.

    *scorching hot iron falls on Tom’s foot*
    *Tom looks down*

    F’in classic.

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