Off the top Monday…

   I’m gonna keep it light. It’s Monday and you shouldn’t be made to think any more than necessary (that’s my opinion anyway). I’m going off the top.

   1. I still haven’t gotten the hang of this WordPress jawn. (giggle) I like it and my page looks better, but still. My mental capacity ain’t built for this.

   2. I still get excited when I meet someone that has similar idiosyncracies to me. A whole conversation was launched the other night because of a fondess for ellipses (. . .) Discussions on how many was too many, and the general concensus that there might be no such thing as too many……………

   3. Have you seen this video? ? I spent more time than I’d like watching this video. Even though we all know that I haven’t gotten the sound on my computer fixed. Yes that’s right, I watched it in silence. It was like a mime act. #SadTweet

   4. My mother is the Queen of “Things I Already Know.” I mean, I literally call her that. She’s the one that’ll see it’s raining and say something like, “Don’t drive with the windows down.” o_O

   5. I’m still sick. Like REALLY!? A cough is oh so sexy when you’re trying to have phone sex. I’m lying, I don’t have phone sex, but suppose I wanted to!? That’s NOT the way to sound.

   6. Do you know how hard it is to play Super Mario Brothers 3 with no sound on your computer? You have NO idea when your star runs out. You get hit with Goombas and die because you honestly thought you had more time. Killer Instinct is all dumb and silent. If I can’t hear the “combo breakerrr” then what’s it all for? What’s the meaning of life without sound on the computer?!

   7. My girl Max posted an “Eff Love” post on SBM last week. I’m there. This love thing is for the birds. I’ve had enough of it and I’d rather not deal with it anymore. Love, like Florida, I am putting on notice.

   8. Have you ever watched a rerun and wondered “where was I when this show was out?” I feel that way about The West Wing. That’s some good writing. I also felt that way about Arrested Development. And now, my life is so much better for knowing about the Chicken Dance.

  9. I saw “Eat, Pray, Love” “The Other Guys” and “Salt” over the weekend. Back to back, on the same day.  I know it seems like a mindless way to spend the Saturday, but who are you to judge me? I almost saw “Inception” in IMAX but didn’t wanna wait the 1/2 an hour for it to start. (Right, because all of a sudden, my time got precious after 7 hours in the movie theater..)  Everybody’s got their something. What was the last movie you saw?

  10.  I hate Mondays. I don’t even really have a “real job” and I don’t know how you normal working folks do it. I only had to travel 4 miles down my street this morning. I can’t imagine how I’d feel if I had to actually get dressed in work clothes and had to go deal with work people. You all are better than I am. There are people who say thing like, “must be nice,” or “wish it was me” when they hear that I don’t work. My comeback, “you all wanna be me til payday.” 

     Alright.. so that’s my random for a Monday morning. Since I’m feeling better this week, I’m hoping that I’m better about posting, but let’s just say that I don’t want you to hold me to that.. What’s ony our mind this Monday? Is it the morning meeting that almost every company has to start the week? Did someone take all the coffee and leave the dregs in the bottom of the carafe? Did you do something really frivolous this weekend? Go ahead.. Share and sharea like in the comments…

   Peace and Love, Nick

One Response to “Off the top Monday…”
  1. keisha brown says:

    1. please explain jawn to me. questlove uses it all the time..
    2. i’m a fan of asterisks myself.
    3. the kid n play was the best part of the vid. and i died at the thought of you watching it on mute.
    4. oh mama. lol.
    5. coughing no, but the raspy voice could work. not that im having phone sex either. wait..does sexy DM’s on twitter for blackberry count? its a phone right? 😉
    6. no video games should be played without sound. thats like playing tetris in black and white!
    7. runs to SBM to read Maxi!
    8. yes. i was TOTALLY late with The Wire (in my defence..Canada didnt get HBO til recently). Same for me and Mad Men.
    9. Inception. I do want to see Salt, Expendibles and Takers.
    10. I woke up feeling like i need to call 911 (it was my 1st ever migraine..wowzers). So i’ve been in bed all day battling my throbbing brain and will to live. awesome.

    But at least im caught up with my blogs! 😉

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