The Days of our Lives…


Ok.. Not quite the position I'm in..

Now, I don’t usually celebrate my birthday. It’s usually come and gone without much fanfare. I cannot say how much I look forward to my mother’s “Jesus card” with the scripture inside. How much I love the “Happy Birthday” that my brother grumbles on the way to the kitchen to drink the last of the Orange-Pineapple juice. My mother whips out either a HUGE Dove Body Wash or an 80-count box of tampons (purchased at Costco) and that’s my birthday. These are the things that I expect on my birthday. I usually watch an english movie (Pride and Prejudice, Mansfield Park) while thinking about my life in some way.

   Given that this year I have an outlet and a medium through which I can talk to ya’ll, I decided to give my birthday thoughts a voice. I know I can’t be the only one that reflects when their birthday pops around. On my friend’s 32 birthday, she said everything changed for her. She popped up and moved to GA without so much as a “bye.” Hey, to each their own. So here I present, Nick’s birthday thoughts.

  1. I’m really much more of a crybaby than I thought. I think this just might be the seasons (of my life) changing or something. I never used to cry for anything. Being that my family is emotionally disconnected, it wasn’t really something ever done. This past year, I think I’ve cried enough to fill a bucket or two. Some of those reading this have been on the phone with me while I cried, and for that I thank you. My family equates crying to vulnerability (or maybe that’s just me.) I don’t like being vulnerable. I’ve usually had to be strong for everyone. The one that bears the strength cannot need strength herself. I thank you for letting me unload a burden a time or two. 

   2. I will always hope for the positivity in people. I’ve run across some real turds (that I blog about) but the optimist in me will always believe that each new person I meet will add something positive to my life. And for those that have, I thank you.

   3. I have a low tolerance for bullcrap. Everything in me wants to slap everything out of the person that has me dealing with bullcrap. I’m really working on the patience part, and I’ve made real progress. But alas, people that have me dealing with bullcrap (of various shapes and sizes) will not only get the o_O, but will test my “shank em in the courtyard” impulse. I can’t deal with ya’ll. Go thata way.. ——–>

   4. As much as I hate to admit it, interacting with you blokes and lasses really makes my day. I love the randomness of you all. I love the like mindedness. I love the reprieve some of you provide when my day is getting a tad “much” or even monotonous. I hope I make you laugh (or at least smile) if not with me, then at me. I don’t mind.

   5. I really do act younger than I am. I’d work on that, but I don’t know how.

   6. I’m really random as hell. I’d work on that too, but I couldn’t tell you the first step.

   I’m sure there’s more, but I might actually add to it on my actual birthday. (Saturday) I think all I want for my birthday is a Sonic Strawberry Limeade and a jr. burger.. I’m so low maintenance (and a food SLUT!) that those are the things that would make my day.

   FreakyFact: I ran across my birth certificate this week. I was born at 2:55 am. I find it funny that from birth I was wide awake at nighttime…..

   Thank you for letting me in.. I hope someday soon we cross paths with each other…

   Peace and Love, Nick

9 Responses to “The Days of our Lives…”
  1. Steph says:

    Girl, love this one…I get the same feelings of introspection around my time too. FYI check out, for the food freak in ya!

  2. sdukez says:

    I love your randomness and your younger you. I can hardly tell it’s a younger you.
    I hope your birthday is amazing 🙂 Feb 21st I think we might cross paths. I wanna meet you. Yeah, it’ll be for one of my girl’s birthdays BUT we have to meet. End of story.
    Food slutting is allowed. I love food too. (YUM)
    Oh and *whispers* I used to be THE crybaby of the family. Now, I gotta think about the last time I shed tears. I know I remember but I still have to think about it.
    And I like how you assume the great in people first. Even if most of them don’t deserve it, like Twit-Mom would probably say, that’s one of the things that makes you an amazing person.
    And I don’t like bullcrap either. I gotta work on my bullcrap sensor. I start twitching like a muh when that happens though. Like, “Bullsh!t coming through!!”
    Love the post [as usual]

  3. Debbie says:

    Happy Birthday, my friend.

  4. max says:

    Happy early birthday my love. This is going to be a big year for you, I can feel it. I’m excited to be along for the ride…

  5. ComicBookGuy says:

    Have a happy birthday this weekend, Nick. I am admire you for having such a thirst for life despite all the ups and downs you have had. Many blessings to you.

  6. michaboa says:

    i finally plucked up the courage to comment. what a lovely post. i promise i will comment more often. i dont celebrate my birthdays much either though i always find myself contemplating about my short life thus far. Have a merry ( read : drunken) birthday weekend.

  7. Djoura says:

    so, I will forever get a giggle for your mom’s random gifts (80 pack tampons) at least she knows you wont run out no time soon. Hope your birthday was an awesome one and i am glad that you found an outlet. some things i think you should consider never changing.
    1. the fact that you act young.

  8. Djoura says:

    ok so the office computer was having a moment.
    1) the fact that you act young. since we go to the same church you know why i feel ( no need to give specific examples. lol)
    2. your randomness is appreciated i think half of the time you say out loud what i am usually thinking.

    Love you girl

  9. Lone Wolf says:

    Happy belated birthday. I’m sorry I missed it. I admire that you are bold enough to share those thoughts. Take it from someone who does a lot of thinking, the older we get the more we reflect. I’ll pray that you find euphoria.

    -Forever Young

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