Wait a minute, let me put my face on…

    I was walking through Wal-Mart last night talking to my girl on the phone. (Lime chips!) There’s no such thing as a short phone call whenever we speak. She was running down her details of the day and she told me a little tale. She was leaving Starbucks (where she was writing) and not feeling quite so (how shall we say) “sexy” as she walked down the street. She said that a guy watched her walk past him, then he stopped and ran to catch up with her. He told her that she was beautiful and asked for her number.

  You see, because she wasn’t looking (in her mind) “presentable” she ascertained that the man MUST HAVE been thirsty. In her mind, because she wasn’t at her best, it wasn’t logical (or expected) for anyone to try to “chat her up” (as we say) in her current state. She asked me what I thought and I let her know that she was crazy. I told her that her cynicism has her believing that a man cannot genuinely be interested in her because of how she was looking walking down the sidewalk. Which leads me to this point.

   It has been tossed around these innanets (and proven in real life) that men chose the most random times to approach a woman. Often at the most innopportune time. I’ve been stopped in the parking lot (with the long key between my fingers) when rain was imminent, running for the bus, and when i was walking all fast through the mall. That’s just the way it works. However, I’m not sure that I ever felt like the guy might’ve not been genuine because I was looking less than stellar when it happened. And the fact that as I said this the guy in the Wal-Mart parking lot called me beautiful didn’t help her cause any. (and I hadn’t combed my hair in days. LOL)

    It’s been a common thought that sometimes men are attracted to a woman at the grocery store or while she’s out pumping gas. We feel like we’re not fit to be seen and the eyes of the man that stops us shouldn’t have to see the mess that we are. But I’ve heard it from more than one dude (remember, that’s my wolf pack) that said that when a woman is out running errands, that’s when she’s at her most normal. That’s when they can gauge how she’s gonna look out of the club clothes and just hanging around the house making pancakes. I know certain men that say that the club is a bad representation of a woman’s looks. Maybe, just maybe simplicity is a fad that’s coming back in style (thank GOD!) Maybe when a woman is out and about is the only time that she seems to not have her guard up, then the men sneak in and attack. (Clever, clever)

   I know that this post isn’t as long as my usual ones, (and no, it’s not because I’m late). But honestly, I can appreciate when someone saw past the “hot, day face” and still thought I looked good. My thought is “if you like me now, you’ll LOVE me when I’m dolled up.”

   What say you? I’m sure the ladies have had someone approach them when they looked “less than.” And for the guys that sometimes comment, is there some unwritten man code that says that this is the new tactic? You can love me or flog me in the comments. Lol..

   Have a great day

3 Responses to “Wait a minute, let me put my face on…”
  1. max says:

    As the busted-looking woman in this scenario, let me say my piece.

    It’s not that I don’t think a dude can feel me when I’m looking comfy…but this was not the case here. I could tell from his generic “what’s your name/where do you live/ can I have your number” approach that it was a spaghetti-at-walls type of thing.

    Also – I don’t really rate a dude who’s looking for girls au naturel. I think it’s a #swindle; like he wants to wait until their defenses are down and swoop in for the kill. I prefer a man with stones enough to step to me when I’m looking my best.

  2. ComicBookGuy says:

    Dolled up chicks don’t do it for me and really never have. Yeah, they are nice to look at but really a woman that is really dolled up doing everyday activities really don’t do it for because it could me that they may concentrate on that aspect of their attractiveness than the other things that may make them attractive. Some may do it because that is the only way they look good. I see pretty women at Wal-Mart, Starbucks and the grocery store all the time. Places like that are comfortable, public and if a woman is there, she has a particular purpose for being there, not to look cute and hope a man scoops her up. Because of that, a woman is more than likely going to dress and look as comfortable as possible to do what she needs to do. If a woman turns my head in a place like that, she truly is beautiful because she isn’t presenting herself for that purpose. She is just being herself. For me, it’s not some new tactic. I have always been more drawn to women that are more dressed down and comfortable than a chick at Wal-Mart looking like she is about to go to a club at 3 in the afternoon on a Sunday. So you may as well face it, Nick. Men are going to find you hot anywhere you go, anytime of day. You can’t hide from it. Sorry. Have a good day, girl.

  3. Cheekie says:

    “But I’ve heard it from more than one dude (remember, that’s my wolf pack) that said that when a woman is out running errands, that’s when she’s at her most normal. That’s when they can gauge how she’s gonna look out of the club clothes and just hanging around the house making pancakes.”


    When a dude approaches me at my “worst”? I think I feel the most confident and sexy. I think dudes feel that if they see a chick not glammed up, in just some jogging pants in a t-shirt and still looks cute? He figures that’s probably her “worst”, and is like “JACKPOT”. If she looks good enough to approach at that time, who knows how she’d look if she actually made an effort. 😉

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