Unprepared and Unorganized.. (feat. some returning characters.)

   So.. If you’ve been keeping up, you’ll know that I got offered a marketing position at a company. I’ve recently been battling with whether or not I should keep the job to pursue writing. (I’m not keeping it) I got hired about 3 weeks ago and have worked 4 days since. I’ve gone to work 1 time in the past 1 1/2 weeks (to give you some indication)
   On Tuesday the secretary (that’s supposed to be training me) blew up my phone and interrupted a nap, I saw it was her and let the voicemail hit that. She gave me 6 minutes to call her back and then blew up my text with all caps. It was URGENT! (and so?) I waited about half an hour (gotta keep em humble) and called her back. She said that the budget for a particular client got approved so now they needed help to assemble some displays. It’s a tedious process that has so many steps that it takes forever. It’s always done under some rush or impossible time constraint. (i.e. 400 displays done in one night) And could I come in tonight (after business hours) to help them assemble them. “They need to be done tonight so that they can get cut tomorrow.” I asked her how many needed to be done and she said “350.”
  I laughed… no, I GUFFAWED!

   I told her that I would come and what time did she need me. “Well, some corrections need to be made, they need to be printed. They’ll be ready at 5, then I’m gonna pick them up, so come around 7.” (beware of too many variables..)

   I’m walking to my car at 7 o’clock. (giving them some extra time) and my phone rings. She tells me that the flyers aren’t ready yet and that I should come at 8 o’clock. *Exhale*
   At 8, I send this broad a text and ask if they’re ready for me yet. “No, waiting for people to call when flyers are ready.”
   When this heifer originally asked me to come in, I told her that I had plans at 10 o’clock or else they were gonna try and keep me there all night. Now she’s setting me back by not having these things ready when they should be. I know it’s not her fault that the printers didn’t have the flyers ready but STILL! I’ve been sitting at this condo for over a week and then you want to rush me in one evening and not even be ready?

   I get a call at 10. OF COURSE this woman can’t be calling me to tell me that the flyers are ready.
   Wrong.. WRONG!

   I called her back and she tells me that the flyers came in (so?!) and what did I wanna do? I tell her that I can’t make it now (at 10:30 at NIGHT!) and she asks about tomorrow. I tell her that I have plans with my girl (I did) and that I’ll swing by afterwards.
   Yesterday I get up out of the bed and get ready to go to the office. I dress lightly because last time we were assembling these displays in the garage with no A/C. My car also has no A/C and I make it a point to not really leave the house in the daytime.
   I get to the office and the woman goes “what’s up?” a couple of times. I go, “are we doing these or what?” and she proceeds to tell me that they finished. They stayed til 5:30 in the morning and finished them. I’m annoyed because this broad didn’t find it necessary to call me and tell me that before I got in my car and drove down there in the heat.

  I go in the owner’s office to ask for my money because I worked last week. He says something along the lines of “the prodigal daughter has returned.” OBVIOUSLY he thought he was talking to someone else because he COULD NOT have meant to say that to me. He says “work is here to do and you just disappeared.” EFF MY LIFE!!!
  The reason why this pissed me the f*ck off (I don’t curse.. not really) is that the secretary TOLD ME that she would let me know when to come in. That they needed to have the money in the budget for my pay. And THIS is why I need people to think about what they’re going to say before they say it. If this fool had sat back and thought about it, he would’ve realized that since I don’t have any other methods of income, then WHY would I choose to sit at home and not come in to work and get some money? That doesn’t even make sense in the bizarro world. EFF MY LIFE!!
  The problem with this whole set up is OBVIOUSLY a lack of communication (and we KNOW how that’s a recipe for success). Instead of him calling me himself to come in, he relays the message through the secretary and THEN it gets to me. WHAT?! I also don’t like someone thinking something about me that isn’t true. In this case, he just thought I wasn’t purposely coming in to work. EFF YOU!! Get your act together and THEN call me. Matter of fact, don’t call me because I want to be writing.
  I drove my hot ass back home. TOTAL waste of time, gas, energy, and strength. Mind you, this isn’t the first time that something like this has happened with these people. Things like this make me want to set people on fire.
  You can call me in for a gig every now and then, but I can’t deal with you..
  Needless to say, I no longer work for them.

I got this condo til Tuesday, then the mansion with the pool from Tuesday evening. I’ll be enjoyin the rest of my summer.
    Dave Matthews Band concert this evening. Enjoy your weekend.

Peace and Love.. Nick

2 Responses to “Unprepared and Unorganized.. (feat. some returning characters.)”
  1. Sukez says:

    Oh. HELL. My vindictive side is at rest now. I have a list of things you could do to them. *come on Malice, wake up!*::hugs::

  2. ComicBookGuy says:

    Nickerz has a birthday coming up soon. Oh yeah, if you are looking for a slightly used flamethrower, I know a guy. Can't believe dem folks was still tripping with you like that. Maybe it's a sign. You are a hilarious individual so maybe writing is the bath you should walk down. Enjoy DMB.

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