Off the top of the head… (Monday edition)

    I’m gonna be honest here. (It’s the best policy ain’t it?) I tried to be all “I got a new post, here’s my fabulousness.” I saw Inception again last night and had to drive to 2 different houses just to get back to the house I’m currently staying at. By the time I got in the house, I had to walk to dog(s) and THEN figure out how to bang out a blog post. Needless to say, I rolled over and fell asleep. (in my makeup.. UGH!) So this Monday, I’m just gonna keep it light and go off the top of the dome.

  1. WTF is it with Blogger? I just wanna type out a blog post and you wanna make things like “new paragraph” all hard. It ain’t rocket science! WordPress here I come.
  2. Sometimes things happen and I look Heavenward and say things like, “God, I SEE YOU!” Last week a few things like that happened to me. Things that make me not look crazy for wanting to write for a living. We’ll see how this works out. Although I wouldn’t mind an email from someone that reads my blog. That’s my new hope.
   3. How do I get hired for a job, then work a total of 1 day in 2 weeks? That’s not a job, that’s a “gig.” And if that’s the case, then I can work this other gig and eff an inconsistent job. Nuff said. I get the feeling that if they’d hired someone that did marketing professionally then they couldn’t pull that “text her on Sunday night, don’t come in Monday crap.” But that’s just the way it is. Their inconsistency makes it easy to tell them where to go.
  4. The Dave Matthews Band concert is this Friday. I wouldn’t even mind if it rained in the amphitheater because the atmosphere is so chill. In honor of this concert, I’m giving you the video of my favorite song. (Please hold…) Fact, the bassist sitting in the pond joined the band when he was 16. (I think that’s cool)
  5. Considering I just found out about the Foreign Exchange a little over a month ago, it leads me to wonder. “What other music am I missing out on.” I haven’t updated in a while. Let me know some music you think I might be missing out on. I’ve very open minded, but my library is mostly scores and European Lounge Music.
  6. Do you look at some shows you used to watch as a kid and cringe when you watch them now? “Saved By The Bell” is that for me. The storyline, the clothes (Z. Cavarricci’s REALLY!?”), the hair. All just various levels of “corn” to me. (As in corny)
  7. For those of you that workout, what’s your motivation? Some days, I can get it up. (Pause) Other days, I can’t. It doesn’t help that I hate working out indoors, but I have to wait til evening because I’m allergic to the sun. That’s just a fact.
   8. The lady at the Clinique counter over the weekend suggested I have Lupus because of my sun allergies/poisoning. Thanks a lot! Now that’s one more thing for me to check out and “NO,” I don’t want your Moisturizer!
   9. I got a new commenter last week. Someone that came across my blog and stopped to comment! I’m excited about that! Although I need to hurry up and get Google Analytics.
   10. Really, do I need to see Inception again? In IMAX!? Just hurry up and get it to DVD already. I bet you they’re gonna re-release it for Christmas or Awards season.
   Lox hav-es mercy! (Jamaican saying, sound it out.)
  I think that’s it,
    What’s on your mind this Monday?
I’ll be better come Wednesday…
   Peace and Love, Nick
9 Responses to “Off the top of the head… (Monday edition)”
  1. Reecie says:

    I know exactly where you could go to find out about music. Considering I wrote a blog about Foreign Exchange eons ago it feels…but you don't hear me tho 😉 We chat all the time on the twittah too, so just hit me up–I know you don't like a lot of "mainstream stuff"I still have not seen Inception. Most likely going with my babe this weekend. Salt was dope though. and because I really dig smart movies, per everyone's commentary, I'll probably buy Inception when it comes out on DVD also.check into the Lupus thing. I have a Soror that has that–I don't think she has a sun allergy though.

  2. Ivy St. says:

    About the movie "Inception," I wasn't the intellectually moved. The concept is cool and there were some parts of it that I enjoyed like *SPOILER ALERT* when the van was falling off the side of the bridge and the movie flipping between 4 levels of dream state. Other then that, I feel like the creators and directors were lazy with the detail. No I don't need everything spelled out for me, but in order for me to believe the premise of the movie, Inception, Inception has to ACTUALLY take place. So what the guy gets the idea in his head while he is STILL asleep. When he wakes up, does he actual act on it or is it JUST a dream?Also, I think Leonardo D character was in a dream state at the end.

  3. Sukez says:

    It's hard to shoot a post out the mouth when you have nothing to base it off (like me.. =/) And I gotta get up and see Inception at least once…before I can see it twice.And about the workout, my motivation is the date I end (or was supposed to end) October 20th. Almost two weeks from my 21st bday. I want to look *kisses fingers like Italians* amazing! And I'm trying not to be a quitter so I gotta get up and do what I must. But right now, I can't even do a crunch without crying so I guess my deadline is pushed back a week. 😦

  4. ComicBookGuy says:

    You are quite an interesting person. I keep hearing that Inception is a good movie, from black people at that. Crash Into Me is a great DMB song. The Space Between is my favorite. Just a beautifully written song. Glad you got onto Foreign Exchange. My boy put me up on them a few years ago and I've been a fan since. That sucks that you have sun allergies, being a Jamaican that lives in South Florida and all. I do cringe watching episodes of Saved By the Bell as well. You're a runner so I don't know if my motivation helps but I lift weights indoors, but looking in the mirror everyday and being happy doing it keeps me going. I don't look malnourished anymore and the fact the people may not recognize me in a few weeks at my 10 reunion has been a big motivator lately. Have a good week, girlie.

  5. Karolina says:

    "The Dave Matthews Band concert is this Friday. I wouldn't even mind if it rained in the amphitheater because the atmosphere is so chill" Be prepared because I'm sure it will rain like it has the passed two years. Cannot wait!! they've been playing older stuff this go round so Crash is likely to be heard 🙂 btw we need a Jamba day like soon. 🙂

  6. SaneN85 says:

    I found a Tumblr based on Saved By the Bell last week, and yes I wondered why I ever watched that show. LOL

  7. P. says:

    "6. Do you look at some shows you used to watch as a kid and cringe when you watch them now?"Family Matters.

  8. "7. For those of you that workout, what's your motivation?"compliments (lol yes, im that vain that this is numero UNO), a healthy body, and having a great workout partner who wont let me slack on my goals. i have so much fun working out so even when i have little motivation to get my fat a$s to the gym, i look forward to the fellowship with my good friend, looking at the fine men, and not letting down my friend who is as committed to toning up as i am.

  9. keisha brown says:

    1. i like wordpress, because even with a google acct..blogspot makes me select profile 3x, put in an anti spam code and etc.. why wont it let a commenter be great!!!?!?!2. DMB. Crash Into Me. Rainstorm Chex Song. 2b. I wish I had someone to have rainstorm chex with. 3. What is this Foreign Exchange you speak of?4. I've TOTALLY fallen off going to the gym and it DEF shows. I'm going to end my 30th year with fun and debauchery and then get a trainer who will a) take my money whether im there or not b) guilt me into waking up in the morning. My goal is to play mas in Toronto's Caribana parade next year (and actually feel good about how I look while doing it).That's all I got!

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