I’m Better than Ms. Cleo…

One of my favorite sayings is “I’m better than Ms. Cleo.” I pull it out every now and then when I foresaw something that was BOUND to happen. I’m Jamaican, so I already think I have one up on Ms. Cleo, but still, my training in the “World of Shaman” isn’t complete yet. I say all this to tell a story.

I was sitting on my girl’s bed (I’m house and dog sitting), laptop in lap and the phone rings. It’s a number I don’t know and i didn’t want to answer, but it was possible that I was expecting a call today. I answer the phone and you know who it was? “O” (of “Pullin a Casper” fame). It took me a minute before I even realized who it was. Did I call it?

DID I CALL IT!?!?!?!

iSaid that one day he was gonna call me and act like everything is alright. iSaid that he was gonna start talking about how much we should be friends. iSaid that he was gonna go in on how we should talk to each other more. Several things went through my mind.

1. WTF you mean “we should talk more?! You’re the one that pulled a “Sorcerer’s Apprentice” when I tried to call you to fix my computer (which STILL has no sound, mind you). Now you wanna talk about how “life took us in different paths?” Does that even make sense?

2. How you gonna tell me to call you and I don’t even have THIS number? If his name had popped up when the call came in then I probably wouldn’t have answered it. Why? Because this dude is a CLOWN! I can tell you that I’ve probably had my computer back for over 2 months now, and he didn’t even mention that he was supposed to initially fix it. As momma Nikki would say, “im need two rahtid lick!” (Patois for the day, sound it out) Translation: “He needs to get punched.”

3. See, THIS is why we don’t answer the phone from numbers that we don’t know. I knew better and STILL! Now I know what you’re thinking. “If you’re better than Ms. Cleo then you should’ve known that it was “O” calling you. While this observation may be true, I didn’t say that my “better than Cleo-ness” was an exact science! So back up off me!

Has there ever been a time when you foresaw something coming a mile away? We’re all smart cookies, so it STILL amazes me when people assume that we’re stupid. Ms. Cleo was fake but I’m the real deal baby! What do we think “O” was thinking? Did he think I was just gonna forget how he left me high and dry when it came time to fix my computer? I’m not hard up for friends, so sorry bud… Ya gotta come better than that!!
    TOLD YA he was gonna pop back up!!! He’s like the “whack a mole” FOR REAL!!!!

    Happy Friday!!!
   Peace and Love, Nick

   Please check out “Pullin a Casper update- Part Deux- http://wp.me/pUJex-4J

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9 Responses to “I’m Better than Ms. Cleo…”
  1. Bajanflchick says:

    so today is the day that I'mma get fired, I swear, out here following and reading the VSB peeps blogs, and had to stop by yours too 🙂 You call it "pulling a casper", I call it "falling off the face of the earth"…seriosuly what we should call it is BS….catch ya latah Nick

  2. MsEsquire77 says:

    Nick, I sincerely hope that you let that dude have it! You know from your earlier post I hate it when folks "trapdoor" on me…ugh!!Anyway, I'm not usually "better than Ms. Cleo" when it comes to my life but I can call foolishness in other folks life weeks away. More people should listen to me 🙂

  3. max says:

    1. I'm also better than Miss Cleo. I can see things coming a mile away and I'm rarely wrong.2. I do not like hearing about things that happen in your life via your blog. Especially when we stay talking on the phone. How come you never mentioned this to me?!?

  4. SaneN85 says:

    I am far better than Miss Cleo in that I can see things coming a mile away. I'm worse than her probably in that I will let it ride 1/2 the time anyways.Also, I need more elaboration on who this is exactly. Don't act like you lost my email, missy.

  5. Nick@nite says:

    @he's the friend from one of my first posts.. "Pullin A Casper.."

  6. Kingston20 says:

    I assume that the fact that you answer his calls when he does reappear makes him think that everything is just fine and so he's going to avoid the obvious. Either that, or this guy is just that ridiculous.. he is just trying a thing everytime he calls you to see if you're actually going to respond, and I suppose the more you avoid the "you need to fix my computer or lose my number" conversation, the more he's going to pull disappearing act… If you pick up his call again is you dat need di two rahtid lick dem lol… P.S. First time commenting! Love your blog!

  7. Sukez says:

    I'm definitely better than Ms. Cleo. But sometimes I feel like my Suki spidey senses are off. I need a tune up..d^_^b on the post Nick

  8. Kirk Lazarus says:

    1. yea I can say I'm better than that fraudulent broad! 2. O was thinking if it aint broke don't fix it! He pulled the trick before he was gonna go back to the well one more time to see if he can make work 1 more time. You really need to talk to O, because nothin will change until you do.

  9. Dudes stay pulling that mess.. damn lifespace leeches, lol…

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