Disaster in Maryland.. Sunday

    Okay folks, we’re winding down…

      It’s Sunday. To say that I’m happy is an understatement. All I can do is think about the fact that the next day is Monday, and I will be on my way back home. All I have to do is bob and weave my way around this dude’s aura for 24 hours and then I’ll be home free tomorrow. We pitty pat around the apartment, he sits on the bed watching tv and I sit on the floor at the foot of the bed as far away from him as possible.
_______________Hours go by______________
     Apparently time goes on and someone gets hungry. We get dressed and go to some mall. I watch him walk in and out of stores (this mall was a dead mall) and some of the tension eases a little bit. He’s in the record store and I go get cookies. We get some Subway and go back home.
    I should’ve taken advantage of the opportunity to be out of the house. But I didn’t. We got to the house, watched tv and ate subway……………………
________________Hours go by_____________
   It’s now dark and I’m praising God, Allah, and Selassie that it’s my last night here. I start packing (even though we hadn’t done much, so there wasn’t much unpacked. Around 9 something, he asks me if I’m hungry and we walk to Checkers. Since there’s nothing in his house, I stop at the 7-11 to get some water. (WATER!) We walk back home..
   Watched some tv and that was that. He tried to talk to me and anyone can tell you that I was NOT havin it.. In my mind I’m thinking, “I have enough money to take every bus, train, and automobile to the airport right now if you start with anything stupid.”
   This whole day was one of the few times I went to bed early because I was in anticipation of FINALLY getting on a plane the next morning (remember, I hate planes).
   Maybe I should take this moment to tell ya’ll that he tried to get some a** on this night.. -_O.. Is he serious!? I guess he had to try but the thing is, he was lucky my mind was in a state of zen or else I would’ve tried to launch him out of the window. Very “catapult-like.”
   I lay down and in between moving his hand away from my thigh (WTF!?) I thank the Lord that I didn’t catch a case in DC, that it’s almost over, and please don’t let me miss my plane.. (I never have, but just my luck)…
    One final exhale.. (and WHAT are you trying to do!? your gayness and faggotry has not gone unnoticed.. UGH!) and I’m off to bed..

    Told ya’ll it was short…
    (Let’s see if I can get in part 5 in record timing..)

4 Responses to “Disaster in Maryland.. Sunday”
  1. SDot says:

    Faggotry! I love the word BUT SHEESH! Thank God. You're out of hell. I mean, if he didn't try and get some Last-Night-In-This_Town Ass, I'd have to worry for both of you. I always thought buying water was a smart idea -___- I hope I come across as sarcastic. Push for a part 5. I wanna feel more of your pain. Not on a masochistic way, but.. I hope you know what I mean. *e-hugs*

  2. SaneN85 says:

    This ninja really had the nerve to try and get some?!?!? I hate when you're stuck in awkward situations like that, I feel for you.

  3. max says:

    Still hate this guy….

  4. lol, lmao, rotfl, etc.Not surprised that he tried to get some. I mean, this was his last chance so why not? Might as well go for the gusto.

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