Disaster in Maryland- Friday

  (This is part 2 in a 5 part series.. Please, don’t judge me for this foolishness..)

  I wake up early on Friday. I always get up early when I’m on vacation (especially in a new city) because I want to explore. I’m up and wait for homeboy to wake up. After about an hour of pussyfooting, I ask him if we’re gonna leave anytime soon. What follows is the conversation: (Lord have mercy)
   Him: what you mean? it’s only 10 o clock (which is late for me when i’m outta town) just relax..
   Me: what do you mean? I want to get outta here.
   Him: Well, normally I’d be at work, and I got the day off. I just wanna relax a little bit.
   Me: Yeah, normally you’d be at work 2 hours ago. I let you sleep in, so since it’s a little bit later than you would normally be up, I don’t understand what the problem is, exactly. I can’t lay around this house on my vacation.
   Him: That’s a little selfish, don’t you think? (danger will robinson, danger!)
     BASICALLY, this fool called me selfish for wanting to get out of the house while he wanted to lay in bed and watch tv.
    I couldn’t tell you how many hours later it was. I guess he got so hungry to the point where we got dressed and went to get something to eat. We go to this diner in Adams Morgan which was really nice. Once we finished there and got out onto the sidewalk, I saw a couple things that I wanted to go and check out down the street in the opposite direction of the car. That was quickly shut down, why?
    OH! because they were having some sort of basketball tournament at some park, SOMEWHERE and his friends were calling him to tell him to come by.
From what I saw of Adams Morgan, the area looked like my kind of scene, although all I saw of it was that diner.
   We drive by the White House, and drove past some other stuff but didn’t stop til he got to where he was going. He parked the car and we went walking around. He met up with his friends, but since he didnt’ have a ticket (?) we couldn’t get in the basketball tournament (which was fine with me) we walked around and he “needed” to buy this cardigan in American Apparel and I stood there and watched. Then he “needed” to run in Zara real quick and I watched him shop for a good while. *roll eyes*
  I know it’s totally “off” for a woman, but i HATE shopping. I like to run in, pick up something and go home and try it on. So this whole exercise right here was an exercise in “how to catch a case in DC.”
  After some time, we go back to the house (45 minutes later on that street with nothing but trees) and he tells me that we’re going out. I think “FINALLY!” and get excited.
      (wrong, WRONG!)
   We get back on that street with the trees (I’m gonna call it “sleepy street” because I always fell asleep whenever we hit it) and end up at this restaurant where his friends meet us. (It seems like this whole thing was a “lemme show off this chick” thing” We sit at the bar and order crab balls (?), he gets me a drink and I’m sitting between him and his friend. Learning my lesson from the night before (sigh) I already knew that I had to face him (even though he wasn’t talking to me) to avoid any “why were you talking to my friend?” confusion. They sat and watched the big tv and I’m singing songs in my head.
   Later on, he even told me how much he preferred this night to the one before because I sat facing him. (Lord Have Mercy!)
   We get back on sleepy street and I take some pictures of the city lights. (I’m a geek like that). All this while I’m thinking to myself “that can’t have been it, he mentioned we were going dancing.” We get back to the house and walk upstairs. I take off the kabuki mask (makeup) and take a shower. When I come out, he wants to talk (about what?). He wants to do a full rundown of the night and it’s events. I don’t say anything about not going dancing, because i figure I have two more nights there to get it in. The “hope nugget” in me just won’t die because as long as I’m still there, there’s still more oppotunities to rectify the situation.
   I go to sleep..
and dream of home…..
       (I promise, I will post Part 3 sooner than part 2.. stay tuned, there’s still the climax (and not the good kind)

6 Responses to “Disaster in Maryland- Friday”
  1. SaneN85 says:

    You better post part 3 sooner or I'ma have That Damn African in her with is backhand (IJokeIKid), it's just cruel to make this a 5 part series.

  2. MsEsquire77 says:

    1) This dude is trash! Please give me his address so I can throttle him or at the very least egg his car.2) The "sleepy street" is 295 aka the Baltimore-Washington Parkway (BWI). It's a lovely drive but at night it does make you yearn for a nap.3) I promise to be a MUCH better host when you come visit. I already have a list of must-see places in my mind. :)4) I co-sign with Sane! If your readers don't get these next 3 parts soon we may have to stage a coup and it could get ugly…

  3. Cosign what Sane said, my backhand is ready if it takes this long again #nojokeThis is so sad that it's almost not even funny (almost). I mean, we've (men with home training & decency) got this dude running the streets without a leash giving men a bad name. I can't even reason through some of the stuff.So far, he didn't take you anywhere that you wanted to go, hasn't even asked what you wanted to see, and instead has taken you to the places that he would go on a normal day. Basically, he hasn't gone out of his way to cater to you #nodestinyschild. I agree with your assessment that it was a chance for dude to show you off to his friends. PS: Adams Morgan is def a nice area. That and U Street (which are right next to each other) are where I usually go during a night out. Wish you could've seen more of it.

  4. SDot says:

    Wow. I would have been hella pissed. He might have made me wanna leave. Doesn't sound like you even had as much fun as you planned, which blows. 😦

  5. max says:

    So far I hate this guy. If this story doesn't end with you punching him in the throat I will be upset.

  6. Cheekie says:

    Girl, you keep me at the edge of the seat, you gonna make me have an embarrasing moment right here at work. lol

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