Disaster in Maryland.. "Thursday"

      (What follows is part 1 in a 5 part series.. Enjoy… at my expense)
    Last year, I had the pleasure of getting to Maryland to visit a “friend.” Being that I love getting out of town at every possible opportunity, I bought the ticket. I was staying from Thursday-Monday, a little long for a trip, but I wanted to get into DC and do some exploration by myself. I said upfront that I was as free as the wind blows just “get me to the Smithsonian… that’s all” I even offered to fly in early so that I wouldn’t disturb any plans he had made. He said that “wasn’t necessary.”
     I know you’re wondering why the title would say “Disaster in Maryland”.. and this is where I shall begin to explain…..
        note: I cannot begin to explain how much I hate flying… end note…

     Thursday: I land in Baltimore. Dude picks me up wearing cargo shorts (no problem) Red Chucks (no problem) socks (with the red stripes at the calf  “umm,”Houston”) and a small Super Mario Brothers 3 shirt (“we have a problem”)
       We go to some sports bar in Baltimore and catch the Ravens game. I like football so this isn’t a problem.
     After that, we go to ANOTHER bar somewhere else and meet up with his friends. He asks me what I want to drink, and since I have to be in a mood to drink, I don’t want anything. He screws up his face and I acquiesce and say “Malibu and Pineapple” (a sweet drink, that I always drink like juice..) and I have a seat. He’s watching the game, and since his friend is sitting at the table with me, I ask him minor questions (danger). After some time there, we proceed to go home. The thing is that I didn’t know how far he lived from where we were.
  We get in the car and he says something along the lines of “why were you talking to my friend?” after the appropriate -_O from me, I say something like “he was at my table, you weren’t sitting by me anyway.” He grumbled something (danger) and I fell asleep in the car.
___________________45 minutes later_____________
  We arrive at his place. Mind you, I’ve been “traveling” for about 9 hours now and I’m tired. I kindly “remind” him that I want to get to the Smithsonian. (It’s free) And go to sleep.
   Little did I know that the car ride would be a prelude to the gayness and faggotry that would occur that weekend….
     But you’ll have to stay tuned…. It gets better…..

  Please make sure you catch parts 2-5.. The final chapter is titled “Disaster in Murrland”

2 Responses to “Disaster in Maryland.. "Thursday"”
  1. MsEsquire77 says:

    Nick, you know you're like a sister to me but this ish sounds like a screwball comedy!I hate to get joy out of your misdaventures but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't waiting with bated breath for the next 4 installments. Sorry for the drama but I'm glad he gave you blog materiel! *e-hugs*

  2. What's wrong with the Super Mario Bros 3 shirt? I don't have too many, but love nostalgia-filled shirts.So I just want to make sure I understand correctly. Dude brings you, his out-of-town guest, to a bar and proceeds to watch the football game without interacting with you much or at all? And then gets testy when when you start a conversation with his friend? Oh, this series is going to be great!Sidenote: 45 minutes from Baltimore? I'm assuming he lived in PG County.

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