Umm, excuse me… you stepped over my line..

everyone (ev-er-ee-1) has a threshhold.. a limit.. a border.. we ALL know it as “the line..” it doesn’t need to be drawn per se’.. it’s an internal list of behaviors that each person knows they won’t allow.. it doesn’t need to be discussed as there are just several codes of conduct that one carries themselves by..
   i haven’t met any of your mothers, but i DARE say that you wouldn’t walk up to someone that you don’t know and spit in their face.. it is a foregone conclusion. especially considering that you might not know the stability (or instability) of the person you might choose to do this to..
   Note: do not try this unless you have your Will in order..
this imaginary line ensures that the decency of the planet is kept at a balance.. for every rude person i encounter, i like to believe that somewhere, someone just rescued a squirrel (and if you’ve been on twitter lately, you know that there’s a lot of squirrels that need rescuing..) or that i will be given “the wave over” when i need to change lanes.. however, whenever this line is crossed, there’s a “WTF?!?!” moment that happens.. and in very “Nick-specific” fashion, that “WTF?!” is usually followed by this thought,
“Am i in the matrix?! did anyone else see that?! i CAN’T be the only one!”
the thing is that when the “WTF?! moment” comes, courtesy of someone that knows us (read: should know better) please understand that the reactions are squared, sometimes cubed.. and depending on what was said/done.. multiplied to the infinity power..
because of my mannerisms, i am usually confused for someone in their 20’s.. i do not take a lot of things seriously, and will almost ALWAYS be laughing..
      that’s a good trait… and yet..
every now and then, there comes along a person that REALLY should know better.. but because they don’t know me “like that” then they’ll begin to creep up on the line of demarcation.. the line that leaves “we cool” territory and crosses over into “i’m gonna beat you to the white meat you if you don’t retreat” (OW! that rhymed!)
    exibit A: (these are all true stories)
I get called in for a job at an office. it’s a gig and i know it isn’t gonna last long, but i appreciate the work. one day, the woman that called me in (an acquaintance 3x removed) and i were having a conversation. i said something that caused a very “get out!” type of moment,
and then, as everything slowed down, as in “bullet time,”
        this broad pushes me in the face..
as many time as you read that sentence, it won’t make it any less true..
you see, i fully believe that in that moment, she thought that i was just some youngster, not realizing that she was maybe 10 years my senior (if that) and because she saw me as a youngster, she thought she could treat me like a schoolchild and get away with it..
   cancel the fact that i’m VERY fiesty..
   cancel the fact that i’m really looking for a Heineken bottle at this point..
   cancel the fact that she don’t know me like that..
   at this point, i’m looking around wondering “did that just REALLY happen?” and proceed to say something VERY similar to “don’t you EVER put your hands anywhere on my body again.. you don’t know me like that.. i need you to understand..”
and that was that.. she was tense for the rest of the week, and SO!? you think she would’ve learnt the lesson, been humble, shut the f*ck up, SOMETHIN!.. and in the illustrious words of Charlie Murphay
       “wrong… WRONG!”

   exibit B: i go back into said office feeling a little sick.. chick asks me what’s wrong and i say i’m a “little nauseous”.. she asks me if i’m pregnant.. thus resulting in the MOST serious of side-eyes known to man..
             the boss comes in to work.. sees my disposition and asks me what’s wrong.. ask me why this heifer said something to the effect of “aww preggers is a little nauseous..”

she then proceeds to get in ONE MO “how you doin, preggie” before i go over to her desk and say something along the lines of (walk with me) “once again, you choose to over-step your boundary.. i am not pregnant.. treat my name like arsenic and keep it out of your mouth..”
    i went home..
   i’m not usually filled with thoughts of rage.. but REALLY, this chick she had me lookin for my blade.. (it’s in my purse)
there are other “line steppin stories” i have, but i’m just gonna end this here.. (hell, maybe i’ll make it a series..) i didn’t exactly want to burn a bridge with this broad (and potential future gigs) BUT i feel like if i’d just laughed it off (ex. the 18 year old Nick) i would’ve been enabling her f*ckery.. and since such an action is against my religion, i had to check her (basketball)..
   are there people that surround you that have a case of the “Rick James?” (that’s what i’m gonna call it) do you check ’em? or do you let it slide because you do it too? i’m sayin doh, this broad ain’t know me like that.. (my ebonics is so horrible).. but you get the way i meant that!
  i share, because i care..
  Besos y abrasos,

* an exclamation used by Elaine, courtesy of Seinfeld. usually in disbelief and said in an incredulous tone. it also involves a shove in the chest..

7 Responses to “Umm, excuse me… you stepped over my line..”
  1. MsEsquire77 says:

    "treat my name like arsenic and keep it out of your mouth…"I need to run to work so I can't fully comment but this right here made my morning!! Girl, I love you with my whole heart 🙂

  2. For realz? Pushed you in the face? That's doing too much. The face is something not even reserved for close friends. And then coming back for more with the "preggers" comments? Hahaha! Your girl is raw.I haven't had many experiences with egregious line steppers, but for the most part I usually let stuff slide. I tend to avoid conflict when it's avoidable. That's not to say I let people walk all over me, it's just that most of the experiences I've had weren't worth the hassle. I try not to let what random people do get to me. Step over the line with someone I care about though….I definitely vote for making this a series.

  3. SaneN85 says:

    How did she even get away with what could equal physical assault in the workplace? Was there noone around to see it? This reminds me of the secretary here.

  4. Kirk Lazarus says:

    WOW!!! Your a better person than I am! I can't believe that grown ass adult put her hand on you head! Lawd knows we need more people with your kind heart! They would have been lockin me up over that! That chick was incredibly bold or she was just about that life! But i have had a situation or 2 with a few teammates who did not understand when to leave well enough alone. And I have found that this is one of those damned if you do damned if you don't situations. If you make a scene you get labeled the person who can't handle their liquor, but if you don't do anything then you get ran over.

  5. Barbara says:

    Quotable "Treat my name like arsenic and keep it out your mouth"!!!! Talk about over-stepping your boundaries for real. Some people think EVERYONE is their little sister/pushover "best friend". I have people like that in my life growing up because like you, I tend to laugh/giggle, brush things off, not cause drama, etc etc. For some reason that translates to "it's okay to mess with me cause I have dummy written on my forehead and I'll be glad to take your insults." So when I've had enough and finally put them in their place…it's like "oh Barbara, you serious now? I didn't know you had another side to you." Really? I wonder why you would think I was a one-dimensional black Paris Hilton? *Takes a breather….whoooosaaaaahhhh lolLove it Nick!

  6. Barbara says:

    Oh yeah, I also vote for Series!

  7. Karolina says:

    i vote for series. I'd also like to know when you need me to come help you whoop her ass. or just which car is hers so i can dispose of some sugar in a gas tank

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