like a little girl…

    ok.. so it’s been a while.. mostly because i’ve been entertained MERCILESSLY by these broads on my twitter timeline.. i can’t stand ya’ll!! (@pinchmycheekie and @msEsquire77)
  well.. when i mentioned that i was looking through my notebook for something to write about MsEsquire77 gave me a topic.. so with that said, i thank you my girl!! (i hope your phone rings!)
      these two are the only ones that know who i’m talking about.. for everyone else.. “i’ll never tell” (like that girl in that creepy movie.. you know the one)
    its been a few months since i’ve been on these here blogs (other people’s blogs, not my own) and because i’m a nerd (and future editor) i notice certain things about the way that people write. I can go on VSB and without looking at the author, i can tell whether it’s Champ or Panama by the way the blog is written..
  i can go on Three ways to take it and know whether or not it’s Slim, Seattle, Or Ms. Jenkins writing the post because it’s all about rhythm and cadences and i notice those things. and i won’t leave out singleblackmale because i’ll drop a comment or several over there too..
  well, there’s this particular person whose writing i adore and he’s found himself the object of my “like”, which is quite strange being that not only have i never met him in person, but i don’t know what he looks like. at this current time, i’m not sure i want to.
   before i get called “crazy” or “psycho” you must understand why i feel this way.. and for your perusal, i must write down why , at the age of 31, i find myself in a bit of a girl crush.. and maybe some of you can help me figure out what the h*ll is going on!?
   1. i love his writing..
          this guy writes beautifully.. i like what he writes about and look forward to it. now, in all fairness i could be totally biased because his topics of conversation aren’t exactly the BP oil spill in comparison to the Exxon Val-deez (nuts).. but honestly, he puts certain topics in a way that makes the inner nerd in me jump up and down. and makes the woman in me act like a little girl..
   2. he’s passionate..
        there’s been a couple of times where this dude has written something that didn’t have anything to do with sex. it had something to do with comrporate america.. or something that was actually happening to him and the passion that he felt for the subject made me sit up and take notice. there’s something sexxy about a man that can translate his passion into his writing and make people that read it feel that passion too… it makes me hot and bothered.. nuffsaid..
  3. he takes a moment..
      let me explain.. every now and then (not really) i’ll casually hit him up on DM (twitter-language) and he’ll respond.. i would say that as a writer, it would behoove you to communicate with someone that respects your writing, because you want to seem approchable (especially if your following doesn’t know what you look like) and ensure your fans stay with you.. i understand that.. but when i send him a message, he writes back.. he makes me want to find different things to talk to him about.. thus i would hate to do this because i seem very “groupie like.” then i start thinking that if he can respond to a “nobody” like me, then how would he treat his girl.. and the thought makes me swoon…
  4. he’s humble..
     i don’t know why, but the humble ones always get me.. the few times that we have spoken, he’s said “thank you” and was very self-effacing (look it up) and it makes me wish i was relaxing on his couch. now, i know that this might not have been the objective when he was laying it on so nicely, but he had already laid the foundation with his writing, then went in for the kill with this “thank you, that means so much” and “i’m just glad you thought of it” (gotta keep it vague)..
  he makes me wanna meet him.
    no he doesn’t…
    yes he does…
 it’s almost like i’ve romanticized him in my mind and i just need to find out that he throws rocks at squirrels.. and/or he has 7 children by 10 different women and the pedestal that i have him on will wobble and topple..
   that’s what i need…
   i’ll be over it in a rather short period of time though, because honestly, nothing can come of this girl crush.. the subject is so far removed from where i am that it does me no good.. but i still need to hear that he picks his nose and eats the boogers..

alright.. enough of that.. am i being silly?? have you ever had a crush on someone that you’d never met? these internets are a funny, strange place.. and since “1 in 5 new relationships start online” why does this feel so weird? i’m too old for this ish…
   i’m not crazy.. i promise i’m not..
   blame it on him!! it was the writing!!

*frack is a Nick @ Nite exclamation.. usually said in annoyance or disgust..  

6 Responses to “like a little girl…”
  1. MsEsquire77 says:

    "he makes me wanna meet him. no he doesn't… yes he does…"^^^This! We've talked about "him" yet when I read this I almost fell out of my bed laughing! I know this post wasn't easy to write but it was priceless. I'm tempted to print it and mail it to "him" but I'd hate for you to hunt me down and shoot me like a rabid dog. Call me selfish for loving my life…Anyway, I love you and I'll support you on whatever you decide to do (or not do) about "him". Also, thanks for being brave enough to share your feelings on these internets. You are an inspiration and I'm blessed to know you! P.S: thanks for the shout-out I'm over here #feelinmyself 🙂 Here's hoping my phone rings today. **fingers AND toes crossed**

  2. max says:

    I sooo feel you on this. I have girlcrushes on all the Three Ways and SBM dudes. I spend more time thinking about and interacting with those guys than I do with the three-dimensional dudes. The imaginary ones are way more fun!

  3. max says:

    Oh and by the way I'm gonna need to know who this crush is…I called dibs on almost all those boys a long time ago.Just kidding.Not really.

  4. ok i'm late, but…it's not abnormal. I've definitely had crushes on guys I had never met before, just based off how someone I was close to described them to me…and it turns out their description was pretty accurate, so it only made my crush increase when I finally did meet them…But hey, writing is the window into someone's soul, so I can't blame you for crushing on someone based on how they write…#shrug :o)

  5. Barbara says:

    I hate being the gal always falling for the writing, a strange representation of this unknown "figure" that I've magically created in my mind! It's quite exhausting trying to keep up with all the complexities. Do men develop such crushes? Or are we singled out on this one? lol

  6. SaneN85 says:

    Awww, I see it now. It's great that you had the courage to write this and drop a few clues. If it makes you feel better, I'm in the same boat as Max when it comes to the men on 3 ways, VSB, and SBM.

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