umm.. few things about me…

in my hopes that you’ll understand where exactly i’m comin from.. i’m gonna give you a “handbook” of sorts.. maybe, just maybe they’ll help you make sense of this..

this is in NO WAY a concise list.. but it’s 4:47 in the morning.. it’s all i can give you at this hour…

1. i write almost exactly like i speak.. no lie
2. i use almost no proper punctuation.. i trust you’re a smart person, and can decipher what i’m really trying to say… you’re a smart cookie.. “I believe in you!”
3. if i could categorize the blog.. it would be mostly about things that make me say “what the hell!?”
4. i speak english.. but sarcasm is my first language..
5. you might learn a little patois along the way.. i’ll try my best to spell it phonetically for you yanks and zos in the audience..

ok.. that might be it for now.. i’ll add to it when i’m feeling lucid.. i’m.just.bein.honest…


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