and so it begins…

one day i tweeted my friend Barbara and literally said, “what’s the name of some of those black blogs you’re always reading?” she gave me a few names, i started reading, and proceeded to waste the whole day at work.. it was like i found out there was a whole subculture happening right under my nose.. this underground (underground to me) network of writers, and people that talk about things candidly..

i’ve always felt like i lived in my own Matrix.. thinking my own thoughts, and wondering why those around me just couldn’t “get it.” i walk around with a notebook and write down topics in the middle of Victoria’s Secret, along with lyrics to that song that i MUST go home and google.. i’m the one that’ll hear a common thought and wonder why i’m the only one who thinks it doesn’t make sense..
i call my writing, “written Tourette’s” meaning that whatever i’m thinking, i’ll write it down.. just hang on and don’t fall off. i promise, most of the time, it’ll make sense..
so…. with that being said, this blog is dedicated to those who i would never let read my writing.. (almost everyone who knows me) and to those whose writing i thoroughly enjoy.. Reecie, Slim, Seattle, Cheekie, Streetz, Panama, Champ, SBM, Ms Jenkins, Tunde, Max and countless others… i wish i could give all of you a hug #noemo

or at least buy you a coffee…
One Response to “and so it begins…”
  1. Cheekie says:

    'Sup Nick!I had to come over here to show some love! Please know that I'll be a frequent visitor! And thanks for the shout-out. It made me e-blush.

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